Friday, November 6, 2009

My ohhh my another chance @ xtra entry 4 my B2BG...N of course some nightly ramblins =)

Evenin' ya'll. Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits ! Wow what a day it's been round here ! I got to bed about 4:30 this morn' and dh's alarm started goin' off at 5 am ugghhh I got up and rechecked on Jesse (my sick one) He was still sleepin' soundly thank the lord for that ! He really really needed some sound sleep without coughin' or shiverin' from the fever. So I went back ta' bed and girlies I slept like a log till 9:30 when my alarm started goin' crazy n makin' that awful ....wake up sleepy head sound ! Ohhhh how I wanted to hurt it lol, but I just hit the snooze button a few times hehehe. Finally crawled outta bed at 5 after 10. Checked on Jess and he was half awake half asleep but........
Yahoooooooo the fever was gone ! So off ta work I went with not enough sleep...but that's part a bein' a mom.I worked 11 till 6 and hadta' stop by GW really quick ta' see if they had any stuff I couldn't live without and I found this awesome broom.....

Close up of the braiding

Any idea what those wood pegs are for ?

Also wanted to show ya'll these minature wooden hay rakes they had at Menards for $3.oo I'm gonna remove the harvest and raffia from it so I can display it year round. Love the mustard color. I also got a harvest green color one. This will look cute hung up (as soon as I finish paintin' ! lol)

These are 24 inches tall. I want the real deal but can't afford what they are goin' for on Ebay. I saw a few at the covered bridge festival for 35 bucks and I am kickin' myself for not gettin' one !

 Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my son. They were much appreciated ! Jesse is still a lil weak feelin' but as of 11:00 tonight nooooo fever still ! As long as he is fever free for 24 hours he can go back to school and my nerves can calm down. With that h1n1 stuff goin' round it scares the dickens outta me. That's what I was afraid he may have gotten when he first started runnin' the fever,the body aches and weakness. His Dr. didn't wanna see him UNLESS he started havin' trouble keepin' liquids down or the fever wouldn't break. I'm am sooo relieved he is on the road ta' gettin' better. Saw on the news where a 22 year old pregnant lady died from h1n1 and my heart just broke for her husband and family and then today the headline for our town newspaper reads 54 year old Green County Woman Dies from H1N1. They say it's no big deal (H1N1) and people shouldn't panic but headlines like those sure make ya a lil nervous. They have even banned kids from visitin' at the local hospital here. Anyway sorry to go on 'bout that! Again thanks to ya'll for the get wells and thinkin' of us.

Now.......................on to tonights way to get xtra entry for my B2BG......Only 2 more nights left to get xtra entries.This one is gonna be eazy peazy too (cause my sleep deprived brain cannot think of somethin' better lol). It's gonna require a lil readin' or if you've followed my blog and read my ramblins you'll know the answers to the followin' ?'s
 I have a name that I call Joanns fabrics what is it ?
When was my very 1st post ?
I've mentioned two of my sons one of them, name both and get double !

Now I'm gonna trust that ya'll won't peek at the answers in the comment section.....who knows they may not even be right ! lol Sooooo tonight ya'll got a chance for 4 entries...if ya name both of my sons......
3 iff'n ya don'tGood luck to ya !

Here are the standins so far....
I Play Outside The Box~5

Willa from The Old Cupboard Door~3
Gayle @ The Middle Sister~2
Melissa @Valeriote Design~1
Janene from Primitive Lifestyle~1
Natalie @ Tins and Treasures~1
Robin Wilson @ Gifts you Can Feel Good About~2
Cher @ Prims From Scratch~2
Donna Blassingham @ Brush Strokes and Stitches~2
Pam @ Baskets n Prims~4
Gina @ Catnap Inn Primitives~4
Annie @ Old Annie Primitives~2
Jayne from PrimWyoGirl~1
Yankee Ridge Primitives~1
Rondell @ Tomatoe Creek Prims~3
Maurine @ StitchinPrim~1
Leah @ Cinnamon Berry Lane Primitives~3
If I have somehow missed your name please please please email me @ I have been known to goof up before...I have went back through the posts and rechecked my list against the posts to make sure I've gotten ya'll and given credit for your entries If you feel there is an error by all means let me I'm feelin' like Santa....makin' a list n checkin' it twice ! lol

I am a headin' ta bed just as soon as I read a few blogs.......(got my trusty toothpicks holdin' the eye lids up !) Hey I'm addicted I admit it. Hello my name is Teresa and I am addicted ta bloggin' ! Least it's not somethin' worse I'm addicted to ! whewww just a lil strain on the ol eyes sometimes lol. I am hittin' an estate sale in the morn and there are a few garage sales out yahhhoooo (love sales) wish me luck on findin' some goodies =) 
Till next time my prim friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

You call Joanns Jo's and your first entry was january 8th 2009 and I am sorry to say I don't know either of yours sons names..;)

Cinnamon Berry Lane Primitives said...

You have a son named Jesse, your first post was January 2009 and you call Joanns fabrics Jo's.

basketsnprims said...

You call Joanne's Jo and one of your son's names is Jesse & I hope he's feeling better. Have a great weekend & get some sleep!

I Play Outside The Box said...

Well, I could cheat and copy some of the answers above...but I won't. Just wanted to let you know I'm loving this giveaway 'challenge' you have offered made me smile each's truly been fun! Have a great weekend!!