Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sneak Peak @ item #4 of my B2BG~Ramblins~Chance @ an early entry 2

Hi all =) Hope this post finds ya'll doin' well. Sorry that there is no tutorial Thursday but after work I had a Drs appt. My appt. was at 3:30 and I didn't get outta there till 20 till 6. My back does feel oh soooo much better after my injections. I have  L4 and L5 bulging discs and a few other back problems. So it's worth sittin' there waitin' my turn ! ( I tell myself that anyways lol ) After the appt I got home n got dinner goin', visited with the family, watched survivor. Yes, I watch a lil bit a reality t.v. (my guilty pleasure) I've been a survivor watcher since season 1. If I didn't have all the back problems I'd love ta try out for it lol. So after my lil bit a t.v. I got tonights item made up for the giveaway. I think it turned out pretty darn good ! I'm gettin' sooooooo excited to do the final groupin' picture.....tomorrow night woooot woooot. We still have another item to go. Is it going to be a handmade by me item orrrrr somethin' bought ? This is your chance to get in an early entry before anyone who doesn't follow my blog gets a chance to enter. You just comment on wether you think Friday nights item will be handmade or store bought. So far we have 3 handmades and 1 bought item.I will give you 1 entry just for commenting and another IF you guess correctly. So you could get 2 early entries ! You can comment up until I publish Friday nights post. Good luck =)
O.k. now onto tonights sneak peak pic.....

This red ticking stocking is 17 inches long. It has batting around the top and a batting pocket for you to put whatever you'd like in it. It has a ticking loop to hang it on your peg board or where ever your lil ol' heart desires =0)
Here are a few more pictures of it....

Now I didn't grungy this up either. Im gonna leave that up to the winner. Some people like that n some don't.
I hope ya'll are as excited bout this lil ol' giveaway as I am to be doin' it ! Stay tuned for Fridays post. I work till 5 tomorrow so I'm sure I won't get to post till later in the evenin' again. That'll give ya'll time to try for those xtra entries =) Good luck and have a prim perfect Friday ya'll
Prim Huggs n Blessins


I Play Outside The Box said...

GOODIE GOODIE...I'm first!

I love the stocking...and I'm goign to guess...handmade. DO I WIN?? Ü YAY!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Love the stocking! It looks homemade but I'm gonna guess store bought.

Gayle said...

I definitely think it'll be a handmade item. What a great bunch of goodies!

Willow said...

LOL Outside the box you were 1st and ya got it right !!! W2G my friend =) And Gayle was correct as well good job ! Sorry Willa it was a handmade =) Nice try though. Be sure to check out how ya'll can get more entries !