Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Late~ I'm Late~ For A Very Important Date !!!!!!!.........the winner is........

Now ya'll didn't really think I'd tell ya' right off the bat who won now did ya ? lol .......First I have to apologize for bein' late !!!! Then I have to thank everyone for entering and playin' along with the scavenger hunt, the word game, postin' the giveaway on your blog and well Thanks For Making This ONE FUN giveaway !!!!! I honestly love doing them and like many who have done giveaways before me.....I truly wish I could give EACH and EVERYONE one of ya'll a lil somethin' ! Now when I hit the powerball we'll take that up lol. I ended up with 157 entries. Now that included everyone's original entry, entries for postin' on your blog and then the scavenger hunt, the word game and last night's lucky 7 who commented also got another entry. Giving us the grand total of 157. I used to pick....and Jess says to tell ya'll NEXT time he gets to pick cause........well he just wants to draw a name outta' the bucket lol. We'll see ;0} O.k anyway........The winner of my Blogaversary peekin' at the name yet ! we gotta drum roll first !!!!!!
drum rolllllllllllllllll
bam bam bam bam bam bam
now the cymbal part lol ting ting ting ting
almost there......
Congrats # 26 Wooooot Wooooot Way To Goooooo
Your the winner !!!!!! Aren't you excited ???? Come on jump for joy......yipppppeeeeeee ......Oh wait #26 you don't know who you are yet do ya ? {wink} sorry I got excited hehehe
#26 is

Debbie from Goat Creek !!!!! O.k. now we can happy dance !!!!
Congrats Debbie =0} Email me your addy so I can get your goodies out to ya'. I hope you enjoy them. Now there are a couple suprises in there that I didn't take pics of ;0} So you have a few surprises ;0}

And since it's my blogavesary we ( me and Kenzie my daughter) decided what the heck lets do one more 2nd place winner.....
So we did and that winner is # 118 Wooooot Wooooot Congrats 118 way to goooooo yippeeeeee......come on get excited !!!

Oh wait I did it again huh ? lol o.k o.k. # 118 is......

Pam from Prim In A Small Town.....Woooot Wooooot Congrats Pam !!!! Send me your addy and I'll get this out to ya asap. Happy Dance !!!!! Now your goodies will be a total surprise and I hope you enjoy them =0}

I will be doing another giveaway next month to celebrate my B~day  March 7th so be watchin' for that one. I will probably start it early so I can do all the fun extra entry games cause ya'll know I love doing that and I hope ya'll enjoy 'em too !
Now I need to hurry and get this posted but I gotta show my wip from today......This is why I'm a lil late getting this post up. I was on a roll gettin' things finished up today and lost track of time.
Anyway here is a few pics of "Hetty" that's what I'm callin' her. She is a pattern by Jackie Schmidt of TFC Folk art called Hannah.

Ignore my mess in the background lol......This is Hettie trying on her new dress and pre painting her body....

Here she is after paintin', bakin' and trying on her Bonnet.
Not sure if I wanna do a face on her ? What do ya'll think ? I'd love to hear what your ideas  =0}
I'll probably add her to my side bar for sale after she is all done up. IF I can bear to part with her lol. I gotta work on that !!!!!

I also gotta work on this.........

Look at that mess !!!!! Do ya'll do that when ya' get ta' craftin' ???
Heck it's like I gotta pull everything out ! Don't know why I do that lol. I even whack my head on the doors cause I forget to close 'em....just like in the pic lol. Everything has a place so IF I'd train myself to put it back when finished well......maybe I wouldn't have such a mess huh ! Look at the next one lol.....

Ahhhhh I feel better....I've come clean with my BAD habit !!!!! lol
I have to take the lamp shade off for better lighting cause my eyes aint what they used to be.....aint what they used to be......many longgggg years agooooooo ! O.k. girlies and (fella's if your readin')
I best get movin' I got stuff to finish and a lil pickin' up to do. I'm off work tomorrow so I better not tidy up to good cause I'll just be draggin' it all out again ! Till next time my Prim Friends......
Huggs n Blessins...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

