Monday, December 28, 2009

Another One Come & Gone~Some Things I've Been Workin' On & Ramblin's

Hi ya'll
Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits. I just can't believe Christmas has come and gone and another decade is almost here. Is'nt it funny how when you are younger time seems to go soooooo darn slow and the moment you hit your late teens, early 20's, time seems to hit warp speed ! ~lol~ I hope and pray that 2010 is a better year for everyone. 09 brought some really tuff times not only for  me and my family, but many, many other families across the country as well. I hope the economy turns for the better soon and those without jobs will find steady work soon. Our unemployment rate here locally is still at an all time high. We had 2 major factories shut their doors and a 3rd that may possibly do the same soon.
Praying for better times for all in the new year to come !

I wanna' thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and emails for my son Jess. They were much appreciated ! Just goes to show that their ARE still caring and wonderful people out there in this big ol' world. So far Jess is doin' a lil better. He had some issues with his leg and hand going numb and was still havin' headaches off and on, but today no headache anddddd his vision is better ! We cannot get into the Dr. until after the 1st of the year ! Which is a big bummer. I'd much rather get him in like yesterday ! When I spoke with the Dr's office at first, they hadn't gotten the paperwork from the E.R. yet and told me they should be able to squeeze him in this week but now I called and they felt that there wasn't a need to try and squeeze him in after reading the ER report. They still feel that this episode was due to dehydration but I just don't know. Hopefully my mind and nerves can be put to ease soon.Ya'll know how us mamas can be when it comes to our babies. Soooo I spose' we will just keep a good eye on him and he promised to let us know immediately if he begins to feel weird or if ANYTHING else goes numb and if it does.........well back to the ER we will go. Again thank ya'll sooooo much from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It meant the world not only to me and Jess but my whole family as well.

Ohhhh motivation where have you gone ?!?!? Anyone else havin' trouble in that area ? I got up Sunday with the "thoughts" of havin' a VERY productive day.....well lets say my motivation just wasn't up to par until later in the afternoon lol. I finally got myself going and got the tree down and packed away. Decorations wrapped and boxed. All put back where they go till next year. I gotta' say though I got a lil' sad as I was wrappin' the decorations and boxin' 'em up. It was like sayin' goodbye to an olde friend that your not gonna' see for awhile lol. I snapped a few pics of my daughter trying to help me get that dang tree back in the box it came out of . How's come the darn things don't ever wanna' go back in the way they come out ???? No matter what it is it never wants to fit back in the box like it did before you removed it lol

Here's DD pushin' and pokin'

And pushin' and pokin' and both of us were laughin' hysterically......hehee...Hey ya' gotta' laugh or else we both woulda' probably just gave up and threw the tree out the door lol.

And pushin' and pokin' and laughin' till our tummies hurt and the tree fluffled BACK up soooo we laughed some more lol....

Soooooooo we started back at square one with some more pokin', pushin', proddin', and broke a lil sweat lol till we finally showed that DARN tree who was bosses in this house lol !

Whewww what a work out !!!!!

I did have wonderful motivation Saturday night. I picked up these 8  boards at Goodwill for 10 bucks. Thought they would work great for some handmade signs.

They measure 4 foot long by 7 and a half inches wide. Hubby and I got to thinkin' that they would work really great for the shelves I had wanted to put right above my windows awhile back. Soooo I got out my trusty olde can a flat black paint.......
What would I do without it lol
changed into some olde clothes and got busy.
Here it is after the flat black was applied.....

Then I took some olde candle wax and rubbed in spots where I wanted the black to kinda show through the top layer of paint after I sanded it all down.
I painted the second layer using a paint called bread basket. It's from Menards and is part of the American Spirit Collection. I just loveeeee this color. After that dried, I sanded it and then applied Minwax Early American over that.

Lil closer view.

We let it set overnight to cure really good. Sunday afternoon after I'd found my missin' motivation and kenz and I had gotten the tree and deco's up, hubby and I added the brackets to it. I picked these out because they matched my curtain rod.

I'd like 'em to look a lil worn though =( Not sure how to achieve that look though....So they'll hafta' do for now.Anyone got any ideas to share on how to make 'em look a bit time worn ?
Here it is above my window in the kitchen....

I loveeee havin' another spot to put some of my decorations... Here is a pic with some things on it. I'm still deciding what looks the best up there...gotta tweak it a lil' bit still ....and get a better pic in the daylight too.

Not too bad for some boards found at the local Goodwill huh ?
I wanna put some above my patio doors too and maybe above the bay window as well. I love havin' more space to put up some prim decorations. Plus it'll give me a reason to shop for some primtastic goodies to fill the space too right ?!? lol

I also got this cool spinner rack that held gift cards from one of our local Blockbusters that is going out of business. I paid 8 bucks for it and I figure I can hang some craft supplies from it.....

