Friday, December 11, 2009

Ginger Bread Men And A Thank You To Ya'll

I wanna start off with a BIG Thanks to ya'll for your inspiring posts, your lovely eye candy showin' your warm and invitin' Christmasy decorated homes and seein' and readin' those posts has sure helped keep my Christmas Spirit on high ! I look at all the wonderful primtastic Christmas decor and it makes me feel all warm and cozy. I just love how the prim look makes your home seem so magical,invitin' and down to earth for the holidays. I'm not sayin' that glamour and glitz is a bad thing, but for me.......I'd take prim any ol' day. I wanna say a thank you to Lisa of for postin' the recipe for gingerbread men ornie's. Lisa's blog is full of inspiration and eye candy be sure and check her blog out and here is the link for the post that has the gingerbread men recipe .......Gingerbread Men ~ Christmas Star Recipe

So after readin' this recipe awhile back I decided to give it a try. Boy I tell ya' these smell sooooo darn good when bakin'. My youngest son smelled 'em all the way up in his room. He came into the kitchen sayin' Mom those cookies smell yummy when do we get ta' eat 'em. I had to bust his bubble by tellin' him sorry son they aren't edible lol.

Willa from The Old Cupboard Door shared this recipe
(click link for recipe ~~>)Kens Famous Gingersnap Cookies Lemme' tell ya these cookies are wonderful ! My son (bless his heart) didn't even come to ask for any this time lol I went up to his room and asked if he wanted some cookies....he said I smelled 'em cookin' but I thought you were makin' those non edible ones again ! Sure made his night. Thanks for sharin' Willa = )
Soooooo without further ado...... here is the gingerbread man tree I made usin' the recipe from Lisa's blog.

Sure wish I could understand my camera a lil better so I could take some night pics with no light on so ya'll could see how cute this lil ol ginger tree looks with the rice lights on. I just love ta' sit at my computer desk and gaze into the kitchen at the lights and candles.

I also made a plate of gingers....

Added some fresh greenery, candle and a tag that says fresh home baked goodness.
I love the look of these lil gingers sooo much that I didn't stop there with 'em lol

I also have 'em tucked here n' there all thru' out the kitchen.

I stopped at my lil prim store on the way home and they had the cutest lil ol mini kitchen gadgets. Well I just hadta' have some darn it lol. The lady who works there said I should know the last 4 digits of your credit card by now as much as you stop in lol. Well I go twice sometimes three times a week. And darn it I gotta cause ya' never know what new goodies they are gonna have and they mark down frequently too. Now Honey if you read this post I always keep the purchases at a minimum ;0) I promise smoochie hehehe.....No really I do ! So anyways after seein' those cutsie gadgets I hadta' hang 'em on this lil ol tree I got for 25 cents at the Thrift Store and I put that in my olde maxwell house coffee can....

Here's a shot of the counter top gatherin' all together

Added some more greenery in the kitchen......Put some above my valance

My next project....hopefully soon is to change this topper out for somethin' a lil more plain n simple.

I gotta show ya'll these 2 olde Santas I got at a TS that was havin' stuff a bag for $4.00.....Needless to say my bag was stuffed and ripped a bit on the side ooopppsss. The tree that the gingers are on ripped it.

These just fit in sooo well with the way I like ta' decorate. They are both wooden.

Aren't they primdorable ? lol
 I will hafta share what other goodies I  stuffed in that bag later..
I put this lil gatherin together in an olde cheesbox I found for 4 bucks at the antique store in Bedford. I just love drivin down there to see what all they got in and to eat at a place called The Olde Buggy Buffet. If your ever in the area be sure n check 'em out. It's from scratch food in a country/amish style.....mmmmm its delicious.

I just love that chunky snowman =) Snowmen just melt my heart lol I lovvvveee lovvveeee lovvvveee 'em !!! 

See how adorable he is ? I just wanna squeeze his fat lil ol cheekies lol......

Wanted to share with ya'll how we hang our stockin's I have an herb dryin' rack I got at an estate sale awhile back it's 3 gated. We put it around the tree. I hung a Hark The Herald Angels sign from it and wrapped some lights around it too. Then we hung our stockin's. I wanna add some greenery around the top when I get some extra time. Otherwise I like how it looks.

Ohhhh I forgot ta' tell ya Dr Quick Dry Glue had to come out and do some minor surgery.....hehehehe

The good ol' Dr was able to do a quick fix whewww So if ya make 'em just be sure n really push whatever your using for eyes n buttons down in there real good. If they pop out just give Dr Quick Dry Glue a call and he'll come to the rescue of your lil ol ginger ;0)

O.k. Girlies can't believe I'm gonna share this pic !!!! yikkkessssss Hope it don't scare ya away (chewin' nails)
Now mind you I HATE taking pictures of myself or anyone else to take 'em either. But my daughter took this pic right after our first batch a gingers were finished sooooooo I'm lookin' a mess !

