Friday, March 12, 2010

Mornin' Ya'll =0) New Bingo Words ~N~ A Few Finds To Share

Hi ya'll Hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits !!! Well really since it's almost 1 a.m. lol I hope this post finds ya all snuggly warm in bed hehehe.....Wow has the weather ever been fantastic here ! The last few days have been in the 60's and even the 70's one day. Sure wish I'da had a few days off to enjoy it and not be stuck inside ! And of course this was a busy week and I really didn't get a chance to even step outside for a bit very much.
Oh well it'll be warm and nice out soon.
    Tonight after work I ran to GW to see if they had any goodies and I saw a lady with this fantastic Prim candle holder styled box. She was lookin' it over and flippin' it this way and that way lol and the whole time I was thinkin' Ooooohhhh please put that down lol cause I realllllyyyyyy want it !!!!! And lo and behold she sat it down and girlies ( n fellas ) lemme' tell ya' I didn't give anyone else a chance to grab it !!!! lol It needs a paint job but other than that I just lovvveee it !!!! Here's a pic of my new find.

Aint it beautiful ???? I'm not sure what I'm gonna put in it yet....Any ideas ??? I kinda see some candles and some kinda fabric piece maybe....I'll just hafta' see what I got.... I also got these at GW too.

There missing an ear piece but I love 'em anyway. I'd love to have a desk to set 'em on. Ohhhh that reminds me lookie what's at the auction Friday night.....I just may have to go (time permiting!)

They also have an awesome mantle I'd love to have ! But can't ya' just see the potential in that desk ??? Hopefully I can go
 ( gonna sleep with my fingers crossed lol ) K it's gettin' later and my lil ol eyes are a droopin' sooooo I best get your Bingo words posted for ya'll sooooo without further ado......

Here are your

words for today......
Easter and Tulip
Good Luck Ya'll !!!!!!
Ya'll can thank Jess for tonights words =0)
I let him draw them out.....
I also want to cordially invite you to Debbie and I's new forum...

We're just startin' out but we have lotsa' differen't boards and we will be doin' all kinds of fun different things there. We'd love to have ya' join us =0) here is the link~> Prim Pals Forum

We'll I'm off ta bed girlies and fellas so till next time
 My Prim Friends Hugggs n Blessins !


Christine said...

Great finds again TJ! I'm sure you'll be able to work your magic on the old desk and it'll be primtastic!
That's an exciting new venture! Can folks from other countries join?
Best wishes

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

I dont think my last word is in there!!! LOL! Love the desk!

Carmen C. said...

LOL...I can just see you snatchin' up that candle box:) I LOVE the new prim forum, so much fun!!! I hope you get some much needed rest too, you've had tooooo many late nights!

Debbie said...

Hey Ethel! Where are you???? lol

I'm like Carmen... can almost picture you 'waitin' to pounce' on the candle box! I wish our GW would have some nice stuff.


Janene said...

You have much more control than I do. I would have snatched it out of her hands...telling her that she really doesn't want that, let me take it off your hands! LOL LOL
That really is a fantastic find!
Have a great weekend!

At Home With Amy said...

Love the candle box. I think candles and a material accent will look perfect in it. I can see it painted mustard and black. I believe I have a desk like that in my sons room. It is kind of hard to remember and its hard to see with all the crap he has laying all over it.
Enjoy your day,

PrimWyoGirl said...

Love your candle box! I would have grabbed it fast too. Wish we had stuff like that at our TS here.

Angie Berry said...

Awesome candle holder! Haha, that was cracking me up! Been there, done that. As soon as they set it down, I practically run over them just to get it before someone else does. I have an old pair of glasses like that that belonged to my great-uncle. I have them sitting on my old school desk. I hope you can get that desk-- they are lots of fun to decorate! I love hunting for old school supplies and books.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Love the candle box! Where you ever lucky! Did you get my e-mail
for my Bingo??? I hope you have
good luck at the auction!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Beckyjean said...

Love the candle box!! I think you showed wonderful self control by not snatching it right out of that lady's hands. I'm not sure I could have LOL. I can see a prim little stitched pillow or framed stitchery tucked into that box along with some candles.

Have a wonderful week end!!

Sandy said...

Once again, you got yourself some really awesome goodies :) I sure wish we had a GW store here, I would probably live there...LOL.

I LOVE that desk! I see so many potential things you can do with it.

Still no luck on my BINGO BUT I am only missing one word now :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I have been looking for glasses like that....I think they are awesome.
Missed me on the bingo again...maybe next time! :+}