Monday, March 1, 2010

Bingo Words ~~~~Vote on Captions~And Some Quick Ramblins Of Course ;0)

Hi ya'll !!! Hope this post finds ya'll in wonderful Spirits !!!
Sorry I didn't get any Bingo words posted yesterday...
We had somethin' happen here Saturday night that really has got me down in the dumps. I'm tryin' to think positive but sometimes.......well sometimes it's just NOT easy ! But enough about that......let's get on to some Bingo and captions =0)
Girlies I gotta tell ya' we got some GREAT captions !!!
It's gonna be a hard vote ! I'm going to post and number each caption and then in your comments PLEASE put what # your votin' for. I'm givin' everyone who participated an extra entry !!! And then First place will get 3 more entries~~~2nd place 2 more and 3rd place will get 1 Soooo please vote for your fav =0) Voting will close FRIDAY That'll give everyone a chance to get a vote in.....
Sooooo without further ado here's the captions
1.'Mom! He's touching me!'

2."OHHhhhhh......WE love momma's prims, we love momma's
 prim's the ones with the stuffin' in, We love momma's prims!
OHHhhhhh Dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more, oh dollies and rabbits galore, now have stuffin' no more! Oh the fun we had, till we got caught by dad, we weren't bein' bad, just lovin' on momma's prims.
3.I'm not telling ya again; I told you guys that we are doing things my way, got it?
4." I swear Miss Coco if you dont get a manicure soon Im gonna chew those nails off myself "
5.For the lov(i)e of Pete! Get off my foot!!!"
6."3 dog Night"

you ain't nothing but a hound dogga,....crying all the time
Great Job Girlies !!!!! Love 'em !!!! Now get to votin' !!!!!

Now for our
the words we drew today are....
Lilacs and Chickies
Good luck =0) Be sure and check your words and cross 'em off if you have 'em..... I have a master list I'll mark off so I'll know how close ya'll are....It's up to you to send an email when you have Bingo though ;0)
Well I found my other missin' bunny from the chew 'em up frenzy one of the fur babies went on Looooooookkkkkkk

Poor Bunny !!!!! I've sure learned to NOT leave anything down where they can get it ! I think they musta' liked the smell of the cinnamon and vanilla mixture I used to grubby these up. Maybe that's why they chewed on 'em ? Anyway I'm NOT takin' no more chances I'll tell ya' that lol !!!!
Drove past the barn and here's the new message......

Ohhhh I just love it !!!!! I hope that somehow I inspire someone each day. Even if it's to inspire them to smile, be kind or do a pay it forward. Speakin' of pay it forward my best friend Shirl was at Burger King orderin' dinner and she went to pay and the cashier at the drive through window said.....You don't owe anything....Shirl said But I haven't paid you yet ! The cashier said I know.....the car that just pulled off paid for your food because they wanted to pay it forward ! If only more people paid it forward could you imagine how much better our world would be ?
Oh I have to share this pic of Linny hehehehe Love ya' Linny !
I took this tonight. Linds and Josh came out and my son Justin cooked us french toast for dinner mmmmmm it was GREAT !
Linds did a bit of sewin' and we chatted forever about weddin' stuff.
I found some awesome invitations at GW for $1.99 for a box of 50. I got 2 boxes. I think Linds is gonna post a pic since she has a laptop charger again. And I also got to talk to a wonderful Blogger Friend.....Debbie from Goat Creek......What a sweetie she is ! If you've not been to Debbies site be sure and stop by and say hello and check out her sellin' blog too ! She makes some beautiful stuff !
Here's her link ~>Goat Creek

Here's something I'm puttin' together for my sellin' blog.....

It will have a bunny I'm sewin' up in the middle......I also have a few more things in the makins to add over there.....Hopin' to get 'em done this week ! There's just NOT enough time in a day !!!!
Guess I better get this posted ;0) Hope your week is off to a wonderful start ! And PLEASE pretty pretty PLEASE vote on the captions =0) Look for the next 2 bingo words Tuesday night....
Till next time my Prim Friends.....
Huggs n Blessins


Tanya said...

I vote for #4. I went back and looked at the pic again and it looks like that's what she was saying! LOL

Tanya ~

Lynne said...

Awww!Your poor bunny does look a sorry casualty!
Hope you're feeling better after your weekend.Spring is on it's way..that's something to look forward to! Have a great day. Lynne

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm voting for #5. Can we vote more than once?

Anonymous said...

you really should bring the picture over so everyone can see what the captions go to......

Carmen C. said...

Hi sweetie! I hope whatever has got you down gets better ASAP....((HUGS))I'm gonna vote for #6, that's too cute, and OH MY that poor bunny, LOL....although I can see the dogs' side of things too cinnamon and vanilla ARE yummy! That Linny sure is a cutie and looks like she's got her hands full!!!! Love the payin' it forward at Burger King too, nice to know folks still show kindness that way:) Hope you enjoy your day and take some time for just YOU:)

At Home With Amy said...

I hope things are looking up for you today. I hate to see you feeling so down.
Fabulous story on the pay it forward note. We had a friend unexpectedly pay for our dinner the other night and what a good feeling it was when the waitress told us. I felt so blessed.
Enjoy your day.

Debbie said...

Morning TJ! It was wonderful to be able to talk to you yesterday too! I look forward to many more conversations. :)

I vote for Caption #1 many because its something I constantly heard while my boys were growing up. I wouldn't admit it to them but I miss those days.

Poor bunny didn't stand a chance... lol

Hope you are feeling a little better today. *hugs* Take care and talk to you soon!


Pam said...

Oh my that poor bunny...but looks like your fur babies sure did have a blast! Girl I hope things are going better for you now...seems like it's just one thing after another at times. That sure was a nice thing that happened to your friend at would be awesome it there were more kind people like that in this world!
Well I hope things are better for you today...ttyl!
Big Hugs,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there!!! well I am voting for number 6...all the captions are cute though..can't believe your dogs and chewing up have those 2 bingo words.:) hey have a wonderful day my dear.:)

Anonymous said...

OOOH, I have one of those bingo words......more please...this is exciting!
I vote for the fifth one...

Angie Berry said...

Holy Moly girl!! Am I this far behind on your blog?? I just can't keep up with ya! I have to read all the posts... I don't want to miss out on anything! Hehe! Well, it's too late to vote. That's a good thing, because I like em all!

I love the barn's latest message. Their words always hold much truth!

That picture of Linny is so adorable! I bet it's so much fun going over wedding stuff. How exciting! And if I ever get caught up on all your posts, I'm gonna have to go over to her blog.

I have that same black bowl with believe and family on it. I love it!