Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Tutorial ~ A Mitten

So I thought that maybe on Thursdays I could do a tutorial on something. May not be on sewing and may not be every Thursday but I will do me best ;0)
These are pretty quick to make up. And even easier to post about if your camera batteries don't up n die on ya ! So here goes nothin' at my 1st attempt ta show ya'll how ta make somethin'
drum roll please.......hehe

Now instead of buying a pattern for one,improvise with a oven mitt or as Dear Hubby pointed out to me....use your hand ! lol well ya that'd work to I spose. Ohhhh and wouldn't it be cute to do your lil ones hand for a lil mitten !

Now this is a pic of my very well "loved" oven mitt lol. We have served many dinner battles together over the years ! She now serves as my grungin' partner. See that lil bit a white fluff ? My doggies decided they loved the smella my grungin' mix and decided ta take a bite outta my ol dear friend Ms. Mitt. Luckily one of the kids saw Tinkie (one a my furry family members) and rescued Ms. Mitt afore she was a chewed up mess all about the back yard ! lol
Ok nuff bout Ms. Mitt
Pick out your fabric. I used pre quilted osnaburg. Lay your mitten down on your pre folded material.

You can pin your mitten in place or just hold it and trace around it using either a disapearing marker or pencil. I used a pencil on this and lightly traced. You can see the line enough to cut it out.

Ok my tracing is all done. Pin through bothe pieces of material to keep it together while you are cutting it out.

Now were all cut out and looking ok. I see a few areas I need to round out a bit. Trim it up if needed.

Now your ready to start sewing it up. I always back stitch at the begining and end to strengthen it.

The round corners n thumb can be a lil tricky, but the more ya sew the easier it will get. Just take your time n go slow...ya ain't gotta win a race here lol.

After it's all sewed up trim around the seam. be careful not to snip into where ya just sewed....I've done that a time or two. Turn it right side out.

Not looking too bad. Member I said I've trimmed a lil close to the seam a time or two ? LoL well......that poor lil thumb ooopppssss
But hey that's o.k. This jus gives it more character and prim appeal to me ! Looks more vintage n worn. Now your gonna pick out your trim to go around the base of the mitten. 

I used warm n natural batting for mine.

Now I lay my mitten in the middle of my trim. The seams of the trim will meet on the backside of your mitten. Now you can either hand stitch this or use fabric glue. Either one will work jus fine.
And here's what Ms. Mitt's long lost cousin looks like with her trim on. You can now grunge it if ya want. Put any finishin' touches you'd like. Mines gonna take a grunge soaking and I'll do some more to her tomorrow.

OOOPPPSSS I forgot to crop out my craftin' mess lol. Oh shucks. Im sure any of ya crafters out there now how that is lol. You know you can also buy the insul~bright batting and make oven mitts to use in your own kitchen. These would make really nice Christmas gifts as well. Thats what I plan to make for some of my handmade gifts this year. Well hope this tutorial was easy to understand. if there is any part ya didn't get please feel free to ask away !
Till next time my Prim friends
Prim Hugggss n Blessings


Cinnamon Stitched Primitives said...

I love your oven mit tutorial, thanks so much for sharing with us! :)
I also know too well about having a "craftin mess" LOL

Willow said...

LoL..those craftin' messes can get pretty bad ! Sometimes mine looks like a twister came through. SO glad you liked the tutorial.
Hope your weekend is full of blessings !
Prim Huggss