Saturday, October 31, 2009

Item #5 B2BG and final groupin' Picture....EDITED

Good evenin' ya'll I'm sure most of ya are all ready snuggled warm in your beds ;0) Wooot Wooot I'm soooo excited to post our final item of the Back 2 Bloggin' giveaway ! Not many got in early entries....For those that did WTG ! That's a few more chances for ya'll to win. For those of you who guessed Handmade yahooooo ya got it right !!!!! Way 2 Go. Entries so far are as follows......

I Play Outside The Box~2

Willa from The Old Cupboard Door~1


Valeriote Design~1

O.k. now onto the 5th and final item......
You've all seen this fella before. I was gonna list him on Ebay but decided I'd much rather him have a good home with one a ya'll ! Yepppp it's my Santa Stump Doll =0)

See 'im standin' guard back there watchin' over the goodies ??
So here are all the giveaway goodies....
Santa Stump Doll, Love Much Pillow,Grapevine Tree,Lil ol' Peg Dress,and the Red Ticking Stockin'. Below is a picture you can copy and use to place on your blog about the giveaway.

or you can use this one .....

Now you have a chance for 2 more....yeppp 2 more entries.Just copy one of the above pictures and place on your blog. Please leave a comment and let me know you've done so and I will throw ya in 2 more entries ! 1 for postin' and 1 for lettin' me know ya added it to your blog. I've got a few more suprises along the way and other ways for ya'll to get xtra entries, so be sure to check back often ;0) 

Forgot to add this 2 the original Post
EDITED*****You must live in the U.S. or Canada (sorry no overseas shipping)November 7th will be the last day to enter & we will draw a winner Nov. 8th.****** EDITED
Good Luck !!!!!
Guess I better get goin' it's almost 1 a.m. and I gotta get up early to hit some thrift stores and the antique mall. Hope ya'lls weekend is off to a GREAT start. Till next time my Prim Friends....
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hurrryyyyyy Get your guesses in !

Hello ya'll just a quick note to letcha' know I will be postin' the final picture of my B2BG in just a few hours so ya'll better get your guesses in for a chance to get more entries in the giveaway. The question you think tonights item will be handmade or store bought ? Correctly answer and you'll get an entry. You'll also get an entry just for postin'. So thats a chance at 2 xtra entries ! Good Luck n see ya'll in a lil bit =0)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sneak Peak @ item #4 of my B2BG~Ramblins~Chance @ an early entry 2

Hi all =) Hope this post finds ya'll doin' well. Sorry that there is no tutorial Thursday but after work I had a Drs appt. My appt. was at 3:30 and I didn't get outta there till 20 till 6. My back does feel oh soooo much better after my injections. I have  L4 and L5 bulging discs and a few other back problems. So it's worth sittin' there waitin' my turn ! ( I tell myself that anyways lol ) After the appt I got home n got dinner goin', visited with the family, watched survivor. Yes, I watch a lil bit a reality t.v. (my guilty pleasure) I've been a survivor watcher since season 1. If I didn't have all the back problems I'd love ta try out for it lol. So after my lil bit a t.v. I got tonights item made up for the giveaway. I think it turned out pretty darn good ! I'm gettin' sooooooo excited to do the final groupin' picture.....tomorrow night woooot woooot. We still have another item to go. Is it going to be a handmade by me item orrrrr somethin' bought ? This is your chance to get in an early entry before anyone who doesn't follow my blog gets a chance to enter. You just comment on wether you think Friday nights item will be handmade or store bought. So far we have 3 handmades and 1 bought item.I will give you 1 entry just for commenting and another IF you guess correctly. So you could get 2 early entries ! You can comment up until I publish Friday nights post. Good luck =)
O.k. now onto tonights sneak peak pic.....

This red ticking stocking is 17 inches long. It has batting around the top and a batting pocket for you to put whatever you'd like in it. It has a ticking loop to hang it on your peg board or where ever your lil ol' heart desires =0)
Here are a few more pictures of it....