~Hurry~Hurry~ Hurry~ There's Still Time~Eve Of The Blogavesary Drawing~

Hi Ya'll
 Hope this post finds ya' in GREAT spirits =0}
Just wanted to letcha' all know that IF you haven't signed up for my giveaway yet......there is still time ! If you haven't submitted your wooden mustard item yet......well you can still do that too....And if you haven't sent in your words list (see post below) well......yepp you still have time to do that too ;0} Girlies I gotta tell ya' ya'll REALLY put on your thinkin' caps for the words ! I was like a proud mama opening up all your emails and readin' your lists ! You know how ya feel when your lil' one comes home with their A+ on their weekly spellin' test lol. Wooooot Woooooot pats on the back for ya'll ! I won't mention names BUT one of ya'll sent in 43 words !!!!! And yepp everyones words were accepted. I'll tell ya' all tomorrow after the drawing how many word possibilities their are. I'm gettin' excited to see who wins !!!! I will announce the winner around 5:00 or so. If I can wait that long lol.

Speaking of giveaways........I wanted to share with ya'll my awesome patterns I chose in Carmens giveaway over at
If you've not visited Carmen's site you really need to check it out. Girlies she has some of the most adorable patterns ever ! And she just added new ones to her pattern site (link~>)
Little Country Blessings  Lemme' tell ya'll I had a hard time pickin' which ones I wanted. I finally had to get my daughter to help me pick. The boys weren't too excited about the notion of helpin' lil ol' Mom pick out patterns the lil whipper snappers. Anyway I best just get ta' showin' ya the pics of the patterns ....cause I do tend to get a lil typewinded ;0}

Can't wait to make this one.

This is gonna be fun to make for Halloween.Awesome pattern !

I want to start this one like NOW lol

 You can never have enough Santa patterns and this one is one of my top favs.
My pics just don't do justice to show off Carmen's primtastic patterns. Love love love 'em !!!!
Well I'm off to try and finish up some projects. I'm kinda pooped from work today. It was busy busy busy. So busy there wasn't even time for me to take a lunch break or any kind of break. Which is good cause we need all the business we can get ! And it sure makes the day go by faster, but takes a toll on the poor ol' feet and back and hips and .......well you get the picture lol.
O.k. tell ya'll what for those of ya' that's read my ramblins this far lol.....The first 7 ( I love the #7) people to comment on THIS post will get an extra entry......So get ta' postin' !!!!!! Come on what are ya' waitin' for ?????  Speed type ;0}
Till next time my Prim Friends.......
Huggs n Blessins

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1yr Blogaversary Giveaway Reminder~Ramblins & What I've Been Workin' On

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits.

If you haven't signed up for the 1 yr Blogaversary Giveaway yet be sure and click the link ~~~> Blogaversary Giveaway to sign up for it. Winner will be drawn this Sunday afternoon. I have another item added but forgot to get a picture of it...shucks. Well maybe we'll just leave it a suprise for whoever wins ;0) I have everyones names written down, and I assigned numbers to your entries for the original giveaway post. For those of you who sent in the mustard wood item pics I also assigned a number in the order I recieved them. I am using a number generator for this giveaway. I am going to give everyone another chance to get a few more entries. So if you missed the last get another try =0)
This time take the word Primitive and see how many words you can make out of it. For every 10 words (must be at least a 2 letter word and up) you can come up with I will give you an extra entry. So if you find 30 words that's 3 more chances. Wooot Wooot
And believe me there are a lot of word possibilities there lol.
For this chance at extra entries email me your list of words to

Also let me know in your comments to this post you are playin' along so I know to be on the lookout for your email. Sometimes I forget to check my spam folder for awhile and some emails I get from Prim Pals end up there =0(
Ohhhh and do ya'll like doin' things like this for extra chances to enter giveaways ? Just wanted a lil feedback for future ones. I really love to share my love of prim things with ya'll and trully enjoy doin' giveaways. I wish I could give every one of ya'll a lil somethin' !

This is one of the things I've been workin' on gettin' together.
I bought one just like this at an antique store last year. It recently got knocked off and broke a piece of it. =( (concrete subfloors stink !) So we used the unbroken pieces to draw up a pattern to make a new piece to fix it. Well hubbs cut it out for me and I did the prim'n. I saved the pattern as a pdf file and thought about sharin' it with ya'll that like to do your own "do it yourself " woodworkin' projects.
Then I wondered would that be o.k. to do ?
Seein' how it's not my pattern, I have no clue who made it, how old it is for sure and I didn't wanna do somethin' I shouldn't sooooo
I'd love your input on this. What do ya'll think about it ?
O.k. now on to the project......

