Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peak @ item #3 on my Back 2 Bloggin' Giveaway N Ramblins =0)

Well hopin' this fixes that last accidental post lol. Geesh I hit the wrong thing and it says posted succesfully. ooppsiee
Well I hope this finds all in great spirits ! Hope your hump day was wonderful ! Mine was spent workin' uggghhh and it seemed to drag on and on today. After work I stopped at this new prim shop that opened...The Prim Cellar and ohhhh my golly gosh, do they ever have some awesome things there ! I went with the intentions of jus' lookin' well that didn't happen. I did control myself and didn't pull out the debit card lol.I kept my purchases under 20 buckeroos. I got an awesome end table cover ~$3.60, some Hilltop Candles room spray Amish Harvest scent~$6.50..mmmmmm and a scarecrow that was on clearance for $4.50. This shop is on my way home so I have a feelin' Imma' hafta' stop after work on payday.They have a Paul Revere light I really would love to have among a few other things.O.k. I gotta tell ya'll my room spray story. This stuff smells sooooo sooooo good. I was drivin' home and had the air on cause the car was a lil stuffy. Now read on lol cause yes if I think your thinkin' what I think you are ....yeppp I did ya read on........
I decide hmmm I ought to spray a tad bit in my car to make it smell oh soooo yummy too ! Well duhhhhhh that stuff don't take much and add in the air on ohhhhhhh myyyyyy.....needless to say, but I will anyway, that stuff came sprayin' back ( I thought I had it pointed where this wouldn't happen ! I swear I did !) well when it sprayed it came back ...up my poor lil ol' nose landed on my upper lip and burnt like the dickens ! Now thank goodness I kept my witts about me as I was puttin' down the windows and grabbin' my cold Diet Dew to put on my burnin' lip...can ya jus picture me wreckin' or somethin' and explainin' that to the officer ?!?!? lol I do gotta say my car still smells prim delicious the dear hubby jus went out ta get somethin' and he says your van still smells like that stuff lol. Allrighty now on to the 3rd item in my B2BG I made this sweet lil peg dress up tonight (after the burnin' stopped ! lol) I left all the edges raw to make it look tattered and worn. The lil ol' hanger it's on isn't included. It's a lil too small for it. If I have time I may try to make a twig hanger. Will letcha' know in the last post of the giveaway. Now it measures 15 & 1/2 inches long and 10 inches at the top and 12 inches across the skirt bottom. I sewed on a batting pocket and put some sweet annie in it. Now I didn't grunge this cause it's gettin' late n I still got laundry to finish up and a few other unfinished chores to accomplish before bed, but if the winner wants it grunged I can do that. O.k. here's a few  pictures of this lil ol' dress

And one more for good measure...

Tomorrow nights post will be a lil late too. I have a Drs appt. right after work. Hope it doesn't take too long ! Wishin' ya'll a wonderful night ! Till tomorrow
(watch out for those room sprays ! lol )
Prim Huggs n Blessins


The Olde Country Cupboard said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I would love to find a little prim shop on my way home. I probably couldn't stop at 20.00 though.
I love the Amish Harvest sent, smells so good.
take care,

Janene said...

I love love love that dress!
I can find the perfect place to hang her up!
Your giveaway items are looking very enticing!
Enjoy your doctors appt...hopefully nothing too serious!

Willow said...

Awww...Thanks Janene =0) Ya never know who's gonna win ! I got a few suprises along the way too ! I love bein' able to share my creations with others. It gives me joy to do it. Nothin' serious with the Dr. just gettin' my back injections. I have a bulging L4 and L5 disc,scoliosis,degenerative disc disease and a broken tailbone. Those injections realllly reallly help. Without them and my daily medications I doubt I would be able to work,craft or let alone even get outta bed.I would just love to have a day with minimal pain.So if I ever find that magic genie you can guess what my 1st wish would be lol.
Prim Huggs n Blessins