Friday, October 23, 2009

Finishin' Up and Friday Thrift Finds ~ Ms. Mitt's Cousin ~n~ A Tree or 2 or 3

Well I got Ms. Mitts cousin all embellished and grungied up and started making tree ornies,bowl fillers or however ya wanna use 'em.I planned on spendin' my day off really sewin' ALOT but the thrift stores n JoAnns was callin' my name ! Really that 50% of coupon was burnin' a hole in my purse hehe. Soooo what did I get with it ? This lovely wonderful needle punch kit.

Yahooo i've always wanted try my hand at this, but I may hafta wait a bit to try it out cause I'm just puttin' too much on my all ready full plate ! Actually I could try doin' this on my lunch break at work (finger thumpin' my noggin' while thinkin' this through ) That could be an option...hmmm I better keep thinkin' on it ! So while at JoAnns usin' that on fire 50% off coupon I also had ta pick up some thread and well ya can't go ta Jo's without checkin' out the fabric and oh...well the patterns are 99 cents right now lol. I see why they give out those lovely lil purse burnin' coupons...they know once they reel ya in well.....nuff said lol.
So after Jo's ( with ma wallet still smokin') I just hadta hit some thrift stores. One was havin' a storewide 50% off ...Ohhhh my poor lil purse was happily swingin' and singin' the Happy Shoppin' song with me. And jus like the bestest buds shoppin' together we filled our ol' cart with some bargains all the while thinkin' "Now where can I hide this when I get home so the dear hubby don't know we been thriftin' again !" He thinks I have packrat syndrome. But don't he know I got all these wonderful ideas floatin' round in my noggin' and I promise I will get to 'em soon ! Anyways I better share a few pics of a few of my finds today.....

I thought this was a pretty cool lookin' ol game board and only a buck !! Anyone know what game this is ? I thought maybe parcheesi ? It's really heavy. Not sure if I should paint it up or jus leave it alone. it has a really nice patina to it and I don't usually mess with somethin' if it's got a good patina. What do ya'll think ?

Then I found this hugeeee cheese box Its 15 inches across the top. Cant wait to redo this. A steal for 2 bucks.And i got news for dear Hubby ...This is a keeper !!! lol

Then I got this cute lil crock dispenser.It's an Avon Country jug. 50 cents and they had 2 so I grabbed both.

This lil wooden cup is jus callin' to me to prim it up ! And for .25 cents heyyyy I sure will.

Anytime I see wooden candle sticks I pick em up and a buck for the pair i couldn't resist. I will prim em up and either put in some flicker beeswax candles or use 'em for make do bases.

Now this lil wooden mailbox I was soooooooooo excited to find and couldn't resist showin' Dear Hubby ;0) He jus shook his head when i xplain'd to 'im what I invisioned lol. Hey 1.50 and my plans for it well it was a no brainer lol. O.k O.k. I can't wait I gotta tell ya'll what I see. I see a lil ol' mousie ( that I gotta get sewed up ) with his lil ol' arm stretched out to mail his letter ta Santa ! Now tell me that wouldn't be pea pickin' cuuuttteee !
Now I found a bunch more goodies...( member me n ma purse was giddily shoppin' ) but this post is gettin' awful long and i haven't even shared Ms. Mitts long lost cousin or one a my lil trees yet so I will share some more Thrift finds with ya'll later.
So I left with the expectations of bein' back home by at least noon ! Well I pulled in the drive at a lil after 4 and beat Dear Hubby home (praise god !) Ya should'a seen me takin' them corners n curves ta get here Mario Andretti didn't have nuttin' on me lol. So I unload the van and stuff my finds in ma hidey spot lol and start sewin' and finishin' Ms. Mitts cousin so without further ado here's the pics.

And there's Ms. Mitts cousin in all 'er finery. I think I get a lil carried away with the mica and german glass though.
Well that's how my Fridays been. I sure hope ya'll have had a wonderful day and I hope your weekend is even better ! I get ta go to the dreaded 4 letter word in the mornin' 7 a.m. ta be exact ugghhh. So hopefully sleep will come soon as it's all ready 11:30. I sure wish I didn't have this sleep problem ! O.k long enough post T.J. lol Hope I didn't bore ya ta tears !
Take care Prim friends !
Prim huggss n Blessins


I Play Outside The Box said...

Your gameboard is the game of Wahoo!
It just needs a touch up of paint to identify the players areas. Here is a link to one online.

A very easy and fun game for a family to play. My children and grandchildren love it when we pull out our game to play. made a great deal on it!

Willow said...

Sweet ! thanks for the info. Much appreciated =)I thought it was a pretty good deal.Would be a fun game to learn n play with the family.
Have a wonderful weekend.