Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharin' A Few Finds~ New barn I found~ And Ramblins Too...

Hi y'all I hope this post finds everyone in
GREAT Spirits....
I wanted to say Thank You to every one of you
for your prayers for my Dad ! They are very much appreciated
as I know the power of prayer can sure work miracles.
Dad is a little better today. His lips aren't as blue as they
were over the last 2 weeks and his breathing sounds
much better too. Thanks again for your kindness and for
being there for me when I was feeling so down.

Now onto a few finds I have to share....
Found this ol' box at a new antique mall that just opened
up right up the street from my Hubbs job. So of course
Dad, Kenz, Linny and I had to go check it out a couple
of weeks ago. I thought about maybe tryin' ta' rent
a booth there too. It's really a nice clean organized place.
Ooopps I'm loosin' track here lol....Here's the pic...

Ohhh well LOOKIE here lol.....Scooter kept
gettin' in my way everytime I tried to take a pic.

Then of course Tinkie just had to get in the way too lol
You know what they say though 3rd x's the charm ;)

It's 31and a half inches long by 7 and a half inches wide.
It was only 12 bucks so I had to snag it right up !
I thought maybe I'd put my magazines and remote controls
in it till I figure out somethin' different to put in it.
Any ideas ??? I thought about maybe makin' some
fabric sunflowers and maybe a few other different
fabric flowers and putting in it and set it in my bay window.
Watcha' think ??? Or if ya' have a different idea I'd
love to read whatcha' think ;0)

I also found this wool blanket I'd like to cut up and use for
maybe a few penny rugs base and I wanna make a runner
for my table too. The color would be a great base for some
prim flags too. It's in perfect shape and was only 10 bucks !
It's 5 feet long by 3 feet 3 inches wide. A good bargain
for wool. I can't wait to start some projects with it soon.

On our way to the Oolitic Antique mall we ran across a
yard sale that took us down some country roads I'd never been
down before and we ran across this ol' barn.....

I lovvveeee ol' barns ! I love to take leisure drives
just to look at 'em and snap a few pics of 'em too.

I also did some wall tweaking....
Here's a before pic....

And here's after......

Here's another before.....

And after.....

I need to put somethin' above the candle sconce
between the shelf and cabinet.

Welp I best get goin' to get my laundry finished up
cause it's back to work tomorrow. Ohhhh speakin'
of work....they've decided to re~open the store
on Mondays begining April 12th  !!! So that means
my job is secure again for now whewwww.
I sure didn't wanna hafta' look for another one
cause I have really decent benifits now and I'd be
lucky to find another with benifits like I have now.
So that's a lil stress of my shoulders now.
Hope to post again later in the week. I'm thinkin'
I may have a lil tutorial to show y'all how to make
an easter centerpiece if I have time to get it finished.
If y'all haven't had a chance to check out the
Prim Pals forum yet we'd sure love ta' have ya !
Just click on the link below and head on over =)

Till next time my Prim Friends
Huggs n Blessins


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Awww TJ, I am never disappointed when I stop by your place! I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers. Love your show and tell today! I especially love the old barns. I wonder what goodies might be found in there! Maybe we should do some American picking! It's wonderful that your job isn't going anywhere and you feel more secure about it. Benefits are such a're blessed!

Special blessings to you today!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi TJ!....I hope your Dad continues to improve!

I love finding roads I've not been down before too, what fun!

Have a great week!

Jill said...

I will keep your Dad in my prayers.

I loved your post today - I absolute love old barns too! I often am stopping to snap a pic when I can of them.

Thanks for sharing! Have a very blessed week.
~ Jill

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love old barns, too! I take
pictures of them when I go to
Michigan, there are a lot of them
up there! I love your old box, I
have collected some of them, too...
Great minds think a like? I am
glad your dad is doing better and
I hope he keeps improving! Good
news about your job... :)

Bear Hugs~Karen

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Hi, love the pics...especially with the dog, and the barns. Have yet to have a good look at your blog, but like what I have seen. The box? fabric flowers, or craft accessories like laces/fabrics etc. with themes, and change it from time to time. Happy crafting, Jenny

Christine said...

Hope your dear dad continues to improve.

Love all your re-arrangements, too!
You have awesome prim treasures everywhere! :-)
Happy week

Carmen C. said...

I'm soooo happy to hear your dad is doing better! I love your new box and i think it would look awesome filled with fabric flowers or prim sunflowers in your window! Love the barn too:)

Pam said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing better!
Love the pic of the barn & that wooden box is awesome!!! I think flowers in it sounds like a good idea! I love your newly decorated wall...why don't ya put a little sign above the candle sconce. I just love signs & they are good fillers when you have a space that needs that little something extra. Have a great day=)

Angie Berry said...

So glad to hear about your dad! I'll keep praying for him and for you.

I LOVE your wooden box! That's a great deal on such a long box. I like to stand mine up longways sometimes and put tall things in them... but that one is probably too long for that idea.

I love ol barns too. When we were in IL we ran across so many of them. I wanted to stop and take pictures of every single one. It was so neat!

You sure have lots of prim goodies! I like your tweaking!

Have a delightful week my friend~