Thursday, January 7, 2010

Got Good News !!!! ~ Sharing My Craftin' Space & Ramblins As Well =)

Hi ya'll hope this post finds ya in GREAT spirits!
Well I must start this post off with the bestest news!!!!!!
We finally got into the Dr. with Jess. Before we even went Jess was feeling a lot better. Outside of some arm and a little head pain once in awhile.Nothing as bad as it had been. The Dr. believes the reason his arm is troubling him is due to bruising beneath the muscle which makes sense. Our floor is laminate flooring laid over a concrete slab. So when he fell he hit a concrete sub floor pretty hard. She also thinks that he more than likely had a concussion and that was what caused the headaches and blurred vision along with being dehydrated. Again hitting his head on the hard floor I'm sure it probably did cause some of his headaches. As to why the episode happened in the first place.....she said that fainting can be caused by many reasons. She did agree with the ER Dr. that it was probably caused by the dehydration. I still wish they would let us get an mri but since Jess says he feels much better and the Dr. sees no reason for further testing now......I will just continue to pray for continued good health. Thank you all soooooooo much for your prayers. It really meant the world to our whole family.

Over the weekend we had our god babies again. I just love it when they come for the weekend. We had temporary custody of Stephanie for almost a whole year so she loves to come out and stay. I call her my lil crafter. Hubbs and I cut some plywood and began building a saltbox house. It stands 4 foot tall and is almost a foot wide. We still hafta' cut out the windows and door and a circle in the back to put in a light. Hoping to get it finished up this
weekend. Here's a few pics of it.

Not too bad for our first attempt. Can't wait to get it done!

We also made another shelf to put above the door in our living room. Ohhhh and I got one wall in there painted before I tuckered out.So adding that to my to do list for the weekend. I think my honey do list is a lil longer than my honeys to do list! Hmmm wonder how that happened lol.
Here's a pic of my newest shelf.

 Steph took the scraps from the plywood we cut for the saltbox house and put her imagination to use. Look what she made!

She had to have a lil help starting the nails but then she hammered away the rest of it by herself. I said ohhhh Steph your bird house is beautiful.....and she says it's not a house it's a Bird Motel Don't you see there's 3 windows lol....She even took a scrap of wood and used wood glue to make a stand on the back so it will stand upright by itself. I forgot to get a pic of the back darn! Not a bad job for a 9 year old. Then she wanted to paper craft so we got some of the paper craftin' stuff out and this is what she cane up with. The 2nd pic brought tears to my eyes,,,,,

If you click the pic it should open bigger if you can't read it.......
Now that I have my craft space, the kids can really have some fun creating stuff!!!! It took several days of sortin' and organizin' storage bins. I didn't think I was ever going to get it all done ! With a little hard work and breakin' a sweat a few times.......I finally got it all done. Whewwww .....Soooooooo without further ado here are a few pics of my craftin' space.......

The white shelf at the end of the table I got for free from work.The branch manager had 6 of them that were going to be thrown away so I took 2 of them.They work perfect at each end of the countertop. I need to find another sign like the Dream Sign to hang on the other door to balance it out. The great thing about having my space here is I can look to the right and there is the living room. I can watch t.v. while craftin' or talk with the family. If I look to the left there is the dinning room. I can talk with Jess when he's doin' homework. I can also let the god babies craft on the table and be right by them craftin' too. I really need to organize the countertop area a little better. I have a lil tooooooo much stuff in the way! I ran outta space to store my fabrics so I hafta' keep some of 'em in storage bins. The table in pics 1 and 4 is the table I use when I sew. Now that I'm organized I can get back ta' sewin' !!! Yeahhhhhh

We have 2 and a half inches of snow so far this mornin'. Supposed to get up to 4 more inches by tonight. I'm excited !!! Can't wait to have some time to go out and play with Daisy in it. She lovessss the snow. I hafta' head to work at 11:00 =( Was going to take a personal day if we had more snow but we don't have much yet. So I am gonna save my personal time for another day. Hope to have some things made to share with ya'll soon. I'm off this weekend and I plan on makin' it a craftin' weekend !!!! Woooot Woooot
Well I need to go blog visitin' before I hafta' get ready for work soooooo I better close. Hope ya'll are havin' a wonderful day. Stay warm and be safe. Till next time my Prim Friends......
Hugggs n Blessins