The Base .... Now after I paint it I go back and go to town with sandpaper. Really get in there and sand ;0) I make sure and get edges really good and any other areas that should look (or you want to look) like they are worn with time.

 Back panel

one of the side pieces

Putting on the stain. I used..... ok my CRADT kicked in....oh wait I have a pic of it lol.....
(cradt = can't remember a darn thing ;0)

That poor label has seen it's better days ! It's folkart walnut stain.
The longer you leave it on the darker your results. You can test it out on a scrap piece beforehand to get an idea how light or dark you really want it to look. Play around with it.

Wiping off the stain. I left mine on for a few minutes and then wiped it off. I didn't think it was dark enough so I did it again. You can use an old rag or sometimes I use paper towel or even coffee filters. I love seeing the results after this stage.

I think it turned out pretty darn good don't you ?

Pic below is it all put together......
And ya can't even tell where the new section is ! Wooot Wooot Good cuttin' there Hubbs ;0) and yepp sometimes Hubbs does read my blog. So my racing heart post I probably woulda' eventually been caught bloggin' and NOT removin' the stuff from my wall that was to be painted lol. Speakin' of.....Hubbs got the light rewired so all I need to do is paint and stain it and it'll be ready to go up ! Yeahhhh.

Hope you enjoyed seein' what I've been up to. Will share living room pics maybe next post. We got that...well I got it all painted lol. More on that later ;0}

Oh and be sure and check out this awesome giveaway as well.....

 It's being hosted by Shabby Kat
Her Prim goodies look soooo divine !!!!
I have to be at work at 11:15 and it's 10:30 now so I guess I better get a move on. Hope your day is off to a wonderful start !
Till next time Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be Still not just my beating BUT racing heart !!!!!!!

O.k. I'm sneakin' in a quick post shhhh.... hubs is in the bathroom with a wood working magazine so he should be a bit hehehe...
We're supposed to be finishing up paintin' the walls in the living room. But I can't wait till later to show ya'll somethin'.
We made a quick trip into town to do a few quick errands. He needed a usb keyboard to fix his Mom's computer so we stopped by Goodwill to look for one. Jackpot he found one for $1.99. Well today was also a "Jackpot" for me too !!!! We were walking past the lamps section and I was saying to the Hubs how you gals found the most awesome chandeliers and redid 'em. I glanced over and Ohhhhh what to my wondering eyes did I see ???? Yahooooooo
be still my "RACING" heart and shaky hands to boot lol. I said Honey looooooook really loudly. A couple of people turned around to see what the commotion was all about lol. Hubs says shhhhh... Well ya'll know how it is when ya' find a deal or somethin' your lil ol' pea pickin' heart desires ! It's hard ta' shhhhhhh..... Darn It
Well before I show ya pics I gotta shout out a thank you to Janene over at Primitive Lifestyle (click on her blog name to see her chandelier) she is the Queen of redo's and the reason I look at things with a different eye at the TS's..... And then Lisa at
 Prims From Above ( <~~ link to check out her chandelier redo) and also Mary from Gettysburg Homestead ( <~~link for her chandelier redo too ) Thanks girlies for your inspiration !

O.k. now the pics.....

Sorry for the blurry pic...I was in a hurry lol
It was only $3.99 !!!! Yipppeeeee

The bulb holders are really rusty....But I like 'em so probably not gonna redo them. What do ya'll think ? Leave 'em or ????

See that wall back there ? That's the one I'm supposed to be removing stuff from....not bloggin' shhhhhh.....
I found some more really good stuff I will share later. Maybe after I get the L.R. repainted and everything rehung. Maybe I'll post pics of my L.R. too =0) Ohhhhh shoot I wasn't listening for the flush of the potty !!!! Busted !!!! Drats......."o.k. Honey yes I know I was sposed ta' be taking stuff down off the wall"..... "Yes....Yes.... I'm gettin' up. Lemme' tell by Prim Friends bye" ;0)
Hope your weekend is off to a GREAT start ya'll
Till Next ( "I'm coming Honey 1 sec." ) Time Ya'll
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...It's Been Such A Dreary Day......