Now I didn't grungy this up either. Im gonna leave that up to the winner. Some people like that n some don't.
I hope ya'll are as excited bout this lil ol' giveaway as I am to be doin' it ! Stay tuned for Fridays post. I work till 5 tomorrow so I'm sure I won't get to post till later in the evenin' again. That'll give ya'll time to try for those xtra entries =) Good luck and have a prim perfect Friday ya'll
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peak @ item #3 on my Back 2 Bloggin' Giveaway N Ramblins =0)

Well hopin' this fixes that last accidental post lol. Geesh I hit the wrong thing and it says posted succesfully. ooppsiee
Well I hope this finds all in great spirits ! Hope your hump day was wonderful ! Mine was spent workin' uggghhh and it seemed to drag on and on today. After work I stopped at this new prim shop that opened...The Prim Cellar and ohhhh my golly gosh, do they ever have some awesome things there ! I went with the intentions of jus' lookin' well that didn't happen. I did control myself and didn't pull out the debit card lol.I kept my purchases under 20 buckeroos. I got an awesome end table cover ~$3.60, some Hilltop Candles room spray Amish Harvest scent~$6.50..mmmmmm and a scarecrow that was on clearance for $4.50. This shop is on my way home so I have a feelin' Imma' hafta' stop after work on payday.They have a Paul Revere light I really would love to have among a few other things.O.k. I gotta tell ya'll my room spray story. This stuff smells sooooo sooooo good. I was drivin' home and had the air on cause the car was a lil stuffy. Now read on lol cause yes if I think your thinkin' what I think you are ....yeppp I did ya read on........
I decide hmmm I ought to spray a tad bit in my car to make it smell oh soooo yummy too ! Well duhhhhhh that stuff don't take much and add in the air on ohhhhhhh myyyyyy.....needless to say, but I will anyway, that stuff came sprayin' back ( I thought I had it pointed where this wouldn't happen ! I swear I did !) well when it sprayed it came back ...up my poor lil ol' nose landed on my upper lip and burnt like the dickens ! Now thank goodness I kept my witts about me as I was puttin' down the windows and grabbin' my cold Diet Dew to put on my burnin' lip...can ya jus picture me wreckin' or somethin' and explainin' that to the officer ?!?!? lol I do gotta say my car still smells prim delicious the dear hubby jus went out ta get somethin' and he says your van still smells like that stuff lol. Allrighty now on to the 3rd item in my B2BG I made this sweet lil peg dress up tonight (after the burnin' stopped ! lol) I left all the edges raw to make it look tattered and worn. The lil ol' hanger it's on isn't included. It's a lil too small for it. If I have time I may try to make a twig hanger. Will letcha' know in the last post of the giveaway. Now it measures 15 & 1/2 inches long and 10 inches at the top and 12 inches across the skirt bottom. I sewed on a batting pocket and put some sweet annie in it. Now I didn't grunge this cause it's gettin' late n I still got laundry to finish up and a few other unfinished chores to accomplish before bed, but if the winner wants it grunged I can do that. O.k. here's a few  pictures of this lil ol' dress

And one more for good measure...

Tomorrow nights post will be a lil late too. I have a Drs appt. right after work. Hope it doesn't take too long ! Wishin' ya'll a wonderful night ! Till tomorrow
(watch out for those room sprays ! lol )
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Peak @ item #2 of my Back 2 Bloggin' Giveaway And Some Ramblins