I got an awesome suprise for Christmas !!!! My DH got a couple cabinets,paint (not colors I really like but he did try lol and I just cant break yer' lil' ol' heart hunny in case yer readin' hehe so I'll keep it.) and a counter top. We have this room that's between the living room and dining this is all open no walls dividing it. But we have this one wall that I have another modern hutch sitting against that I've been wanting to get rid of anyway soooooooooo hubby found someone who wanted it and I'm gettin' my very own creatin' wall space !!!! And the bestest part is I will still be able to do it right in here with the family. I cannot WAIT to get it organized so I can show ya'll. It's gonna be soooooo nice to have everything outta the bins and it actually have it's own I won't know how to act if I can find what I'm lookin for without having to look in each bin like I used too. whewwww If my typing is a lil off it's because my sleeepy meds actually started to kick in a lil sooner than normal oopppsss. Well I was going to share a few sneak peeks with ya's but.......since my head is hanging low, now lower. lol Ive never had one of them hit that darn fast before ! hmmmm
I also had a DR appt today with my back and pain managment Dr whom I've seen for the last 3 yrs for my L4L5 bulging discs. I got some testin' done FINALLY after wanting it done for over 2 years.
Since this sleepy pill has decided to kinda take effect wayyyyyy sooner than normal I will hafta letcha' all know about that the next post. So I guess I will go and maybe get some sleep......
Kinda like taz is here lol

So next time my Prim Friends......Hope to share a lil more on my crafting space the Dr visit and some more ramblins and maybe even a few finished things !
Note To Self~~~~those sleepy pills DID act faster than normal !
Sorry My Prim Friends I really didn't think they'd do that shucks.
Soooo Till Next Time My Prim Friends
Hugggsss n Blessins

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas From The Mobleys

~Merry Christmas~

Sorry sooooooo long between posts. It's been real busy around here. I'm sure ya'll can relate to that ! We had my god babies Saturday over night. So 4 xtra kids in the house.....boy was it fun lol.They are 13~11~9 and 7. Stephie (the lil crafter of the 4) wanted to make a gift for her Mommy and Daddy. Here are a few pics...

Here she is stuffin' her pillow.

And stuffin' some more.......

Almost there.....

And here it is all finished. She used fabric paints to do the front panel. She made it almost all by herself. She doesn't quite have the sewin' down. So I did the sewin' for her. I sure hope her Mommy and Daddy love it ! These are the most precious gifts to get !
Her sister Lydia wanted to do a photo shoot lol and the boys Josh and Jason just wanted to watch movies, play games and when I started to bake then they wanted to help out lol. Nothin' like warm baked cookies to get kids in the kitchen ! We had alot of fun. They went home Sunday mornin' to go to a Christmas get together at their Great Grandmas home.
Here is one of her sisters pics from the photo shoot....

Oh my goodness she brought a suitcase with about 7 different outfits lol and my Daughter and Lydia had a blast doing their lil photo shoot.They took a ton of pics.

Ohhhh and Jason decided he wanted to act out a scene from a scary movie lol. He is the youngest of the bunch and a real character too !

Sunday started out wonderful. I started to finish up my bakin' and wrappin' gifts. My youngest son Jess (16) got up feelin' a little sick to his tummy. He was complainin' of a headache and just not feelin' well in general. Around noon Jess got up to do somethin' and the next thing we know my other son is yellin' Jess just hit the floor. Ohhh my talk about scarin' the heck outta ya ! So my hubby and I both go runnin' into the livin' room and there is Jess on the floor not movin', eyes wide open with a glazed look, not blinkin' and not talkin'. To me this seemed to last for a longggg time. Us tryin' to get him to answer us. It couda been a few seconds but to me it sure seemed like minutes. My husband picked him up and got him on the couch and he finally started to come around and speak. His vision was blurred and he just looked ill so we decided to take him to the ER. They ran some tests and decided that he was dehydrated and that may be what caused him to pass out. So he got some i.v. fluids and a pain shot for his headache. I'm still concerned and ask that ya'll include us in your prayers cause his vision is still blurred some and his right leg went numb today.The ER Dr. said his vision should clear and be normal in a few days and it hasn't yet. He has been havin' headaches off and on too. Because of the holidays we can't get into the family Doctor till next week sometime. So I would appreciate prayers. I still haven't gotten everything finished up.At this point I think everyone is just going to have to get the rest of their gifts a lil late. Tooo much to do and not enough time.....

