Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feelin' alot like Christmas

Hello Dear Prim Friends
I hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Whew it's soooo nice to be able to just sit a bit and blog. This past week has been a whirlwind I tell ya. With the paintin',workin',cookin' and shoppin' ohhhh my I was one tired lil ol gal. If ya read my previous post ya know all bout my paintin' woes that took me up until 1 a.m. Thanksgivin' morn. My motto needs to be what can go wrong.....usually does go wrong lol. Anyway the final outcome was worth the trouble and it needed it. My DH said....please don't ever try to paint during the week when we hafta' work again lol.
Here are a few pics of the finished job.....

This is my cabinet color. It's called bread basket. I love this color sooooo much I'm gonna paint my living room this color. It looks really good against the October Red that we painted the kitchen and dining room. I will post a full view pic later when I get everything organized better. I just haven't had time.
Here are a few pics that show a few of my Christmas decorations in my newly painted dining room...

This is one of those window frames I got at the auction. I got 6 of 'em for a buck ! This display is lackin' somethin'. I may put some rice lights around it. Not sure yet or maybe some real greenery. Any suggestions girlies ?

LOL this isn't my holiday decor but I hadta' share.
This is my boxer baby Ms. Daisy Mae after her share of Thanksgivin' dinner.She stuffed herself and had to take a lil ol nap lol. Look at that yawn hehehe.... Girlies you should hear this dog snore ! ohhh my she is soooo loud she just about wakes the neighbors lol.

My daughter took this pic. It's me fluffin' out the tree before puttin' on decorations. Our tree is a 9 foot tall slim Oregon Spruce. I hafta' get out the ladder to do the fluffin' on top.

Here it is with a few of the decorations on it. Still haven't finished it up yet.... Gonna try to get that all accomplished today.

Well.......lookie who decided to pop up in my pics again lol Ms. Daisy was lovin' all the hub bub of the lights and decoratin' frenzy last night lol.

This is a can I picked up at Jo's on Friday. Love the Santa. I also picked up an ott light for 20 bucks that day and got my oldest son the yudu screen print machine that he wanted for his birthday. In between all the paintin,shoppin' and cookin' last week, I also had 3 birthdays too ! My sons fiance, then my hubbies and then my oldest sons. They are all 2 days apart. Nov. 20th 22nd and 24th lol. Wow what a week whewww But yipppeeee I made it wooot wooot.

This is a paper mache snowman display I found at an antiques mall in Bedford. A small town about 30 miles from where I live. I loveeeee loveeeee snowmen.

A not soooo blurry close up of my lil snowmen. I would like to try and make one a these myself with paper mache or paper clay.

One more shot of the not finished yet tree. This is a prelit tree and there are a few lights not workin' sooooo DH is gonna hafta' chase down the problem. Thank goodness he is gonna do it cause I don't think I wanna try to do it lol.Prelit is nice till a light goes out.

This is a pic of my built in pantry doors. I forgot to take a before pic drats ! I just did this last night. Painted 'em flat black and made curtain panels for the doors. I made the panels out of the reproduction civil war fabric I got at Hobby Lobby. These were white and had some stenciling I had done when we first moved in our house 10 yrs ago. These were longggggg overdo for a make over lemme' tell ya' lol.

Heres a lil closer pic of the fabric. If you have a hobby lobby near you be sure to check out their reproductions fabrics. I just love 'em. Don't have a hobby lobby ? I would be willin' to get some for you. Just lemme' know =) I would love to eventually find some ol' barn doors to replace the doors that I have now. I ran into a pair that woulda' been perfect a year ago for 30 bucks a piece but I was outta' town (pretty far from home) at a festival (their last day) and had no way to haul 'em back home =( Every barn door I have seen since then they want a fortune for 'em !
Well shucks I sure coulda' swore I took more christmas decor pics than that ! Hmmmm ......guess I will try n get a few more ta' share with ya's tonight.
So did any of ya'll take advantage of the after Thanksgivin' sales ? I'm one a those crazy people who go out at about 2 a.m. lol Me and my best friend Shirl have done it together for about the last 12 years. I try to save money through out the year just for the sales. This year I got my hubby the 198.00 dollar laptop WalMart offered for his late B~day present. I tell ya it runs just as good as my wayyyy pricier laptop. I would love ta' share all the GREAT deals I got with ya'll but....... I have family members who read my blog and I ain't givin' away what I got 'em lol. Ya'll thought I'd slip didn't ya Josh ? Lindsey ? Kinzie ? Jess ? Justin ? Tom ? Crystal ? ohhhhh and you to Dear Hubby lol !
O.k I'm gonna get goin' n get ta' work on finishin' up some things today soooo........
Till next time my Prim Friends.....
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just Some Quick Ramblin's