So...... let's open this post with a lil Sunset

I love how this pic of the sun setting turned out. Almost makes the tree line up on the hill look like it's on fire. Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !!! It has been a rainy day here. Had some freezing rain earlier today. The tree limbs at work had a coating of ice on 'em and when I went to do the deposit my van had ice on it too. The roads were o.k. though, Thank God ! I don't like driving on stuff like that.

I thought I'd share a few things I "Finally" got sewed up thanks to the inspirational post from Willa at The Old Cupboard Door titled "Finish It". Sometimes my motivation takes a vacation and leaves me behind I tell ya' ! Oh and I got pics of some of my finds from Goodwill and a few other TS's here in town to share also. I had a GREAT lunch with my Papa. Although I ate a lil tooooo much. Pop is 76 and I treasure any time we get to spend together.

A few posts back I showed a doll that I had traced and ready to cut out and sew. Well I didn't touch it again till yesterday. Got it sewed and stuffed put not finished yet. Still need to paint it, put the .....oh heck I'll just show ya'll how far I got lol

It's a start ;0) Hope to finish her up this weekend. It's my weekend off yahooooooo !!!!! I think I'll put up a sign on the door.......
DO NOT DISTURB Crafting in Progress ! hehehehe
The doll is a pattern by Jackie Schmidt of TFC Folkart.
Love her patterns.

Now this is one that I got painted up. Still need to make her clothes and.......ya' ya' I know I'll just show ya'll lol ;0)

This is a pattern called Millie and Moe by Olde Rustic Prims.
I just love her patterns too. My kids have aptly named this the E.T. doll ?!?!? lol I love the shape of her lil head ! And the kitty is just darn cuttteeeee. I love the way he turned out. I made his arms moveable. See here he is waving Hi atcha' all

Hope to get 'em all finished up this weekend. "IF" all goes as planned ! Ya'll know how that can be. You start out with good intentions but it don't always happen. Hmmmm that sign on the door is really beginning to sound better and better........

O.k. now onto the Thrift store finds.....
We have 2 goodwills here and 3 other thrifts plus the Habitat store. Pops and I hit the 2 goodwills and 1 other thrift before he tuckered out on me and we called it a day. Found some pretty good stuff.

I was really excited to see this ! Not often does Prim things show up at our Thrifts. I've seen these at some of the festivals I've been to but, I didn't want to pay what they were asking. Goodwill price
.99 cents wooot woooot. Some of the finish is peeling from where they burnt a candle in it so I will probably spray it flat black once the weather permits.

See that black O ? I noticed black permanent numbers on almost everything at Goodwill this visit. I was like......hmmmm wonder why they are doing that ? Soooooo I just hadta' ask. The worker there said they were having problems with people changing the stickers. If they thought the price was high they apparently took a cheaper price sticker and put it on it. Huh ???? Okayyyy now why in the world would ya do that ? Just pay the price if ya want it for goodness sakes.The money goes for a good cause ! Now I'll agree sometimes the prices are a lil on the pricey side on some things...but I just don't buy 'em. I hate having the black marks on the stuff you buy, but I understand why they hafta' do it.

O.k. sorry about the lil rant there =0)
Back to the finds......

Wish my camera would've gotten a better picture. But found this cute lil sign at Goodwill too. Think I'll hang it on a peg rack.

Love finding cheese boxes. This one has some wording burnt in the lid  so I think I might try wood fill to fill it in. Any ideas out there how to do it another way ? or ya think wood fill will work ? I've never tried to fill in burnt markings before.

Found this bolt of creme colored fabric at a thrift store called The Opportunity House. They fund lots of things for needy children. Can't believe no one had bought it ! They put dates on their items and this had been there since 12/ did I miss it before ??? hmmm anyway the fabric was half off to boot so I got it for $ 3.00
 Happy thriftin' dance.

This is another find that had me doin' the happy thriftin' dance !
A prim home can NEVER have enough candle holders nor candles even lol. I will probably spray it too 'cause you can see where they burnt candles in it as well. This one was only a $1.99 loveee it ;0)

Wow didn't realize it's almost 1 a.m. yikkesss I better hurry ! Gotta work tomm. but not until 11 wheww thank goodness it's not a get up at 5 a.m. morning....Guess I'll share the rest later cause I was tagged by......Carey at American Girl Primitives n Such =) Thanks Carey....