My wish is for ya'll ......
 Have a very Merry Christmas with your families !
Cherish the moments. Embrace the warmth.Make lots of wonderful memories and remember the reason for the season. Ohhh and I hope Santa brings ya'll lots of goodies too =)
Hope to have some finished up projects to share soon !
Till next time my Prim Friends...
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Monday, December 14, 2009

What I've been Workin' On & A New Blog U Gotta Visit

Hi ya'll I hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Is everyone done with their Christmas shoppin' ?
Every year I swear I am NOT gonna wait till the last minute to finish but guess what ?!?!?.................yepp you guessed it I'm NOT done =(  I still have some handmades I need to get started & finished up, some gifts for the kids I still haven't picked up & bakin' to do. I did start a lil bit of my bakin' last night. I hafta' work the next 9 days straight (I get Sunday off only) so I'm gonna' be a busy beaver every night after work since I won't be able to do anything during the day. Ya' know Willa @ The Old Cupboard Door had a post the other day titled Hurry Hurry Hurry (click the link to go read it) and she is soooo right it does seem like we always need to hurry hurry hurry for somethin'.

I was blog hoppin' the other day and I found this wonderful new blog called  Prim In A Small Town (<~~~link )
 Pam is new to the bloggin' world so let's all go over and give her a BIG welcome to blog land ! She has some awesome pics of her home and things she hand makes. What a small world we live in too cause she is a fellow southern Indiana Hoosier ! Click on the link above and head on over to Pam's blog to say hello.

This is what I've been workin' on. Sorry it's not a prim craft to share. I haven't gotten my sewing machine out in a lil over a week, but I  will tonight to start those gifts. I also love to do paper crafts. So I started my Christmas book for this years Christmas pictures. I try to make one every year so we can add that years pictures to it. I need to take pics of years past books and share.
Anyway here are a few pages I have done.....

This is the front of my book.....

On the inside cover I have the year 2009 and I leave blank spaces for everyone to write a fav memory about that years Christmas

This page has a lil tags where I will write down things about the season and put pics of our home decked out for the holidays.

This page will have a picture of our main Christmas Tree

This page will have a picture of the whole family

Not sure what i will put on this page yet. Maybe a pic of our stockin's after Santa fills 'em up Christmas Eve. I want to add somethin' else to this page too cause it's missin' somethin'

This one will have a pic of someone kissin' ....Probably my oldest son and his fiance ;0) They are officially engaged now ! He proposed 3 weeks ago on her birthday and she accepted. There will be a weddin' in Aug 2010. I'm soooo happy for them !

Ohhhh I also wanna share one of my fav Christmas ornaments. I'm going to try to post a different one everyday up until Christmas...
Here is my 1st one. This was made by my 2nd oldest son when he was in kindergarten. He is 21 now. I love lookin' at all the stuff the kids made when they were young.

Their books were the ABC's of their fav Christmas things. His were the Christmas Tree, Stockings and toys lol

Ohhhh my fav prim store on the way home is havin' a 20% off sale. Ohhhh how I wish I could treat myself to lotsa stuff there lol. I did pick up a few things here is a pic of one of the items I bought.

Cute Lil basket with rusty stars, greenery and pinecones. I changed the ribbon on it but forgot to take a new picture of it. This was only 4.89 Thought it was a pretty good deal. I went to a few thrift stores today and found a few things but forgot to get pics of them too. I will share some pics of them in my next post.

Well I better get goin' and get started on some sewin' so till next time Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ginger Bread Men And A Thank You To Ya'll

I wanna start off with a BIG Thanks to ya'll for your inspiring posts, your lovely eye candy showin' your warm and invitin' Christmasy decorated homes and seein' and readin' those posts has sure helped keep my Christmas Spirit on high ! I look at all the wonderful primtastic Christmas decor and it makes me feel all warm and cozy. I just love how the prim look makes your home seem so magical,invitin' and down to earth for the holidays. I'm not sayin' that glamour and glitz is a bad thing, but for me.......I'd take prim any ol' day. I wanna say a thank you to Lisa of for postin' the recipe for gingerbread men ornie's. Lisa's blog is full of inspiration and eye candy be sure and check her blog out and here is the link for the post that has the gingerbread men recipe .......Gingerbread Men ~ Christmas Star Recipe

So after readin' this recipe awhile back I decided to give it a try. Boy I tell ya' these smell sooooo darn good when bakin'. My youngest son smelled 'em all the way up in his room. He came into the kitchen sayin' Mom those cookies smell yummy when do we get ta' eat 'em. I had to bust his bubble by tellin' him sorry son they aren't edible lol.

Willa from The Old Cupboard Door shared this recipe
(click link for recipe ~~>)Kens Famous Gingersnap Cookies Lemme' tell ya these cookies are wonderful ! My son (bless his heart) didn't even come to ask for any this time lol I went up to his room and asked if he wanted some cookies....he said I smelled 'em cookin' but I thought you were makin' those non edible ones again ! Sure made his night. Thanks for sharin' Willa = )
Soooooo without further ado...... here is the gingerbread man tree I made usin' the recipe from Lisa's blog.