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. I hope ya'll had a wonderful and blessed holiday. Ours was hectic to say the least. I decided to start painting our dining room and kitchen cabinets last Sunday. Now let me tell ya'll THAT is NOT the wisest thing to do right before a holiday ! lol especially when you work everday. I really thought it would be a quick job ! Boy was I wrong. We had to hang a new piece of drywall because while moving stuff out to paint, my daughter and I were moving out a heavy cabinet and ended up puttin' a hole in the wall. I'm talkin' a pretty good size hole! =(  We finally finished gettin' everything painted at a lil' after 1:00 a.m. Thursday mornin'.So then I started preppin' dinner and tried ta' get a lil shut eye before headin' to Kmart for Thanksgiving day sales. Was at Kmart at 6:oo a.m. to stand in line to get 2 craftsman power tool sets for gifts (oooppssieee I almost put who for...sorry fella's you'll just hafta wait n see if it's for you...hubby and sons and inlaws lol) Yepp I'm one of those crazy shoppers who likes ta' get out early and shop on black friday and Thanksgiving mornin'. So anyway I got some really good deals thursday mornin'. Got back home at around 8:30 a.m.  and started cookin' up a storm. We had dinner at 4 and had a wonderful time visitin' and stuffin' ourselves. I have some pics to share but didn't get 'em loaded yet =( Will do that later tonight or tomm. It's soooo nice to visit with family that ya don't get ta' see often. Just wish we could do it more often than just around the Holidays. Well my Prim Friends I still gotta get my tree up today and finish up a lil more decoratin' so I better get goin'. Till next time.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I've been Workin' On and of course Ramblins =)

Good evenin' ya'll ! Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits ! Well maybe I shouldn't have said evenin' seein' how it's almost midnight ! It's been a doozy of a day around here. Had lovely ol' reviews at work uggghhh and I got the shock of......well It was a shock I tell ya's. I manage an outlet store that sells bread,snacks.....things of that nature. We have been open 8 yrs and my district manager pulls me in for my review and lets me know that our store is on a reprieve. I'm like o.k. and..........She proceeds to tell me that they were goin' to close our store in Dec. (whattttttttttt !) but have decided to give me 6 months to try and bring my sales up to where they want them. Honestly we work our patooties off there and have hit sales goals 5 outta the last 6. To me that's a pretty darn good! So I had nooooo clue they thought we weren't up to par per say. Soooo she says as well..... not to put alot on your shoulders but.....the ball is in your court and it's up to you to make the shot. Ohhhh just what I needed right before the holidays !!!!
So I have been brain stormin' ideas to get more business and lemme' tell ya' my poor ol' noggin' is steamin' lol I have 4 co~workers who depend on this job as well soooo I really feel like I gotta go above and beyond to try and make this work. I'm also NOT gettin' younger and I sure don't wanna start all over somewhere else =( Shoot I have 4 weeks vacation here now and I use everyone of 'em too ! lol.........anyway anyone have any suggestions send 'em my way !

Sorry to start my post out like that but I just hadta' get it off my chest. I honestly sat and cried and cried as soon as I got home......and then I picked myself up and thought........I'm NOT gonna' let this get me down ! and I started sewin' and creatin' and it sure took my mind off of it for awhile. I also stopped at my lil prim shop on the way home (shoppin' seems to help some right ?!? lol) and bought a couple things...

Here is the picture of the Frosty Hat and Cardinal I made tonight......

I hand drew the hat onto some fabric and my son drew the cardinal. I think he did a pretty darn good job !
Here are a few more pics of it.....

Close up of the Cardinal

I got this candle wrap at the Prim Cellar. The lil prim shop on my way home that I lovvvveee to stop at lol

I also picked up a few of these cute picks and tealight holder....

