Monday, October 26, 2009

Sneak Peek at 1 Item in my Back 2 Bloggin' Giveaway

I hope this post finds everyone doing well ! I had to work on Saturday and tried to spend the rest of the weekend playin' catch up with housework and craftin'. I got a few more Christmas trees done. Started on my Mrs. Claus Stump doll and got a few redo's finished up. Now as far as the housework I did....well after craftin' ya can't tell I got much accomplished. I do most of my craftin' in my dining room. I like to be out here with the family.Dear Hubby wants to build me a craftin' buildin' outside but I just don't know if I wanna do that. I like to be right here with the family.Now if he wants ta build it for me to store my lovely thrift, flea market and auction finds and a place to do some woodworkin' ...well then let's get on it lol. Do you all like havin' a seperate place ta craft in or do you like bein' there with the family ?

Ok now on to the first item of my Back 2 Bloggin' giveaway.....

This is an 18 inch Grapevine tree. Would look ohhhh so cute with some rice lights wrapped around it. Lots of cute stuff ya could do with it. Now I'm gonna try to each night this week give a sneak peek of 1 of the items that will be included and Friday night do a final picture of all the items together. To enter into this giveaway you will only need to post a comment on the final picture of all the giveaway items. If you post about the giveaway on your blog I will give ya an x'tra entry.I might think of a few other ways ya'll can get x'tra entries. You must live in the U.S. or Canada (sorry no overseas shipping)November 7th will be the last day to enter and we will draw a winner Nov. 8th. I'm really excited to be back ta bloggin' again ! And I hope ya'll enjoy readin' my ramblin's and takin' this craftin' journey with me. Till tomorrow my Dear Prim Friends.
Prim Huggss n Blessin's


Janene said...

I love love love having a separate place to craft and store my finds!
It gives me some much appreciated alone time!
I have a table set up at my shop for the girls to do their crafting also (markers, crayons, paint, scissors). This way they can be with me and keep themselves occupied, and the mess and clutter stay out of my house!

Willow said...

Good point Janene.And it is a pain to hafta put everything back up when I'm done...We have a room between the living room n dining room that we put some cabinets and thats where I store some of my stuff.My thrift finds are in boxes in a closet.( really could use that space for somethin' else !) I guess I'm kinda warmin' to the idea a bit lol.Thanks for your input.
Prim huggss n Blessins