I hope this post finds everyone well.It's rainin' cats n dogs here. But it sure was really warm earlier today. Supposed to get up into the low 70's on Thursday.Wish I had the day off to enjoy it ! sigghhh
 I was hopin' to get this posted earlier but I worked today, then dinner, a lil time with the family and then I had ta finish up this lil item for the giveaway. My son helped with this one...He is 16 and usually is more into computer games or the xbox. Hes been learnin' ta sew some and he loves to draw up stuff for me to try n make.He drew me up a Christmas tree he wants me to make and it's got ALOT of turns lol.We'll hafta see if I can do it....(I think I can I think I can )We also grubbied some candles up tonight and for a first try they didn't turn out to bad.I will hafta get some pics of those for another post. So the next item for my blog giveaway is......
This 14" by 7" pillow tuck. I stenciled the front with paint and then dipped it in my grubbin' mixture. It smells sooooo yummy ! One of our dogs kept comin' in the kitchen sittin' by my feet lookin' up like...where's my bite of what ever that is lol. So without further ado here is the picture of it

 Also wanna share this ol' charcoal drawing portrait that my Daddy gave to me awhile back. I look at it and wonder about this couples lives. It would be soooo interesting to know some of their history. I took the back off hopin' that there may be a name but there wasn't darn it.I think it's so important to preserve your family history so that it can be passed down from generation to generation. I have many a stories my Daddy has told over the years written down and I would love to record him tellin' 'em. His family grew up on a tobacco farm in Mount Vernon Kentucky and he moved to Southern Indiana in his teens. I love the values that he has taught me thru life and I know that those come from his humble upbringin'. Anyway sorry to get off topic soooo much lol. Here is the picture of the portrait

This picture is huuugggeeee and I jus' love it. Do ya'll ever look at an ol' item and wonder of the history of it ? Who's hands it's passed thru over time. Oh if only those ol' items could tell stories ! Be sure and check back tomorrow for item#3 Wishin' everyone a blessed night and hope your Wednesday is filled with sunshine !
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sneak Peek at 1 Item in my Back 2 Bloggin' Giveaway

I hope this post finds everyone doing well ! I had to work on Saturday and tried to spend the rest of the weekend playin' catch up with housework and craftin'. I got a few more Christmas trees done. Started on my Mrs. Claus Stump doll and got a few redo's finished up. Now as far as the housework I did....well after craftin' ya can't tell I got much accomplished. I do most of my craftin' in my dining room. I like to be out here with the family.Dear Hubby wants to build me a craftin' buildin' outside but I just don't know if I wanna do that. I like to be right here with the family.Now if he wants ta build it for me to store my lovely thrift, flea market and auction finds and a place to do some woodworkin' ...well then let's get on it lol. Do you all like havin' a seperate place ta craft in or do you like bein' there with the family ?

Ok now on to the first item of my Back 2 Bloggin' giveaway.....

This is an 18 inch Grapevine tree. Would look ohhhh so cute with some rice lights wrapped around it. Lots of cute stuff ya could do with it. Now I'm gonna try to each night this week give a sneak peek of 1 of the items that will be included and Friday night do a final picture of all the items together. To enter into this giveaway you will only need to post a comment on the final picture of all the giveaway items. If you post about the giveaway on your blog I will give ya an x'tra entry.I might think of a few other ways ya'll can get x'tra entries. You must live in the U.S. or Canada (sorry no overseas shipping)November 7th will be the last day to enter and we will draw a winner Nov. 8th. I'm really excited to be back ta bloggin' again ! And I hope ya'll enjoy readin' my ramblin's and takin' this craftin' journey with me. Till tomorrow my Dear Prim Friends.
Prim Huggss n Blessin's

Friday, October 23, 2009

Finishin' Up and Friday Thrift Finds ~ Ms. Mitt's Cousin ~n~ A Tree or 2 or 3

Well I got Ms. Mitts cousin all embellished and grungied up and started making tree ornies,bowl fillers or however ya wanna use 'em.I planned on spendin' my day off really sewin' ALOT but the thrift stores n JoAnns was callin' my name ! Really that 50% of coupon was burnin' a hole in my purse hehe. Soooo what did I get with it ? This lovely wonderful needle punch kit.