These look like they'd be soooo easy to make. I may hafta' try my hand at doin' a few. The Prim Cellar is gettin' ALOT of Christmas goodies in and I want 1 of everything they have right now lol. I started puttin' up my fall decor and some of my Thanksgivin' as well. I am sooooooo ready to decorate for Christmas. I actually have a few things out all ready ! I will probably have the tree up by next weekend. Well my Prim Friends it's gettin' late so I better try n get some sleep. Till next time............
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Projects n Some Ramblins

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Hope ya'lls weekend has been wonderful.
It was a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. The temp was just perfect ! High 60's Almost makes me wanna spring clean all ready lol. My Saturday started with some sewin' that took me into the wee hours of the morn Sunday. Had some trouble with my sewin' machine and DH had to operate on it. I am sooooo thankful he is a whiz when it comes ta' fixin' anything and after bout 45 mins I was up n runnin'. Here are 2 things I got finished up.

I got to lookin' at it when I was resizin' my pics and decided it was lackin' somethin' so I added this......

I made the snoman head, the snowballs and tag. Think it turned out pretty good.

This is the project that took up most of my Saturday night till almost 3 a.m. Sunday morn....Lots of paintin' and dryin' then grungin' and dryin' again.

This is my welcomin' wynter Snowgirl. She is carryin' a bouquet of snowflakes to welcome wynter. Her nose is a rusty square nail and Her eyes and mouth are air dried clay painted black to look like coal pieces. I'm not to satisfied with the grungin' on her face =( I think it's a lil' to splotchy.
What do ya'll think ?
A few more pics of her.

I also painted a cabinet today. Short story on how I aquired it today. I had read an add on Craigs list for a primitive store that's about a 30 minute drive from me. Well it said they were havin' a huge sale this weekend. I emailed and the lady said she was gonna be open from 10:00 to 5:00 today. So my Papa and me took off to check it out. On the way there we passed an antique store and decided we might stop there on the way back if they were still open. Well we get to this prim store and the tents up (looked crammed full a stuff!) and they have up a closed sign =( No one was around that we could see and I was soooooo sad ! (n a lil peeved at 1st) Somethin' coulda came up as to why they weren't open sooooo off we head back home. On the way we see the antique store is still open so we stop and I was in Prim Heaven there ! They had some beautiful cabinets,dry sinks,buttocks baskets (just not in my daily budget price range though) ohhhh it was primtastic I tell ya' ! I picked up a ball jar a rusty bell and some handpainted round wood ornaments for my tree and proceeded to pay and the lady says......Honey did ya'll go look out in the barn and shed. Shoot I did'nt see the barn or shed I was just happy ta' see the OPEN shinin' like a beacon sign lol
So I go out there and there was alotta' cabinets n tables in there and not to badly priced. One ol' wood farm style table was only $20.00 ! It's wasnt huge but wasn't tiny either. I was suprised at the prices in the barn. Well anyway (gettin' off track here lol) I looked behind these 2 BIG cabinets and there sets a beauty. In my price range $60.00 and it's just what I been lookin' for...outside the color lol. But hey what wonders flat black spray paint can do lol. So I go in and ask about it and she had forgot it was back there. So I said would you take $45.00 ? Knowin' if she said no I would still get it and she says......well ya I guess I can. Wooooot Wooooot I was sooooo happy. Got it home, started tapin' the glass and started to paint when I realized I didn't take before pics lol soooo got the camera and here are the pics....

It was a green and yellow color.....

I got the majority of it painted flat black. Still have a few touch ups to do and I will share some pics of the whole finished cabinet. I wish the doors were solid wood instead of glass. May have hubby build some wood ones later. But all in all I was sooooooo stinkin' happy to find this at that price. All the ones I've looked at forever have been way outta' my price range at the moment. With the Holidays comin' I gotta watch what I'm spendin' even more so. O.k. I guess I have rambled on enough lol. I wish ya'll a wonderful start to a new week !
Till next time my Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Evenin' Ya'll A Few Ramblins & Some Auction Pictures

Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
It's been a heckuva' week round here. Hope yours has been good. My B2BG winners.... your goodies are on their way. I thought I was gonna get them sent Wednesday, but realized that it was Veterans Day sooooo I couldn't ship until Thursday. I sure hope ya'll enjoy your goodie boxes.

After work tonight I decided to go to an auction. They had a lovely crock bench I really really wanted ! So i called my cousin and Auntie and they went with me. Well girlies we took my mini van and lemme' tell ya we ended up with soooo much I gotta go back tomorrow to pick up the rest cause it all wouldn't fit ! I got the crock bench for $17.00

I realllllllyyyyyyy would have loved to bid on this antique table and hutch. It was from the 1800"s and only went for 70.00 !!! They got a bargain. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I'm gonna regret not biddin' on it for awhile. The auctioner was beggin' for bids on it. Not much interest in the really old stuff there tonight. Usually things there sell well.