Now mind ya'll I have on nooooo make up the hair...well it's just there lol.I had worked all day and it was 2 a.m. (see that half asleep eye ?) and ohhh my whatta cheesy smile hehee and that angle just don't do me noooo good lol. I could go on and anyone else that way about self pics ? Ok Makenzie I posted your pic of me.....Happy ? Now go get those dishes n chores done missy hehehe

Here's one more item I got in that bag I wanna share with ya'll I forgot to take before pics though....

This was natural wood color. I spray painted it flat black and sanded it down. It had 2 lil wood dowels at the bottom I thought would work to hang candles from.

I decided to make it a candle keep so I added some rusty square nails

Here it is hangin' up....I left room to add 2 more nails when I find my rusty items stash....

I hope I haven't scared ya'll off with that pic ;0) or for a pic heavy post ! Got lots more ta share but will wait till another day to do that. I do wanna say another BIG THANK YOU to ya'll again for sharin' such heart warming pics and posts on your blogs. I honestly loose track a time goin' from blog to blog readin' and catchin' up and findin' new ones I just gotta follow lol. I would like to do a 12 fav's of decor if anyone is interested in doin it with me let me know. You would pick one item of your Christmas decor handmade,bought whatever and show a pic of it and tell why it's one of your favs and maybe the story behind it.
It would run from the 12th to the 23rd. Drop me an email if you wanna participate and we can set up one of those linky things. Ok my Prim Friends Hope I didn't overwhelm ya'll with such a long post and ohhhh ya with that pic lololol.
So till next time My Prim Friends have a Blessed Friday
Prim Huggs N Blessins


Alana Jo said...

Wow. You are so creative! I adore your posts.

What did u use for the eyes, etc on your gingermen?

Janet - underthewillow said...

I am the same way EXACTLY about pics of me too! I can barely stand to look at 'em! So I know just how you feel believe me! That pic of you is quite cute with such a nice smile!

I totally love the gingers you made and how you've used them to decorate with, it all looks prim perfect!

I found some resin gingers on ebay the other day and they just came in the mail today....I'm too lazy to go buy all the stuff needed to make real ones. I'm going to put them into a jar and I'll be sure to post a pic. Love your little kitchen gadget tree too!

Great post!

Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

I just loved reading this post - fun, fun, fun!!
And the eye candy was a proper prim feast of homemade goodness!
I know how you feel about pics of yourself which is why I avoid putting my mug on my blog!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Willow said...

Alana I used whole allspice or you can use whole cloves. Cloves were a lil pricier so I went with the allspce.

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Awwww, they are soooo sweet. Your home is decorated perfectly Christmas prim! Could you come do mine? The gingers look yummy, no wonder your son wanted to eat them. A very inspiring post, thanks bunches!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love it!! Looks so inviting!! Now.....pass the cookies please!!! tee hee hee!!


american girl primitives said...

Just found your blog, love the gingergread men. I may have to make some too. Love all your decorations! Thanks for stopping my blog.


PrimWyoGirl said...

What a great post! I really do love your blog! Your gingers are so sweet and your tree....It is the greatest! They look so adorabley prim on there! I have got to get busy and make some! Thanks! Jayne

Lisa said...

You are just as cute as your gingers! I'm planning to make some this weekend and then I found a butterscotch gingerbread recipe that I just have to try, too. Love, love, love your home!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love all of your photos and love the gingerbread men.,I must go and make some so my home smells yummy..have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing.:)

Pam said...

Good morning & thank you for signing up as a follower of my blog...I'm not sure how to get the word out! I really enjoyed reading & looking at your pics from yesterday...I hope to be able to read your older posts later on tonight! Girl you've got some awesome prim goodies...everything looks amazing!!! I love your gingerbread ornies...I need to make me some cuz they are just to cute & your little ginger tree is adorable! I love your tiny tree w/the little utensils too! Thank you for your kind comments...I will be sure to add to my blog list. Have a great weeken!

Pam said...

Hey girl I was just looking through your blog again & saw that you are from Southern IN!!! I am from Southern IN...where do you live? I live in Owensville! That is just to cool!!! If you want you can email me @! Who knows we might live really close to each other! It's really a very small world!

Angie said...

Great job on the gingers, love them!! Love them everywhere; I like to do that too. The mini kitchen gadget tree is adorable! I love old time gadgets like that, especially the mini ones! Greenery! Gotta love it! I finished decorating last week, but it's been too cold to get out and get some greens. It was unseasonably warm here today, so I headed down to the pond and came back with a bucketful. I've been playing around all day. It's amazing how greenery and berries tucked here and there can transform things! And yes, that chunky snowman is way too cute! Love his little smile!