Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Ohhhh My What A Wonderful Day....** Warning PICTURE Overload ! ** & New Bingo Words....

Hi Ya'll !!!! I hope this post finds ya'll in Wonderful Spirits !
My Ohhhhh My What A Wonderful Day !
The weather was spectacular...The sun was shining....And I was with 2 of my most fav. Peeps in the whole wide world ! It was a perfect girls day out. Girlies (and fellas IF your readin' ) we found some of the MOST wonderful (new to us) places to shop !!!! Ohhh lordy how I wish I woulda took more money with me !!! But I was a good girlie and only took a certain amount so I wouldn't over spend....which I've been known to do a time or two *wink* Ohhh did I just admit that ?!?!?!?! Hunny if you read this that was the ambien talkin' !!!! Hehehehehe.......Anyways wow I hope ya'll are ready for a pic filled post ! Cause I have lotsa things to share !

We left around 11:00. Kinda' a late start 'cause we got an unexpected visit and they wanted to visit and chat a bit. I didn't wanna be rude or hasty BUT (lol) I was so darn hyped to get on the road ! We finally got outta' here wheww and off to pick up Linds...
Just look at that smile on her face lol she was just as ready
as we were to get outta' town and shop for some goodies ;0)
I just love Her and my son Josh's new home. This is the first time they have been out on their own and they were smart and bought instead of rentin' I'm sooo proud of 'em ! They hope to someday trade in for a modular or by land and build their own home in the country. Linds & Josh I truly am PROUD of you two !!!
Anyway lol I'm gettin' off track ;0)
We finally got to hit the open road

With GREAT conversation about all the goodies we hoped to find....It didn't seem like no time and we were at the HUGEEE
Inside Flea Market.... Wow was I impressed ! Goodies galore !
I forgot to take a pic outside of the building to show ya' all =(
But I got some inside pics....

It didn't take us long to dive on in and look for some things we couldn't live without lol....Look at Linds hehehehe
With aisles and aisles of booths it was a shoppers dream !!!
That white cabinet there was priced for only 15 bucks !!!!!
Now I wish I woulda' bought it but I wasn't sure if I had a
spot for it sooo I didn't purchase it......

Another shot....There were rows and rows of booths here...I asked permission to take pics and they said as long as the booth didn't have a sign sayin' NO PICS then it was o.k. This place had some fantastic stuff I tell ya' and some really GREAT prices !

I love things made from old barn wood and almost bought
the shelf in this pic to put on the porch.....

Look at all these wonderful goodies !!!!
Linds bought a Primitives shelf sitter just like the one above
at a prim shop we found while in Martinsville....

Lotsa' walkin' and Lotsa' Shoppin' and she still has a smile lol...

They had this HUGE scratch and dent area and gosh WHY DIDN'T I BRING MORE $$$$ ?!?!?!?! lol...That's my Daughter MaKenzie in the jeans and black jacket....I tried to get a pic of her all day lol BUT she's like me and doesn't like her pic taken much, so I didn't get any good pics of her today =( Anyway in this area they had these wonderful chairs (below) All 4 for 45 bucks ! I love the fabric...

LOL Linds hamin' it up in my pic of that fabulous
book shelf that was only 40 bucks !!!! Why'd I NOT bring
more money with me again ?!?!?!? lol

More Prim goodies......
I was honestly amazed at how many booths had
Prim goodies there. I will defenitely be going back !

Then we rounded an aisle and what to my wonderin' eyes did I see ?
Ohhhhh my is that really one of those things I've been wantin' forever ?!?!?!?! And why didn't I bring more $$$ ????? lol
Yes it was a lovely primtastic Dry Sink !!!!!! Ohhhhh
how I wanted it ! It was a lil outta' my budget but a pretty
good deal for 75 bucks considerin' most of them I've seen
have averaged around 100 to 150 plus ! Gosh I want it !!!
Honey my B~day is Sunday *wink wink* lol......

Isn't it primtastic in all it's mustard glory ?????
I coulda' got it but I wouldn't have had much left
to spend at any other place we stopped and Kenz and I
woulda' had to resort to sharin' a pack a peanuts for lunch lol !
We ended up with some GREAT stuff from the Flea Market....
So we decided to head on into Martinsvilles town square.
On the way there ohhhh my did that sign say yard sale ????
Why by golly it did !!! So we did a pit stop 'cause my car has
auto pilot for yard sales lol.....And wow did we meet the nicest
fella who had one of the most coolest back yards....Heck
his whole home was awesome ! Now mind you his home was smack dab in the middle of town too but had such a country feel to it.
 He was kind enough to let me take pics of his back yard ! I want hubby to build me a cute lil shed like the one pictured below.

Here's a few more shots of his yard....

Wouldn't mind havin' this in my backyard either !

I'll take one a these while we're at it lol.....
This fella' was so kind that he said I could bring
Hubbs up anytime to check out his yard and he'd be glad to
give us pointers on how he built his out buildings...I thougt
that was soooo sweet to offer that to someone he doesn't
even know ! He had some great prices on his yard sale
items as well and some of the things he had were
prim items too !!! Wish we woulda' gotten there
earlier in the day to see all the goodies !!!!!!
So from there we found this lil shop called Queen Annes Lace

This place had some Primtastic things but most were outta' my
price range.....Check out the makedo chair they had below.....

Loveeeeee it !!!!! But at 129.00 dollars I think I'll try
and make my own someday........

I love the old feel and look of their town square....
I felt like we stepped back in time and was visitin' Mayberry...