Yahooo i've always wanted try my hand at this, but I may hafta wait a bit to try it out cause I'm just puttin' too much on my all ready full plate ! Actually I could try doin' this on my lunch break at work (finger thumpin' my noggin' while thinkin' this through ) That could be an option...hmmm I better keep thinkin' on it ! So while at JoAnns usin' that on fire 50% off coupon I also had ta pick up some thread and well ya can't go ta Jo's without checkin' out the fabric and oh...well the patterns are 99 cents right now lol. I see why they give out those lovely lil purse burnin' coupons...they know once they reel ya in well.....nuff said lol.
So after Jo's ( with ma wallet still smokin') I just hadta hit some thrift stores. One was havin' a storewide 50% off ...Ohhhh my poor lil purse was happily swingin' and singin' the Happy Shoppin' song with me. And jus like the bestest buds shoppin' together we filled our ol' cart with some bargains all the while thinkin' "Now where can I hide this when I get home so the dear hubby don't know we been thriftin' again !" He thinks I have packrat syndrome. But don't he know I got all these wonderful ideas floatin' round in my noggin' and I promise I will get to 'em soon ! Anyways I better share a few pics of a few of my finds today.....

I thought this was a pretty cool lookin' ol game board and only a buck !! Anyone know what game this is ? I thought maybe parcheesi ? It's really heavy. Not sure if I should paint it up or jus leave it alone. it has a really nice patina to it and I don't usually mess with somethin' if it's got a good patina. What do ya'll think ?

Then I found this hugeeee cheese box Its 15 inches across the top. Cant wait to redo this. A steal for 2 bucks.And i got news for dear Hubby ...This is a keeper !!! lol

Then I got this cute lil crock dispenser.It's an Avon Country jug. 50 cents and they had 2 so I grabbed both.

This lil wooden cup is jus callin' to me to prim it up ! And for .25 cents heyyyy I sure will.

Anytime I see wooden candle sticks I pick em up and a buck for the pair i couldn't resist. I will prim em up and either put in some flicker beeswax candles or use 'em for make do bases.

Now this lil wooden mailbox I was soooooooooo excited to find and couldn't resist showin' Dear Hubby ;0) He jus shook his head when i xplain'd to 'im what I invisioned lol. Hey 1.50 and my plans for it well it was a no brainer lol. O.k O.k. I can't wait I gotta tell ya'll what I see. I see a lil ol' mousie ( that I gotta get sewed up ) with his lil ol' arm stretched out to mail his letter ta Santa ! Now tell me that wouldn't be pea pickin' cuuuttteee !
Now I found a bunch more goodies...( member me n ma purse was giddily shoppin' ) but this post is gettin' awful long and i haven't even shared Ms. Mitts long lost cousin or one a my lil trees yet so I will share some more Thrift finds with ya'll later.
So I left with the expectations of bein' back home by at least noon ! Well I pulled in the drive at a lil after 4 and beat Dear Hubby home (praise god !) Ya should'a seen me takin' them corners n curves ta get here Mario Andretti didn't have nuttin' on me lol. So I unload the van and stuff my finds in ma hidey spot lol and start sewin' and finishin' Ms. Mitts cousin so without further ado here's the pics.

And there's Ms. Mitts cousin in all 'er finery. I think I get a lil carried away with the mica and german glass though.
Well that's how my Fridays been. I sure hope ya'll have had a wonderful day and I hope your weekend is even better ! I get ta go to the dreaded 4 letter word in the mornin' 7 a.m. ta be exact ugghhh. So hopefully sleep will come soon as it's all ready 11:30. I sure wish I didn't have this sleep problem ! O.k long enough post T.J. lol Hope I didn't bore ya ta tears !
Take care Prim friends !
Prim huggss n Blessins

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Tutorial ~ A Mitten

So I thought that maybe on Thursdays I could do a tutorial on something. May not be on sewing and may not be every Thursday but I will do me best ;0)
These are pretty quick to make up. And even easier to post about if your camera batteries don't up n die on ya ! So here goes nothin' at my 1st attempt ta show ya'll how ta make somethin'
drum roll please.......hehe

Now instead of buying a pattern for one,improvise with a oven mitt or as Dear Hubby pointed out to me....use your hand ! lol well ya that'd work to I spose. Ohhhh and wouldn't it be cute to do your lil ones hand for a lil mitten !