I got these 2 chairs for $4.00.

This one was a lil more but I really liked it ;0)

I think a prim doll sittin' in it will look cute.

Now this next picture is of 2 primitive cabinets. They had a sticker on 'em that said $100.00 for the pair. My cousin and I decided each of us would take one, if the price was right. We got the pair for $12.50 ! So we each paid $6.25 I can't wait to prim mine up ! These are really huge !

Also got some ol' window frames with the chippy ol' paint. I think there were 6 of 'em and I got all of 'em for a BUCK ! They even threw in an ol' ladder that had been cut down. Wooot wooot I forgot to get pics of those (will try to tomorrow) Well only one of the windows had glass in it and I didn't have a blanket or anything to cushion the the auctioner gave me this ol' quilt to use and said now I don't want it back.....I will gladly keep it lol.

It's got a few rips in it but that's o.k. I can find a use for it. At the end of the auction they were sellin' stuff for .50 cents to a buck. I couldn't believe some of the deals there tonight. I was glad we went. Hope to share some things I been workin' on sometime tomorrow. So till then my Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heyyyyyy Gina @ Cat Nap Inn =) Time to Pick !!! n Ramblins too

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Wow what a week here all ready ! There just aint enough time in a day I tell ya' !
Anyway on to the subject of the post lol.
Gina....yahhooooo~ you get to pick goodie package B or C.
I will tell ya one holds 3 items and one has 4 items ;0)
Hope ya pick the one with 4 Good Luck !
Just send me an email with your choice and your address and I will get your goodies out to ya asap =)

Now for my ramblins....
I spent most of the day yesterday at the thrift stores lookin' for some goodies. And that darn Michaels hadta' give me one a those purse burnin' coupons ! So ya' know I just hadta' go use it lol. Boy oh boy did I get a super de duper deal !
On a blog the other day ....shucks I can't remember the name ! I really wish I could...anyway they found these cool cabinets at Michaels and prim'ed 'em up.Maybe one a ya'll read that post on her blog. Well I commented on her blog and I just hadta go get one !

This is what they look like.

Here's the inside. These are 34.99 but..........bein' a bargain hunter that I am lol I had a 50% off coupon. And to top it off this one was missing 2 screws (kinda like its new owner !)

See not a big deal really, but the girl who got it down for me said lemme' see if my manager (who was helpin' in framin') might be able to get you 2 screws and drill some holes in it. Well, he says, you can get screws anywhere cheaply and I don't really have time to drill can just get some wood screws and do it yourself. I was like well o.k. but maybe I will just wait till ya get some more in that don't have anything wrong with 'em ( i know it was an easy fix but darn it I didn't wanna hafta' go screw huntin' really lol) So anyway when I said that, he said... well you have a 50% off coupon use that and I will give you another 15% off !!!! How could I refuse then ?!?!? so 34.99 @ 65% off woooot woooot happy shoppin' dance lol. Hubby has it fixed now too ! Yipppeeee now all I gotta do is get it painted.

I hit the jackpot on patterns at the TS too most were .30 cents none over $1.00 Here's a few pics of 'em (not all I got)

Now I've never did cross stitch....but I'd love ta' learn ! Thought this was cute and .10 cents I couldn't pass it up.

This needlework book has some beautiful patterns in it and it was only .30 cents

This pattern will look cute done in a primitive style and again only a whoppin' .30 cents

This Santa will be cute all primstyle too ! .25 cents !

.60 cent stencils. These have some really neat lookin' designs and the alphabet. Never even been used ! I got a bunch more patterns but I won't bore ya with pics of 'em all ;0)

Loved loved loved these. Actually my future daughter in law pointed 'em out to me and I was like ohhhh paint n prim 'em up they'd look good on my entertainment center. $5.00 set. They are wood too not paper mache.

Here's what the inside looks like. Should I just paint the outside ? Or leave 'em totaly alone ? One is a buttermilk color and the other a beige.

This is a lil ol' snowman poke I'm workin' on. He is made outta' air dry clay. Hope to finish him up this week. I may end up makin' him a full bodied snowman not sure yet.

