Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Bingo Words !!!! My Goodies Are Here !!!!! And Get Them Votes in "wink"

Hi Ya'll......Hope this post finds ya in Great Spirits !!!!!
I said in my last post I'd be back at midnight .....sorry I'm a lil late !
I was up till 4:30 this mornin' workin' on an order. What could go wrong DID go wrong lol. I couldn't find where I had stashed my tickin' fabric. Could have sworn it was in my fabric bin ! Then my sewin' machine decided to give me fits.....I kept gettin' a thread jam and an F6 error....Hubbs is my sewing machine mechanic lol Soooooo since he was asleep I had to figure it out myself ! Took me forever to figure it out too !!!!! To be exact it was around 2 a.m. lol I was to the point to where I was just about to go wake Hubbs up !
When I though doh'.........CHANGE the BOBBIN ! lol and whewww that fixed it ! I had changed the needle, blew out the bobbin area thinkin' maybe a dust bunny had maybe took up residence somewhere. Then I membered havin' this problem before and Hubbs, being the fix it all wonder that he is, changed my bobbin and everything was just dandy. Oh what I wouldn't do to have my memory as sharp as it used ta' be ;0) Well, late night lack of sleep could be a factor in that lack of memory lol.....Anyway I was soooo dang happy to have it workin' again ! By then I was drained. I had to be up by 9:00 and to work by 10:30 so it was a longgggg day today. And ya'd think my patootie would be headin' to bed now lol.
Since I didn't get the bingo words posted yesterday I am goin' to post 4 words tonight....
So here are the
1.Jelly Beans
Good luck to everyone =0)

I have a few pics to share tonight.....

Stopped at GW last night on my way home and found this beauty..
I swear my makeover list is gettin' longgggggerrrrrr ! I can't wait for nice weather to get started on my projects....Anyway not sure what color i'll paint this yet. And the wreathe will be coming off.
That was the only thing I found worth bringin' home there....
So I decided to stop by the Prim Cellar and I found this to bring home =0)

I feel in love with it and just had to get it !

Hmmmm did I buy 2 of these ???? Or could this be an item in the mystery box ?!?!?!? That's for me to know and ya'll to wait and see hehehehe.........

Then when I got home my package from Christine was waiting for me. What an awesome end to my day !!!!!!!! I gently tore the package open ( o.k. I really wasn't that gentle lol ) and wow they were even more Primtastic in person I tell ya' !!!!
I got 'em all put up and proudly displayed in a chew free zone !

I added a lil Easter pick and need to pick up some greenery or somethin' to add to the top of the wood box, but I just loveeeeeee
my goodies !!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much Christine they truly are fantastic !!!!!! Ohhhh she also included this lovely postcard....

Minus the flash there lol Loveee the postcard ! Again a BIG HEART FELT Thank you Christine !!!!!!

This is the lil culprit that helped keep me up till the wee hours of the mornin' ! At that point I still hadn't even finished the stitchery pillow that went with her. I forgot to get a pic of her all done.
The lady who ordered her for her daughter just loved her. I have another one to do for her now too. She wants one for her other daughter. Yipppeeeeee =0)
I am soooo darn tootin' EXCITED !!!! I am OFF for the next 4 days !!!! Yes "4" days !!!!! And it's not even for a snow day ! lol
I am off every other weekend which is Sat, Sun, Mon but we get an extra day off for your B~Day soooo I chose to be off Friday wooot woooot !!!!! So tomorrow Me, Kenzie and Linds are havin' a girls day out. We are headin' to a town called Martinsville which is about 35 minutes from where I live. They have a HUGE inside flea market there and we are goin' ta' go up and check it out. We also heard there are a few Prim stores there too, so we are gonna' see if we can find them while we're there. We'll probably throw lunch in there somewhere too if we have time between lookin' for goodies.
This time imma' member my camera so I can get pics to share with ya'll ! I hope we find lotsa' goodies at really good prices lol....
K I'm off to lala land ya'll I'm a lil tuckered out and gotta' get up early to get a head start on our outin'......
So till next time my Prim Friends.....
Hugggs n Blessins
& Remember to Try & Pay It Forward =0)


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

You lucky gal, winning that give away! I wish
I could go with you out junkin' and primin'....
Have a Happy Birthday!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Lynne said...

Love your new creation.Hope you get the next one done a lot easier ;) must have been pooped!
Great Spring display too! have a great 4 day break!♦Lynne♦

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH I wish I was going with you on your outing..hope you had loads of fun and find lots of goodies...:)

Christine said...

YaaYY!! So relieved your goodies got to you safe and sound! I love how you displayed them in the wall box and added the spring picks to it - awesome touch!
I so admire your bunny too and I just know you'll have a fab time at the flea market!
Best wishes

Carmen C. said...

Your outing sounds like SOooooo much fun! We don't have any exciting places like that here:( I love all the bunnies poppin' up at your place, too cute! Love that crock jar and your GW find, ours hasn't had much of anything lately but I still stop in & check;) Enjoy those 4 days off too....wooo-hooooo!!!!!

At Home With Amy said...

Sorry your sewing machine was giving you such fits. I wish I knew how to use mine period! I love what you created.

I bought that exact same candle holder at my GW as you did at yours. I just took the wreath off and sanded and stained it up a bit and hung it as was. How funny to have these in two different shops.

I hope you have a fantastic day our with the girls. May you find lots of treasures on your venture.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I like your Goodwill find. It will be a super candle sconce.--or whatever. And the jar is 'prim'tastic.
I'm going to vote for #5 again---just lov(i)e that it includes the dog's name.

nancy huggins said...

You lucky lady..wish I could find a neat place to go shopping or junking or just looking
Have fun and be sure and share pics of what you get :)

Angie Berry said...

Dang girl! I hope you're all rested by now! I am ready for some sleep after reading all about your sleeplessness!

I love that candle holder! I can't wait to see how you do it up. It will look prim wonderful when you are done! That is a nice crock, love it!

Lucky girl to get some of Christine's goodies! They are so cute the way you have em displayed in that old wooden box!

You have been busy, busy! So glad you are getting some time off work to get caught up on some things and getting to go prim shopping. How wonderful for you! Enjoy!