Now this is a pic of my very well "loved" oven mitt lol. We have served many dinner battles together over the years ! She now serves as my grungin' partner. See that lil bit a white fluff ? My doggies decided they loved the smella my grungin' mix and decided ta take a bite outta my ol dear friend Ms. Mitt. Luckily one of the kids saw Tinkie (one a my furry family members) and rescued Ms. Mitt afore she was a chewed up mess all about the back yard ! lol
Ok nuff bout Ms. Mitt
Pick out your fabric. I used pre quilted osnaburg. Lay your mitten down on your pre folded material.

You can pin your mitten in place or just hold it and trace around it using either a disapearing marker or pencil. I used a pencil on this and lightly traced. You can see the line enough to cut it out.

Ok my tracing is all done. Pin through bothe pieces of material to keep it together while you are cutting it out.

Now were all cut out and looking ok. I see a few areas I need to round out a bit. Trim it up if needed.

Now your ready to start sewing it up. I always back stitch at the begining and end to strengthen it.

The round corners n thumb can be a lil tricky, but the more ya sew the easier it will get. Just take your time n go slow...ya ain't gotta win a race here lol.

After it's all sewed up trim around the seam. be careful not to snip into where ya just sewed....I've done that a time or two. Turn it right side out.

Not looking too bad. Member I said I've trimmed a lil close to the seam a time or two ? LoL well......that poor lil thumb ooopppssss
But hey that's o.k. This jus gives it more character and prim appeal to me ! Looks more vintage n worn. Now your gonna pick out your trim to go around the base of the mitten. 

I used warm n natural batting for mine.

Now I lay my mitten in the middle of my trim. The seams of the trim will meet on the backside of your mitten. Now you can either hand stitch this or use fabric glue. Either one will work jus fine.
And here's what Ms. Mitt's long lost cousin looks like with her trim on. You can now grunge it if ya want. Put any finishin' touches you'd like. Mines gonna take a grunge soaking and I'll do some more to her tomorrow.

OOOPPPSSS I forgot to crop out my craftin' mess lol. Oh shucks. Im sure any of ya crafters out there now how that is lol. You know you can also buy the insul~bright batting and make oven mitts to use in your own kitchen. These would make really nice Christmas gifts as well. Thats what I plan to make for some of my handmade gifts this year. Well hope this tutorial was easy to understand. if there is any part ya didn't get please feel free to ask away !
Till next time my Prim friends
Prim Hugggss n Blessings

OOdlekadoodle and a tutorial in progress

Oh my girlies check out this give away over at

Just look at all those goodies !!!!

Be sure to click on the link above and zip right on over there and check it out ;0)
I was also in the midst of writing up a tutorial and my darn batteries went dead in the camera. So I am sittin' here patiently waitin' for 'em to charge and as soon as they do ....back ta craftin' In the meantime I will just mosey round blogland hehe
Prim Hugggs n Blessings

Another melt your heart giveaway

Be sure and check out this awesome giveaway over at

Isn't this snowman just adorable !!!

Got a few more minutes before I gotta head to the dreaded 4 letter word....uggghhh Ya..... w-o-r-k
So I'm off ta catch up on a few more blogs beforehand
Hope ya'll have a blessed Day
Prim Huggss

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Primitive Heart Blog Giveaway

Just wanted to share a quick post with ya'll ....
Cindy over at Our Primitive Heart is having a giveaway !!!
Pictures of the giveaway.....

