Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Projects n Some Ramblins

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Hope ya'lls weekend has been wonderful.
It was a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. The temp was just perfect ! High 60's Almost makes me wanna spring clean all ready lol. My Saturday started with some sewin' that took me into the wee hours of the morn Sunday. Had some trouble with my sewin' machine and DH had to operate on it. I am sooooo thankful he is a whiz when it comes ta' fixin' anything and after bout 45 mins I was up n runnin'. Here are 2 things I got finished up.

I got to lookin' at it when I was resizin' my pics and decided it was lackin' somethin' so I added this......

I made the snoman head, the snowballs and tag. Think it turned out pretty good.

This is the project that took up most of my Saturday night till almost 3 a.m. Sunday morn....Lots of paintin' and dryin' then grungin' and dryin' again.

This is my welcomin' wynter Snowgirl. She is carryin' a bouquet of snowflakes to welcome wynter. Her nose is a rusty square nail and Her eyes and mouth are air dried clay painted black to look like coal pieces. I'm not to satisfied with the grungin' on her face =( I think it's a lil' to splotchy.
What do ya'll think ?
A few more pics of her.

I also painted a cabinet today. Short story on how I aquired it today. I had read an add on Craigs list for a primitive store that's about a 30 minute drive from me. Well it said they were havin' a huge sale this weekend. I emailed and the lady said she was gonna be open from 10:00 to 5:00 today. So my Papa and me took off to check it out. On the way there we passed an antique store and decided we might stop there on the way back if they were still open. Well we get to this prim store and the tents up (looked crammed full a stuff!) and they have up a closed sign =( No one was around that we could see and I was soooooo sad ! (n a lil peeved at 1st) Somethin' coulda came up as to why they weren't open sooooo off we head back home. On the way we see the antique store is still open so we stop and I was in Prim Heaven there ! They had some beautiful cabinets,dry sinks,buttocks baskets (just not in my daily budget price range though) ohhhh it was primtastic I tell ya' ! I picked up a ball jar a rusty bell and some handpainted round wood ornaments for my tree and proceeded to pay and the lady says......Honey did ya'll go look out in the barn and shed. Shoot I did'nt see the barn or shed I was just happy ta' see the OPEN shinin' like a beacon sign lol
So I go out there and there was alotta' cabinets n tables in there and not to badly priced. One ol' wood farm style table was only $20.00 ! It's wasnt huge but wasn't tiny either. I was suprised at the prices in the barn. Well anyway (gettin' off track here lol) I looked behind these 2 BIG cabinets and there sets a beauty. In my price range $60.00 and it's just what I been lookin' for...outside the color lol. But hey what wonders flat black spray paint can do lol. So I go in and ask about it and she had forgot it was back there. So I said would you take $45.00 ? Knowin' if she said no I would still get it and she says......well ya I guess I can. Wooooot Wooooot I was sooooo happy. Got it home, started tapin' the glass and started to paint when I realized I didn't take before pics lol soooo got the camera and here are the pics....

It was a green and yellow color.....

I got the majority of it painted flat black. Still have a few touch ups to do and I will share some pics of the whole finished cabinet. I wish the doors were solid wood instead of glass. May have hubby build some wood ones later. But all in all I was sooooooo stinkin' happy to find this at that price. All the ones I've looked at forever have been way outta' my price range at the moment. With the Holidays comin' I gotta watch what I'm spendin' even more so. O.k. I guess I have rambled on enough lol. I wish ya'll a wonderful start to a new week !
Till next time my Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins


I Play Outside The Box said...

What a find! Good for you! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

I want to thank you for all the goodies you sent to my special friend. I enjoyed the excitement of your giveaway so much...and Jody enjoyed receiving the surprise gift too.
Have a great week!!

Staci said...

Lovin that snowman head and that tag is fabulous!

decorator to the stars said...