Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos,Ramblin's & The Covered Bridge Festival

Hoping and keeping fingers and toes crossed that my internet will work with me and NOT against me tonight ! I tried forever to upload images last night and lemme tell ya it was a slowwww movin' process ! So we shall see if it will work tonight ! The picture below is of a lil JOL I made and attached to a rusty bed spring. More eye candy to follow =) Providing I have no more upload hazards along the way.

This next picture is a sampling of some of the items I picked up at the Covered Bridge Festival. If you ever get the chance to go to this festival lemme tell ya it's worth going to! Several small towns have this festival and it runs 10 days. I love going to Bridgeton.It is by far my favorite spot. Mansfield is pretty good as well but seems to be more flea markety (not antique ,older prim flea markety lol). I've never made it to Rockville but have heard its awesome as well. Here is a link for information about it. It starts the 2nd weekend in October and draws lots and lots of people. I will share more pics of my goodies from there in another post.

The next few pictures are of things I have handmade the last few days. I just love to drag out my fabric, patterns and sewing machine and get ta sewing and creating. It's really relaxing. My kids even say.....Mom why don'tcha go craft a lil cause your not as grumpy when you are lol. Me ?!? lil ol Me grumpy ?!?! Ok ok without further ado the pictures.......(fingers n toes crossed)

This is my lil mummy doll. All grungy and smellin soooo yummy.

This is a lil pillow that I stenciled on the Trick or Treat with some paint on grungied osnaburg fabric.

This is a stump Santa. He is painted muslin, hand stitched face and lambs wool beard. He stands around 14 inches tall and he smells sooo sooo yummy.I will be listing him on Ebay. But I ohhhhhh sooooo wanna keep 'im ! My ebay id is willow_bend_prims-n-more if you wanna check out my listings. I thought about starting a selling blog as well. Decisions...Decisions.....

This is a stump doll snowman. He too will be listed on Ebay in the next few days. But guess what ??? Ya ya I wanna keep him as well lol ;0) He is quilted osnaburg. Grungied up and nice and shiny with his mica flakes and german glitter glass. His nose was a pain in my...ooopppsssie fingers almost got carried away ( yikkkesss ) He needs jus a lil tweaking still I think.
One more picture of 'im

So glad ya'll took the time to check out my ramblin's and creations. I would love to see what ya'll have been up to. Tommorow Im gonna try to upload some Thrift store finds to share with ya'll. Maybe even later tonight if I can't sleep. Yepp I still have that darn sleeping problem......Ohhhh and in the near near future (possibly this weekend if I can get my sewing finished up lol)I am gonna have a blog giveaway. It will consist of some Christmas items handmade by me and some other goodies. So be sure and check back.Take care my friends till next time

Prim Blessings


CHER said...

wow, girl you are talented!!! your post sounds like" ya, just a little something I threw together" but looks so amazing!!!!

Willow said...

LOL Thank you Cher I have decided that what ever comes outta my craftin' is what it's sposed ta be. I used ta worry about everything being just perfect. Every stitch lined up ...yadda yadda yadda....Now I think those things just add ta the character =)
I appreciate your comment
Prim Hugs n Blessings