So here we go..... 5 questions....5 answers
Question # 1. Where were you 10 years ago?
1. Stanford, Indiana
2. we had just bought our first home.
3. I wasn't working at the time because I had just had a hysterectomy because of fibroid tumors and some other health issues.
4.Trying to heal and get better so I could get out and get a job to help with our finances
5.started babysitting after I healed and was able to get around.

Question # 2 What's on your To Do List today?
1. well I hope sleep is on it lol as I better try and get a lil shut eye soon ! lol
2. get up get a shower and go to work.
3.paperwork at work =0( why do I have paperwork on Thursday ? Because.....I procrastinated. Thursday is usually an easy going have fun day......but only when you don't put off tomm. what you could have gotten done today ! which would have been Tuesday lol.
Hope I did loose ya'll there lol....I think my sleep meds may be kicking in a bit. So if I sound goofier just ignore it and skip to the next line lolol. **Note to self again ** Don't blog if you have taken sleepy meds !!! It's a no no. Normally the sleepy meds don't work well. Now I know how to get 'em to work....pretend Im blogging lol
ohhhh ok back to the tagged sorry........
(side tracked)

4. ok back to my list for shop after work
5.probably stop by Goodwill on the way home after work and groceries.
Question # 3 What snacks do you enjoy?

1. cherry sours mmmm
2.peanut butter and jelly ...still a kid at heart
3. chips n salsa
4. carrot sticks with ranch dip
5. In case your wonder why has she NOT put chocolate yet ????
Well I'm allergic to chocolate =( and it stinks !!!!! So I guess my 5th would hafta be fruit of any type. I love friut.

Question # 4 What are 5 places you have lived?

1. Indiana
3. Different county in Indiana
5. Yepp you know it its

Question # 5 Name 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire

1. I would have my mothers and fathers headstone done better
2. I would help out family members and strangers too
3.Donate money to a worthy charity
4. Build a crafters dream building lol
5.Build a home for us so that if a family member becomes homeless we would have room to take them in.

Now with the way my lil ol' sleepy head barely got that done....Instead of me picking 5 people I'd like for 5 of ya to volunteer in the comments section.

the first 5 who does this tag on their blog can get an extra entry
PLEASE leave a comment if that's what your doing so that I can make sure to count your xtra entry

Will post more tomm. when my heads a lil clearer.
Till next time my Prim Friends
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Monday, January 18, 2010

OHHHH My I Won ?!?!?!

Good Mornin' Ya'll
Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !

Holy Moly ya'll I won a giveaway !!!!!!! I can't believe it woot woot. I never win things. I was sooooo darn tootin' excited !
Carmen at Olde Farm House Road was having a wonderful giveaway for 4 of her awesome patterns (your choice) and boy did I have a hard time choosing. If you've never checked out Carmens blog be sure to.Just click on the link above and it will take ya' right on over. I was up till after 2 a.m. this morn (darn sleeping problem!) so I went over to Carmen's blog to see who the winner was and could barely believe what I was reading lol. I had to read it a few times to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me ! Thanks Carmen for having such an awesome giveaway !

I also have to shout out a "Thank you" to ya'll that played along with the scavenger hunt ! Wow did ya's ever send some nice pictures and links of items that made me just drool ! Thanks to ya'll I also now have some great places on~line to shop from. After my wallet recuperates from Christmas spending of course ! ( see honey I'm watchin' the spending ;0)

I will be addin' another item to the blogaversary giveaway sometime this week. And ya'll will have another chance to get in an extra entry. I just can't say enough how much I love blogging. It's almost addicting !!!! Well o.k. it is addicting lol. There I said it.......My name is TJ and I am addicted to blogging !!!! Shoot I check my fav blogs before I even have my first cup of coffee. You meet some of the nicest, kindest, cry with you, laugh with you, pray with you, willing to share tips gals ( and fella's in case your readin') in the blogging world. Thanks ya'll for sharing bit's of yourselves with us.