We found a few prim shops on the square and we felt like
we were in Prim Heaven !!!! The first shop didn't allow pics at
all. They didn't even want me to take one of the outside =(
They had some really cute prim stuff there. She gave me a
card but I can't find it darn it ! The next shop.....well
I gotta' say it was even better than the first ! It was filled with
Handmade Prims, antiques and a few things from like
Honey and Me and things like that. The owner was a real sweetie.
I talked to her about ya'll lol. She had never heard about Blogger.
So I wrote down my blog addy and told her she should think
of joinin the bloggin' world hehehehe.....
Her shop is called....

If your ever down this way ya' gotta' check her shop out !
Just a fantastic place filled with all kinds of wonderful goodies...
I've got pics of some of the goodies we got but I started this post at a lil after midnight and the pics are loadin' slowwwww
so I'll share more tomorrow..... After our day of shoppin' we stopped at KFC and ate the buffet bar mmmmmm I probably ate wayyyyy to much ! But it sure was yummy ! Then we headed home and unpacked our goodies and headed to Bingo. I got to play
for free for my B~Day But I didn't win a thing !!!! We were 2 #'s away from the 1000.00 dollar game grrrrrrrr and I got what they
call monitor shot. Which is when your # you need to bingo is in the t.v. monitor but someone calls bingo on the last # called =(
Ohhhh well ......Maybe one of ya'll will have some luck with
Todays Bingo words =0)


Words Are ....
2.Chocolate Bunny
Good Luck !!!!!!

Well I'm off to bed my Prim Friends... The lady from Primitive Pleasure told us about a Prim shop that's only about 20 minutes from my house. Unfortunately they are closing their doors
and are havin' a store closin' sale that starts in the mornin' so
I thought we might go see what they have....IF I can get up on
time since it's soooo late lol......
Till next time Prim Friends....
Huge Prim Hugggs n Many Blessins


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

am totally loving that guys yard and all the stuff he has in the chicken house on the fence...I love how he had it all decorated..great ideas...glad you had a wonderful day..:)

♦Lynne♦Down Willow Lane♦ said...

Oh my word...what a dreamy shopping day you had.I'd have blown all the housekeeping!How could you resist?!!! ;)
I had a chuckle when you said about your visitors wanting to stop a while when you're itching to get going!Let us know if you get anything in the prim shop sale...and happy Birthday for tomorrow! ♦Lynne♦

Debbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day despite the delay! I would love an outing like that. So did you find anything you could bring home? Hopefully DH will take the hint on the dry sink. :)

Love the pics of the guy's backyard. Did he have real chickens?

Well, I am off to work more on our website. I think I may have gotten a hint on how to do the tabs. :) Talk to you soon!

Debbie *hugs*

Carmen C. said...

YYyyyyyeeeeeessssssss!!!!! OH TJ, I'm DROOLIN right here onto my keyboard, LOL!!!!! What a fun, fun time you gals had, I want to go:( WOW, that dry sink was awesome and what neat places you went to! I love the country yard in the city too, love the old shed:) I wish we had places like that around here, PA is boring:(

The Old Cupboard Door said...

I am never, ever, ever disappointed when I stop by your place TJ! I was caught up in your shopping day from the first word. I sooo want to go shopping with you and I will take every penny stashed away in my "extra funds" tin can. What a delightful day!


Country Whispers said...

Looks like you had an awesome day of prim shopping. Lots and lots of goodies to pick from. I really liked that man's shed.

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

My kind of day TJ........Wo-hooooooooo! Thanks for taking us along!

peggy said...

That must have been a perfect day. Could ya buy the shop that is closing down? Just a thought. Thanks for a very entertaining post.

Christine said...

That was the next best thing to actually being there with you, TJ!
OHHH the primitives treasures!
Fab day out!
Best wishes

Janet - underthewillow said...

What a fun day you had TJ! thank you for sharing so many great pics!


PrimWyoGirl said...

What a fantastic shopping day! Wish we had flea markets here, or at least a few prim stores. I was fun traveling along with you! I think you need that dry sink! LOL! Love the guys yard! He has some neat stuff. Thanks for the great adventure!

Anonymous said...

My Birthday is today March 6.
Happy Birthday to you!

What a fan day you had!
Enjoyed your pictures!


Pam said...

Oh my what a perfect day of shopping you girls had! I loved looking at all of your pics! I loved that guys back yard...I would love for my back yard to look like that! I want one of those outhouses by my pool for people to change clothes & what not so they don't drip water all over my house after they're done swimming! That would be awesome! Well thanks for sharing your shopping day pics!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Wow, you guys really had a blast didn't ya? Love all that eye candy you shared with us! It always seems to me that when I go shopping without a lot of money, I find everything but when I have sufficient funds, I can't find nothing!!!! I love that man's back yard! It was so nice of him to let you take pics! Happy birthday!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, I feel guilty but giddy at the same time. Is that wrong? I do so love coming over here and reading of your adventures. WE do not have a single prim shop in our area--nothing! I HAVE TO GO ON LINE OR INTO MAGAZINES TO FIND ANYTHING!!!!
I do envy you those shops. We do have flea markets and yard sales and Goodwill. Life is still good!

Angie Berry said...

Haha! Linds sure dove right in... my kind of shopper! That looks like an awesome place! I see lots of things I would love to have. Oh my! I LOVE that dry sink too!!

What a wonderful back yard! And in the middle of town?? Don't you just love people like that who are so sweet to strangers. I love driving through main streets of small towns. I could do a whole vacation of that and of course-- hitting all the little shops along the way!