Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I gotta' make this quick......
First I owe an apology to a fellow blogger for forgetting to add their caption. I am sooooooo sorry...... If you submitted a caption and didn't see it listed PLEASE email me and lemme' know....
Sorry to ask ya'll BUT please revote and check out #7 caption.
Here is the pic and captions again and I'll be back around midnight or so to post the new Bingo words =0) I'm finishin' up an order that's due out tomorrow and still need to get the dresses made. Soooo as soon as I get everything done I'll get another post done...


1.'Mom! He's touching me!'


2."OHHhhhhh......WE love momma's prims, we love momma's

prim's the ones with the stuffin' in, We love momma's prims!

OHHhhhhh Dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more, oh dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more! Oh the fun we had, till we got caught by dad, we weren't bein' bad, just lovin' on momma's prims.


3.I'm not telling ya again; I told you guys that we are doing things my way, got it?


4." I swear Miss Coco if you dont get a manicure soon Im gonna chew those nails off myself "


5.For the lov(i)e of Pete! Get off my foot!!!"


6."3 dog Night"

you ain't nothing but a hound dogga,....crying all the time


7."Don't think your getting away this time sister, I've got you paws down! Hurry someone yell for mom to get in here!"

Sorry girlies =( My goof up.....I sure hope I haven't missed anyone elses ! Please lemme' know If you don't see yours here....And thanks for participatin'
I promise your gonna love the mystery gift ;0)
Till later Tonight....
Prim Huggs n Blessins



Carmen C. said...

I'm still gonna vote for 6, which isn't mine, lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for number 5