Aren't these just precious !!!!! Just click on Our Primitive Heart above to go on over and enter this wonderful giveaway...

Photos,Ramblin's & The Covered Bridge Festival

Hoping and keeping fingers and toes crossed that my internet will work with me and NOT against me tonight ! I tried forever to upload images last night and lemme tell ya it was a slowwww movin' process ! So we shall see if it will work tonight ! The picture below is of a lil JOL I made and attached to a rusty bed spring. More eye candy to follow =) Providing I have no more upload hazards along the way.

This next picture is a sampling of some of the items I picked up at the Covered Bridge Festival. If you ever get the chance to go to this festival lemme tell ya it's worth going to! Several small towns have this festival and it runs 10 days. I love going to Bridgeton.It is by far my favorite spot. Mansfield is pretty good as well but seems to be more flea markety (not antique ,older prim flea markety lol). I've never made it to Rockville but have heard its awesome as well. Here is a link for information about it. It starts the 2nd weekend in October and draws lots and lots of people. I will share more pics of my goodies from there in another post.

The next few pictures are of things I have handmade the last few days. I just love to drag out my fabric, patterns and sewing machine and get ta sewing and creating. It's really relaxing. My kids even say.....Mom why don'tcha go craft a lil cause your not as grumpy when you are lol. Me ?!? lil ol Me grumpy ?!?! Ok ok without further ado the pictures.......(fingers n toes crossed)

This is my lil mummy doll. All grungy and smellin soooo yummy.

This is a lil pillow that I stenciled on the Trick or Treat with some paint on grungied osnaburg fabric.

This is a stump Santa. He is painted muslin, hand stitched face and lambs wool beard. He stands around 14 inches tall and he smells sooo sooo yummy.I will be listing him on Ebay. But I ohhhhhh sooooo wanna keep 'im ! My ebay id is willow_bend_prims-n-more if you wanna check out my listings. I thought about starting a selling blog as well. Decisions...Decisions.....

This is a stump doll snowman. He too will be listed on Ebay in the next few days. But guess what ??? Ya ya I wanna keep him as well lol ;0) He is quilted osnaburg. Grungied up and nice and shiny with his mica flakes and german glitter glass. His nose was a pain in my...ooopppsssie fingers almost got carried away ( yikkkesss ) He needs jus a lil tweaking still I think.
One more picture of 'im

So glad ya'll took the time to check out my ramblin's and creations. I would love to see what ya'll have been up to. Tommorow Im gonna try to upload some Thrift store finds to share with ya'll. Maybe even later tonight if I can't sleep. Yepp I still have that darn sleeping problem......Ohhhh and in the near near future (possibly this weekend if I can get my sewing finished up lol)I am gonna have a blog giveaway. It will consist of some Christmas items handmade by me and some other goodies. So be sure and check back.Take care my friends till next time

Prim Blessings

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A long hiatus

Wow it sure has been a while since my last post ! I have had sooooo much going on that I just hadn't been able to find time to post. My Daddy had been really ill with heart problems and non hodgkins lymphoma. Work has been overwhelming and my own health hasn't been the best these last few months (gall bladder). But praise God for the power of prayer. My Daddy had a Dr. appt last week and he is in remission !!!! His Dr. said he is a walking miracle. His cancer was stage 4 and spread throughout his lymph nodes. When she first saw him back a few years she called a family meeting to let us know that she didn't think his prognosis was great, but with prayer all things are POSSIBLE !

I sure hope everyone else and your families has been and are doing well. I finally made some time to sew again. I made a few fall things and decided I better get started on Christmas.....yikkkeeessss did I just type Christmas ?!?!?! I just can't believe it's only 66 days away ! whewwww. I've got alotta crafting to do ! I hope to share some tips, ideas and tutorials with ya'll and I thank you for sitting a spell with me =)

Gonna share a few pictures above in the next post...

Prim Huggsss