Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Those Recipes In and another shot at another entry in the B2BG n Ramblins

Good Evenin' ya'll. Hope this post finds everyone in good spirits ! Im suprised only one recipe was submitted for an xtra entry into the B2BG. It's not to late to do it ! Just go down to Nov.1st post and submit your Thanksgivin' recipe and I will throw your name into the drawin' again.

For tonights chance to get your name in again......
Tell me whos quote this is...

"Trouble knocked on the door, but hearing laughter hurried away"
Submit your answer in the comment section and if your correct you'll get another chance to win my B2BG ! Another eazy peazy way to get another chance =)

So far entries are as follows....
I Play Outside The Box~5 (leadin' in the entries)
Willa from The Old Cupboard Door~1
Gayle @ The Middle Sister~2
Melissa @ Valeriote Design~1
Janene @ Primitive Lifestyle~1
Natalie @ Tins N Treasures~1
Maurine @ StitchinPrim~1
Robin Wilson @ Gifts You Can Feel Good About~2
Cher @ Prims From Scratch~2
Donna Blassingham @ Brush Strokes And Stitches~2
Pam @ Baskets n Prims~1
Gina @ Cat Nap Inn Primitives~2
Annie @ Old Annie Primitives~2
 Be sure and check out all these lovely gals blogs too !
You can get those entries up...just jump in and submit your recipes or answer tonights ? and you can up your chances at winnin' all the goodies ! I Play Outside The Box is leadin' in entries W2G =) Good luck to ya'll

Now.....on to a few things I been workin' on

This is a before picture of a floor shelf I've had for a long long time. I had it stuck in a corner in my laundry room collectin' lint n dust......

This is after the 1st coat of flat black paint. All ready an improvement ! Not sure if I'm gonna put another color or just leave it black. What do ya'll think ?

This is a stitchery I've been workin' on during lunch at work. The pattern is by Plum Creek Collectibles and is just soooo pea pickin' cuteeeee. When it's finished it will have fabric borders and be framed. My problem is everything I make i wanna keep lol ! Do any of you have that problem ?

This is a Santa bowl filler/ornie I'm workin' on. He measures 6 inches tall by 3 & a half inches wide. I hand stitched his nose, eyes and eyebrows. Still gotta put on his lambs wool hair and beard and finish up his hat. May pick a different fabric for his hat not sure yet. Here's a close up of him...

Ohhhh I also gotta share a picture of those 19th century reproduction fabrics I got at Hobby Lobby. I just love 'em. They even got grungy areas all ready !

Isn't that lovely !

Look at those grungy spots !

Would like to make some pillow cases with this.

Got lotsa ideas for these fabrics !

While at Hobby Lobby I picked up a few more sets of rice lights. I wanted to show ya'll what they look like wrapped around a Grapevine tree.....

Looks soooo invitin'. I have mine set in my bay window. Who knows the winner of my giveaway might just end up with a set of rice lights in their package !

Also wanted to show ya'll one a my TS finds from Saturday. Picked up this ol rusty dairy scale gem for $5.99. Looks really good hangin' in my kitchen ! Boy I really loaded post with pics ! Sorry bout that lol. I hadda lot to share tonight =)
Again get those recipes and answer in for tonights chance at xtra entries ! Till next time my Prim Friends....
Prim Huggs n Blessins


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Mr Ben Franklin uttered that saying.

My, my you have been a busy Gurl! I love the santa, too cute. And the stitchery, awesome. That fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see what you do with it. I love visiting your blog, there's always something exciting to look at and read.

Willow said...

awwww thank you Willa =) your kind words inspire me to create ! It's a blessin' in disguise !

basketsnprims said...

Ben Franklin is my guess.
I love that fabric ~ oh my gosh I wish we had a hobby lobby. I love the blues. Your santa, your scale, your cupboard ~ all just wonderful Have a happy November.

Willow said...

Thanks Pam for your kind words =) I loveeee loveeee Hobby Lobby (more than Jo's lol)Hope they stick around here for many many more years ! They have such an awesome fabric selection.
Prim Huggs n Blessins