Oh my I almost forgot to add......Jess's 17th Birthday was Friday the 15th. I can't believe my baby is 17 !!!! Wow talk about making ya' feel a lil older lol. He is doing great. No problems from his fainting/passing out episode. Headches have completely went away and his arm is much better too ! I am so thankful that everything is a o.k. with him. I know the power of prayer helped see us through it

I'm off to work for monthly inventory =0( And then out ta' lunch with my Papa and might try and squeeze in a few TS stops.
Till next time my Prim Friends
Huggs n Blessins

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giveaway Updates*~*~*Sun Set Pics*~*Chance to earn xtra entry too

Hi ya'll Hope this post finds ya in GREAT spirits and that ya'lls week is off to a wonderful start =) lol I was tempted to put ~~ off to a rockin' start !!! So ya that too lol
Thank's to the few who have entered the giveaway so far ! Not many yet so ya'lls chances are pretty good !!! There are lotsa GREAT giveaways out there right now. Most celebrating blogaversaries. Must be something about January being a good month to start a blog. A great way to stay in stay warm,create,share and meet lovely gals !

On to the newest item for the giveaway.....
This brand new lovely black long french wall basket.
It is black with splashes of brown. Would look wonderful hanging from a peg rack or a wall. Without further ado.....
Here is the next item added to the giveaway !

This long John basket as they are also called is 20 inches long to the handle. Would look good filled with sweet annie.

Sorry this pic wasn't staged better =( But it's almost midnight here and 6 a.m. is gonna be here soon yikkkesss lol.
You get everything in the pic above....The lil prim bag,the plate with a saying, the plate holder,the lil snowman shovel and tonights new item the Long John basket. Wood Box NOT included.Now girlies n guys (better include them whooo hooo fella's we included ya ;0) There will be more items added still ! To get an extra entry for this post. Ya'll are gonna do a scavenger hunt. I want you to look for something old, painted mustard and it must be wooden.Can be from your fav stores you like to shop at.....from a decor book....  NO glassware,stoneware,etc wooden only.... AND It must be a primitive item. Email me the picture and website that you found it on and get 2 more entries for Jan. 31st drawing...You can click over there on the right hand side to email me or just copy this.....

Annnnnndddd commenting on this post will getcha' another entry ;0) So thats a total of 3 more chances !!!!
 If you havent commented on the original Giveaway Post (down there Sunday Jan. 10th)please do so BEFORE doing the scavenger hunt.
Remember this is open to everyone.....everywhere....
You must be a follower of my blog
and the rest of the important info is in the post for Sunday January the 10th. Please be sure and read. Thanks Girlies and ohhhhh ya fella's too ;0)

I've got to share my most fav farm that is in my neck a the woods. This is by far one I loveeeeeeee to drive by and I'm gonna show ya'll why.....

This is the front view looking to the right as you drive by. I love that huggggeeee cross in their yard. Actually many years ago there was a group of what I would call "athiest's" that tried to get the county to make them remove this cross from their land !!!!
But ya'll see who won ? Jesus and the land owner. And after that they started puttin' messages on the barn. They change 'em out every so often. I took my cam today so I could get a few pics to share with ya's soooooo here ya go.....

Beautiful Barn !!!!
See the cross above the door ? You may be able to see it better in the next pic.

Not much better....=(

There we go !!! Much better
Now on the barn door is where they put messages....

Closer up pic.....

I love to drive by to read the new messages they put up. It's really uplifting.

Well my week has consisted of........a heart,fabric and potatos lol I hafta' show ya this heart isn't a fabric heart......Yepp you guessed it it's a potato heart lol. Fred my DH was cookin' fried potatos and brought me my plate cause I was tuckered out from work and lo and behold I had this on my plate awwwwww

So I yelled Ohhhhhh Honeyyyyyyy come look at this tater lol
He said awwww see I do love lets put that puppy on Ebay and sell it lmbo !!!!! He had no idea one came out lookin like a heart......

I also FINALLY got some motivation and hoped to get this sewed up tonight but the in laws decided to come out unnanounced....which was o.k. but I had my heart set on sewing....Maybe tomorrow if all goes well. But see it's all cut out ready to go !!!! Yipppppeeeee

Opppps it's almost 1 a.m. geeeesssh time gets away from me tooooooooooo easy !! Least I don't hafta' be at work till 8 tomm. whewwww. Will share the sunset pics tomm. since it's sooo darn late sorry girlies =( Till next time My Prim Friends
Huggs n Blessins