Sure wish I could understand my camera a lil better so I could take some night pics with no light on so ya'll could see how cute this lil ol ginger tree looks with the rice lights on. I just love ta' sit at my computer desk and gaze into the kitchen at the lights and candles.

I also made a plate of gingers....

Added some fresh greenery, candle and a tag that says fresh home baked goodness.
I love the look of these lil gingers sooo much that I didn't stop there with 'em lol

I also have 'em tucked here n' there all thru' out the kitchen.

I stopped at my lil prim store on the way home and they had the cutest lil ol mini kitchen gadgets. Well I just hadta' have some darn it lol. The lady who works there said I should know the last 4 digits of your credit card by now as much as you stop in lol. Well I go twice sometimes three times a week. And darn it I gotta cause ya' never know what new goodies they are gonna have and they mark down frequently too. Now Honey if you read this post I always keep the purchases at a minimum ;0) I promise smoochie hehehe.....No really I do ! So anyways after seein' those cutsie gadgets I hadta' hang 'em on this lil ol tree I got for 25 cents at the Thrift Store and I put that in my olde maxwell house coffee can....

Here's a shot of the counter top gatherin' all together

Added some more greenery in the kitchen......Put some above my valance

My next project....hopefully soon is to change this topper out for somethin' a lil more plain n simple.

I gotta show ya'll these 2 olde Santas I got at a TS that was havin' stuff a bag for $4.00.....Needless to say my bag was stuffed and ripped a bit on the side ooopppsss. The tree that the gingers are on ripped it.

These just fit in sooo well with the way I like ta' decorate. They are both wooden.

Aren't they primdorable ? lol
 I will hafta share what other goodies I  stuffed in that bag later..
I put this lil gatherin together in an olde cheesbox I found for 4 bucks at the antique store in Bedford. I just love drivin down there to see what all they got in and to eat at a place called The Olde Buggy Buffet. If your ever in the area be sure n check 'em out. It's from scratch food in a country/amish style.....mmmmm its delicious.

I just love that chunky snowman =) Snowmen just melt my heart lol I lovvvveee lovvveeee lovvvveee 'em !!! 

See how adorable he is ? I just wanna squeeze his fat lil ol cheekies lol......

Wanted to share with ya'll how we hang our stockin's I have an herb dryin' rack I got at an estate sale awhile back it's 3 gated. We put it around the tree. I hung a Hark The Herald Angels sign from it and wrapped some lights around it too. Then we hung our stockin's. I wanna add some greenery around the top when I get some extra time. Otherwise I like how it looks.

Ohhhh I forgot ta' tell ya Dr Quick Dry Glue had to come out and do some minor surgery.....hehehehe

The good ol' Dr was able to do a quick fix whewww So if ya make 'em just be sure n really push whatever your using for eyes n buttons down in there real good. If they pop out just give Dr Quick Dry Glue a call and he'll come to the rescue of your lil ol ginger ;0)

O.k. Girlies can't believe I'm gonna share this pic !!!! yikkkessssss Hope it don't scare ya away (chewin' nails)
Now mind you I HATE taking pictures of myself or anyone else to take 'em either. But my daughter took this pic right after our first batch a gingers were finished sooooooo I'm lookin' a mess !

Now mind ya'll I have on nooooo make up the hair...well it's just there lol.I had worked all day and it was 2 a.m. (see that half asleep eye ?) and ohhh my whatta cheesy smile hehee and that angle just don't do me noooo good lol. I could go on and anyone else that way about self pics ? Ok Makenzie I posted your pic of me.....Happy ? Now go get those dishes n chores done missy hehehe

Here's one more item I got in that bag I wanna share with ya'll I forgot to take before pics though....

This was natural wood color. I spray painted it flat black and sanded it down. It had 2 lil wood dowels at the bottom I thought would work to hang candles from.

I decided to make it a candle keep so I added some rusty square nails

Here it is hangin' up....I left room to add 2 more nails when I find my rusty items stash....

I hope I haven't scared ya'll off with that pic ;0) or for a pic heavy post ! Got lots more ta share but will wait till another day to do that. I do wanna say another BIG THANK YOU to ya'll again for sharin' such heart warming pics and posts on your blogs. I honestly loose track a time goin' from blog to blog readin' and catchin' up and findin' new ones I just gotta follow lol. I would like to do a 12 fav's of decor if anyone is interested in doin it with me let me know. You would pick one item of your Christmas decor handmade,bought whatever and show a pic of it and tell why it's one of your favs and maybe the story behind it.
It would run from the 12th to the 23rd. Drop me an email if you wanna participate and we can set up one of those linky things. Ok my Prim Friends Hope I didn't overwhelm ya'll with such a long post and ohhhh ya with that pic lololol.
So till next time My Prim Friends have a Blessed Friday
Prim Huggs N Blessins