Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heyyyyyy Gina @ Cat Nap Inn =) Time to Pick !!! n Ramblins too

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !
Wow what a week here all ready ! There just aint enough time in a day I tell ya' !
Anyway on to the subject of the post lol.
Gina....yahhooooo~ you get to pick goodie package B or C.
I will tell ya one holds 3 items and one has 4 items ;0)
Hope ya pick the one with 4 Good Luck !
Just send me an email with your choice and your address and I will get your goodies out to ya asap =)

Now for my ramblins....
I spent most of the day yesterday at the thrift stores lookin' for some goodies. And that darn Michaels hadta' give me one a those purse burnin' coupons ! So ya' know I just hadta' go use it lol. Boy oh boy did I get a super de duper deal !
On a blog the other day ....shucks I can't remember the name ! I really wish I could...anyway they found these cool cabinets at Michaels and prim'ed 'em up.Maybe one a ya'll read that post on her blog. Well I commented on her blog and I just hadta go get one !

This is what they look like.

Here's the inside. These are 34.99 but..........bein' a bargain hunter that I am lol I had a 50% off coupon. And to top it off this one was missing 2 screws (kinda like its new owner !)

See not a big deal really, but the girl who got it down for me said lemme' see if my manager (who was helpin' in framin') might be able to get you 2 screws and drill some holes in it. Well, he says, you can get screws anywhere cheaply and I don't really have time to drill holes...you can just get some wood screws and do it yourself. I was like well o.k. but maybe I will just wait till ya get some more in that don't have anything wrong with 'em ( i know it was an easy fix but darn it I didn't wanna hafta' go screw huntin' really lol) So anyway when I said that, he said... well you have a 50% off coupon use that and I will give you another 15% off !!!! How could I refuse then ?!?!? so 34.99 @ 65% off woooot woooot happy shoppin' dance lol. Hubby has it fixed now too ! Yipppeeee now all I gotta do is get it painted.

I hit the jackpot on patterns at the TS too most were .30 cents none over $1.00 Here's a few pics of 'em (not all I got)

Now I've never did cross stitch....but I'd love ta' learn ! Thought this was cute and .10 cents I couldn't pass it up.

This needlework book has some beautiful patterns in it and it was only .30 cents

This pattern will look cute done in a primitive style and again only a whoppin' .30 cents

This Santa will be cute all primstyle too ! .25 cents !

.60 cent stencils. These have some really neat lookin' designs and the alphabet. Never even been used ! I got a bunch more patterns but I won't bore ya with pics of 'em all ;0)

Loved loved loved these. Actually my future daughter in law pointed 'em out to me and I was like ohhhh paint n prim 'em up they'd look good on my entertainment center. $5.00 set. They are wood too not paper mache.

Here's what the inside looks like. Should I just paint the outside ? Or leave 'em totaly alone ? One is a buttermilk color and the other a beige.

This is a lil ol' snowman poke I'm workin' on. He is made outta' air dry clay. Hope to finish him up this week. I may end up makin' him a full bodied snowman not sure yet.

He begged me to show you his side profile ! (said his right was his best side !) hehehe

Made these Elf shoes last night. I still gotta put on bells and the cuff. These were made usin' a pattern from Chestnut Junction. I tried drawin' up my own but I just wasn't gettin' it right....grrrrr Now my FDIL that girl coulda' drew 'em up for me like it wasn't nuttin' but she wasn't here =( and I'm impatient as all get out sometimes lol. But I do love Chestnut Junctions patterns and they are really reasonably priced too. I found her patterns the other night on pattern mart. Check 'em out if your lookin' for some new patterns.

O.k. I gotta show ya'll a few more pics (sorry this post is a lil on the pic heavy side !)

These cute lil' ol' baskets are at Michaels in their dollar section. I think a punch needle or cross stitch design on top of the lid would just be sooooo stinkin' pea pickin' cute !!! (now if I can just teach myself to do one or the other ! lol)

Ya'll member in a few posts back when I told ya's that a new prim shop opened that's on my way home? Well I have become a regular in there ! lol I swear I stop 2 to 3 times a week just ta' check out all the goodies. They also have other booths there now too ! Ohhhh it's just like a tiny lil ol' flea market in there. Well I stopped tonight and I've eyed that scoop up there in the pic since I first went in. Well tonight they had it marked down to $8.00 bucks and it had the cutest tart included with it ! (forgot to get a pic of it =(
It has crows and a star molded in it and it says Crows gather here. When I seen the price drop and that they added the tart I just hadta' get it ! I also got to talkin' to one of the ladies that run it and.............she said she wants me to bring some of my handmades in and she may be interested in sellin' 'em for me on consignment !!!!!!!! I was soooooooooooo excited ! This may be a good step for me to take. I've always wanted to be able to offer my handmades but just don't know where to start, so maybe this will be an openin' for me. I've considered tryin' a sellin' blog and who knows maybe in the near future I won't be soooo afraid ta' give it a try. Wow I really rambled there huh! Ok I'm gonna close with one final find from the TS

I shoulda' got a closer up pic. Maybe next time I will.
I just love old pictures. They hadda' ton of 'em there for anywhere between .50 cents and 2.50 Wish I woulda had more $$$ I probably woulda bought 'em all !
Well that's it for the night my Prim Friends.
Hope I did pic overload ya's lol.
Have a Happy hump day !
Till next time
Prim Huggs n Blessins


Janene said...

A blog can NEVER have too many pictures!
Especially one with so many goodies!
I believe that you should sand and stain those shaker boxes...they would look tremendous!
I also believe that you creations will sell like hot cakes at the prim shop...I say "You Go Girl!"

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there, I choose "C" for my prize...I hope I picked right..but whatever the case..I won!!! yippee skippy..please email me for my address..ginacoop@hotmail.com
thanks again..I can't wait to see what I won...great deal on that shelf..yeah my joanns always burn a hole in my pocket..;)

I Play Outside The Box said...

What a great deal on the cabinet...I would have snatched it up in a heart beat too. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Those elf boots are darling too...you shouldn't have any problem selling your goodies! Good for you!

Cinnamon Berry Lane Primitives said...

Wow! you had a great day with good buys, don't you just love bargains :)can't wait to see what you do with the boxes. Thanks for sharing with us Blessings, Leah

Staci said...

How stinkin adorable are those elf shoes!

I think they would be super cute peeking out from underneath some curtains or a door making it look like you have an elf hiding in the house.

I may have to try and make a pattern - too cute.

Willow said...

Great idea on the peekin' out ! I may have to make a set to keep myself !