He begged me to show you his side profile ! (said his right was his best side !) hehehe

Made these Elf shoes last night. I still gotta put on bells and the cuff. These were made usin' a pattern from Chestnut Junction. I tried drawin' up my own but I just wasn't gettin' it right....grrrrr Now my FDIL that girl coulda' drew 'em up for me like it wasn't nuttin' but she wasn't here =( and I'm impatient as all get out sometimes lol. But I do love Chestnut Junctions patterns and they are really reasonably priced too. I found her patterns the other night on pattern mart. Check 'em out if your lookin' for some new patterns.

O.k. I gotta show ya'll a few more pics (sorry this post is a lil on the pic heavy side !)

These cute lil' ol' baskets are at Michaels in their dollar section. I think a punch needle or cross stitch design on top of the lid would just be sooooo stinkin' pea pickin' cute !!! (now if I can just teach myself to do one or the other ! lol)

Ya'll member in a few posts back when I told ya's that a new prim shop opened that's on my way home? Well I have become a regular in there ! lol I swear I stop 2 to 3 times a week just ta' check out all the goodies. They also have other booths there now too ! Ohhhh it's just like a tiny lil ol' flea market in there. Well I stopped tonight and I've eyed that scoop up there in the pic since I first went in. Well tonight they had it marked down to $8.00 bucks and it had the cutest tart included with it ! (forgot to get a pic of it =(
It has crows and a star molded in it and it says Crows gather here. When I seen the price drop and that they added the tart I just hadta' get it ! I also got to talkin' to one of the ladies that run it and.............she said she wants me to bring some of my handmades in and she may be interested in sellin' 'em for me on consignment !!!!!!!! I was soooooooooooo excited ! This may be a good step for me to take. I've always wanted to be able to offer my handmades but just don't know where to start, so maybe this will be an openin' for me. I've considered tryin' a sellin' blog and who knows maybe in the near future I won't be soooo afraid ta' give it a try. Wow I really rambled there huh! Ok I'm gonna close with one final find from the TS

I shoulda' got a closer up pic. Maybe next time I will.
I just love old pictures. They hadda' ton of 'em there for anywhere between .50 cents and 2.50 Wish I woulda had more $$$ I probably woulda bought 'em all !
Well that's it for the night my Prim Friends.
Hope I did pic overload ya's lol.
Have a Happy hump day !
Till next time
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Monday, November 9, 2009

Heyyyy Outside The Box ! And Gina and Janene...& Everyone who played

Hey ya'll !
Hope this post finds you all in good spirits =0)
I need I Play Outside The Box to pick
package A,B,or C.
I don't have the correct size boxes that I need
to ship the surprise prizes in.
So I can't take pictures to show you.
**After I Play Outside The Box picks A,B,or C then Gina from Cat Nap Inn Primitives will pick from the remaining two.**
I will tell ya 2 that all 3 have handmades and store bought goodies ;0) As soon as I see which goodie box I play picks I will post the remaining ones for you to pick from Gina.
Janene your box will be shipped out on Wednesday afternoon due to my work schedule this week.
I also wanna say a BIG thank you to all who played along in my B2BG. I really had a blast doin' this ! I sure wish I could send ya'll a lil somethin' ! I will be doin' another giveaway next month cause i enjoyed this one sooo darn much !
Will share some goodies with ya'll later tonight too.
Till next time my prim Friends...
Prim Huggs n Blessins

P.S. I will have the correct size boxes tommorrow so i can get your goodies shipped too you two Wednesday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Grand Prize Winner is.......and the runner ups are.........

All righty girlies....are ya'll ready ??????
We threw ya'lls entries into a paper mache box

And then my Daughter drew out the names....

Drum rolllllllll pleaseeeeee..............

Grand prize goes to.....
Janene at Primitive Lifestyle !!!!! Congrats Janene !!!!

2nd place goes to.......
I Play Outside the Box !!!!! Congrats !!!!

3rd place goes to........
Gina from Cat Nap Inn Primitives !!!!! Congrats Gina !!!!

Janene when my daughter went to draw for 2nd your name came out again lol ! But we gotta share the prizes ;0)
Email me your addresses to and I will get your goodies out to ya asap. Now, I play and Gina......I Play you get to pick which box/package you want and then Gina gets the other. I will try to get the picture for those up later tonight or first thing tomorrow. I sure wish I could give ya'll somethin' ! I really enjoyed doin' this lil ol' giveaway ! Stay tuned cause I will be doin' another in Dec. cause I just enjoyed this one soooo darn much ! And I like sharin' my handmades with others =)
Till next time my Prim Friends......
Huggs n Blessins