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I almost forgot !!!! My 1 year blogaversary is tomorrow ! Be on the lookout for a giveaway coming soon to celebrate !!!!! Cannot believe it's been a year. I was nervous at first about startin' a blog. Thinkin' what can I say or share ? But takin' the plunge was well worth it! I have met some wonderful people that I feel I can call friends.Blogging is sooooo much fun. I can't imagine not doing it.Anyhoo I will be puttin' together a giveaway soon....Stay tuned =)


basketsnprims said...

Wow, your crafting area is awesome! I love it. Steph's bird "motel" is great. That creativity must run in the family. Have a great day at work.

At Home With Amy said...

Boy what you will be able to create in that craft area. I'm so jealous. Glad Jess is doing better. Soon his issues will be a thing of the past and he will be back to his old self again. Fabulous job on your saltbox house and shelf. Steph did a great job on her motel as well.
Enjoy the snow!

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Glad to hear the news is good for Jess. That must be a relief. Your craft area looks great.....I need to find a way to organize my stencils.....I have a huge inventory. Love Steph's motel!

DarKilp said... glad to here everything is good with the hubby!!
Loved reading your much info. Love your saltbox house....can't wait to see it all finished. Your new shelf is oh so prim!!
What fun you and Steph had....I'm sure the both of you enjoyed every minute of it.
Jus' wanted to let ya know I'm addin' u to my fav. blog sites on my blog. Loved readin' and lookin' through all of your post!!
Have a Wonderful Prim day!!!

Christine said...

Glad to hear Jess is so much improved!
Oh I can't wait to see the finished saltbox - it looks amazing already!
Great that your blogging again as I'm glad to get to know you better.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your the stuff you have made/making..and your granddaughter is a crafter in the makings.hope you have a wonderful day..:)

Carmen C. said...

So glad to hear the news about your son that it wasn't anything more serious! I love that bird motel and can't wait to see how the salt box house turns out, I may end up making me one, they are so pricey to buy! Congrats on the one year anniversary, mine is coming up this month too, how the time flies!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Yippee, Yahoo on the good report for Jess!!! What a relief.

Tell Steph her bird motel is awesome.

Your craft room...Wow! So organized. Can you come to my house and do that?

Happy Blogverisary.


Behind My Picket Fence said...

I can't wait to see your saltbox house. I know it will be very cool. And your craft room, all I can say is WOW!!! You HAVE to be creative in there I think. Happy blogaversary!

Janet - underthewillow said...

So glad to hear Jess is doing oldest son has fainted a couple of times....once in 5th grade during class and at that time he had a CT Scan and all sorts of bloodwork done and nothing was found so it remained a mystery....the 2nd time he fainted was just after a blood test during a checkup and was mostly likely do to the blood they just took! I don't have much luck with doctors, they can't ever seem to find what's wrong!

Your crafting space looks like alotta fun and the shelf above the door looks great!


mornings322 said...

What a great blog! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a reader of my blog. Sometimes I just don't have a thing to say but there are times I have a few. I'm trying to get my crafting juices flowing again. I have been in a terrible rut.
Love the bird hotel and I'm sure the saltbox is great too. What a great crafting space you have. Plenty of room for great projects.

Take care and keep warm


Angie Berry said...

First of all, I am thankful you were able to find out what is wrong with Jess. It does make sense. Either way, I'm so glad he is doing better. There is much power in prayer!!

Wow! I can't believe I totally skipped over this post! I think I was so excited about your give-away that I forgot to check out your craft room re-do. I've been anxiously awaiting your pictures because that is what I am currently working on. I am moving my craft area to a different room in my house. As I'm moving, I'm going to purge and organize. So I'm afraid mine is going to take longer than a few days! =[ I want to be crafting!! I love your new space!! It is awesome! Isn't it wonderful to have it all out where you can see it?

Love the big saltbox house-- can't wait to see the finished pics! =]