Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Bingo Words...........And A Bit Of Ramblin'

Hi Ya'll =0) Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT Spirits !!!
Or snuggled all warm in your bed lol.......
I really oughta' be in bed by now  cause this mornin' Hubbs woke me up at 5:00 and I decided to snooze just a wee bit longer and
uh oh ....Girlies I didn't wakie wakie till 7:00 !!!!!!
I am supposed to be at work at 7:30 on Tuesdays !
Well ya'll I set a record gettin' dressed I tell ya' !!!
I grabbed my makeup bag and curlin' iron and hit the door at 6 minutes after 7 lol.......I made it to work and clocked in with 3 minutes to spare ! whewwwww Thank goodness no one is there till 8 cause i'd have scared the crap outta' 'em with my bed head hair and no makeup look hehehehe.......5 minutes puttin on makeup and another 3 curlin' my hair and I was good to go. Sooooo I'm gonna keep this post on the short side and hit the hay a lil earlier tonight. (well try anyway lol ) Without further ado here are tonight's
Grass & Wind
Good luck ya'll !!!!!!
And anonymous left a good comment.....
 Thank you ! They said I should have posted the pic to go with the captions ( duh Why didn't I do that ? )
so here's the pic and I'm repostin' the captions....
IF you haven't voted yet PLEASE CAST A VOTE =0)
You can vote anonymously if you want to. I got an email askin' that ? Soooo sure If you don't have a blog or whatever you can vote ! So get 'em in. You have till Friday......

Here's the pic...

And here are the captions again....

1.'Mom! He's touching me!'


2."OHHhhhhh......WE love momma's prims, we love momma's
prim's the ones with the stuffin' in, We love momma's prims!
OHHhhhhh Dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more, oh dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more! Oh the fun we had, till we got caught by dad, we weren't bein' bad, just lovin' on momma's prims.
3.I'm not telling ya again; I told you guys that we are doing things my way, got it?
4." I swear Miss Coco if you dont get a manicure soon Im gonna chew those nails off myself "
5.For the lov(i)e of Pete! Get off my foot!!!"
6."3 dog Night"
you ain't nothing but a hound dogga,....crying all the time
I get tickled every time I read these lol.....
Thanks ya'll for playin' along ! And if your caption isn't one of the top 3's well your all TOPS in my book ! And ya gotta extra entry just for playin' along ;0)
Wish I had somethin' to share with ya'll picture wise but....
I've NOT been thriftin' for a week or so and I'm still workin' on finishin' stuff up and well work is JUST THAT work lol So I hope to have somethin' to share with ya'll soon !
Till next time my Prim Frends.....
Hugggs n Many Blessins


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Sweet Friend...
I love your story that you have written, I can just see you running with the bed head and your makeup bag. Sweetie I have done the same thing, I go in at 5:30a, so nobody is there, and at least I can go in the bathroom and finish throwing myself together. What is it with that darn alarm anyway? We will do better tomorrow.

I am not sure about the BINGO thing. I am going to have to read back and see what you are playing. I am out of the loop sweetie. I am so sorry. I'll do better tomorrow I promise.

I am so thrilled you love my spoons. I so love your little bunnies, but if the puppies keep up you will have none left. Oh how sad.

Have a beautiful day tomorrow sweetie. It is Wednesday we are half way there to the weekend.

Country hugs and much love..>Sherry

Carmen C. said...

OH my I'm glad you made it to work on time! I don't know who's going around blogland leavin' the oriental comments (above) but they need to find a life, I've seen these on several of the blogs now, see if you can delete it, this pathetic person needs to keep their nastiness to themselves! I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie:)

Debbie said...

I can remember a few mad dashes to work like that. *laughing* Glad you made it in with a few minutes to spare.

I am just as lucky with your Bingo game as in others I have played... so far nothing... lol

Take care and hope you have a great day!

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

BINGO! nah Im just kidding.....not yet lol!

soggibottom said...

Have a really fantastic give a way
Soggibottom "COTTAGE", is going to withdraw.. I would have mentioned your lovely blog without the giveaway any way. x x x

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I have another word! YAY for me! You are making this an entertaining giveaway for all of us. Your stories are delightfully entertaining!.
I'm going to vote for #5. The sun actually shone today! :) ★Linda

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for 5.
thank you.

Carmen C. said...
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