Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bingo Announcement~Surprise B~Day Bash~N~ Lotsa' Pics To Share Again

Hi ya'll I hope this post finds ya'll in GREAT spirits ! I've had another wonderful day. Linds and I went to the Prim store that was closin' their doors and holy moly that place was a madhouse !!! Everything was 40% off and lots of the better goodies were all ready gone by the time we got there. I got a few new prim towels for the kitchen and a few odds n ends. Shoot ya'll shoulda' seen all the cupboards and shelves marked sold =( Anyway yesterday was Stephies's Dads B~Day so my family was invited to the party. I was soooo surprised when we got there ....the party was also for me !!!!
I haven't had a B~Day party in sooooo long I honestly can't remember when the last one was ! Then I felt silly cause I broke down and cried lol.....I was sooo touched ! Stephie took her allowance money and bought me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a vase. (see pic below) and Lydia, Lil Jason and Lil Josh got me ballons. Hubbs bought me a rocker and had it hid at Alisha and Matt's house. Girlies I was just sooooo surprised !!!!
O.k. on to some pics........
The yellow flowers are the ones Stephie bought me.....
The cupcakes had candle letters that
spelled out my name and Matts.

The rocker in the background is the one Hubbs
got me...And the saltbox house is from Matt, Alisha
and the kids and they also got me the light below...

LOL Stephie took the pic of the lamp ;0)

Me and Stephie....She is my lil sweetie pie....
She also got me the cutest God Mother card and
Alisha got me a Happy B~Day Mother card that just
broke me out in tears again !!!! I raised Alisha (Steph's Mommy)
from the time she was 6 till she was 14. Longggg story....
anyway I was a babblin' bag of emotions last night lol
I've had THE BEST B~day weekend ever !!!!! Thanks
Honey, Josh, Justin, Kenz, Jess, Linds, Dad,
Matt, Alisha, Lil Josh, Lydia, Stephie, Lil Jason,
Stevanie and everyon else for making my day soooo
special to me !!! I love ya'll sooooo much !!!!!

Now onto some pics of the goodies we found on
 our shoppin' day Friday....

Linds bought me this for my B~day...We found it
at one of the Prim shops in Martinsville....
Willow trees are one of my favs !

Linds also got me this crock jug at the flea
market in Martinsville for a B~Day gift !
Thanks Linny I love it punkin' !!!

I found this ol' crock at the flea market
and just had to add it to my collection ;0)

Got this lovely shelf at the yard sale we
stopped at.....

Got this towel holder at one of the prim shops....

A few more things picked up from our outin' Friday...

Oh myyy I wish ya'll could smell this room spray !
It's called Primitive Gatherings mmmmmm
It smells wonderful !!!!
I got a few more things but I guess I didn't take
pics of it all ?!?!? I thought I did hmmmm...
I'll share the rest in another post....

Now onto the bingo announcement.....
Since no one has gotten BINGO yet for extra
entries. I decided that I'm gonna add another
surprise package. So besides the mystery giveaway
winner......whoever Bingos will win a surprise too !!!
The package will go to who Bingos 1st and in the case
that there are 2 Bingos whoever emails me 1st
with the email title of BINGO....
Also the caption winners are as follows.....
1st place......#5 Linda Parker
from Linda Parkers Paradise You get 3 extra entries !!!
Congrats Linda =0)
2nd place...Gina
from Catnap Inn You get 2 extra entries !!!
Congrats Gina =0)
and 3rd place goes to Carmen
from Waxed Out Creative Life You get an extra entry

And anyone who submitted a caption including the
winners also get another entry also !!!!!
Thanks ya'll for playin' along =0)
I will be drawin' the winner later tonight. I've been invited
out to dinner for my B~Day so I'll try and get it
done when I get back this evenin' Good luck ya'll !

Now todays

Words Are....
Good Luck Ya'll !!!!!
I'll be back later tonight =0)
Till next time my Prim Friends....
Prim Huggs n Blessins


Carmen C. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful surprise party and ya sure do deserve it too! Awesome goodies you got and found and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day (((birthday Hugs))!!!!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Love all the wonderful goodies you got..what a sweet surprise birthday..gotta love em..I am only 2 words away from getting bingo...have a good one.:)

Christine said...

Awww you deserve to be spoilt on your b'day and it looks as if you had a lovely day! And what FANTASTIC prim goodies and gifts - simply awesome!

Farmhouse prims said...

I don't quite understand the bingo. Are you looking for words or letters? I am going to say "April Showers, bring May flowers".

Janet - underthewillow said...

Happy happy birthday TJ!! a surprise party, what fun! looks like you did good with all the goodies!


Debbie said...

So glad you had a very 'Happy Birthday'! Was thinking of you yesterday. I was wondering what happened to you but now I know. :) I love the rocking chair. I hope to have one someday here... until then I will be happy with my porch rocker.

I am not having much luck with the Bingo. I must have picked the wrong words! *laughing* Hope you have a great day and talk to you later! *hugs*

At Home With Amy said...

WOW TJ! You got some wonddeful things girl! I love the crocks. How nice that you were surprised with a birthday party. I'm sure you will never forget all the love and thought that went into it. So glad you had a great brithday.

I only need one more word and I'll have BINGO! Come on say it!!!


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm so sorry I missed it! What a surprise to find out you were being honored on your special day with a party.

I get "swimmy headed" everytime I come to your blog. Reading and looking at all your goodies simply boogles my senses, especially my eyes...I think they must bug out.

Joyful Blessings!

soggibottom said...

I never knew it was your birthday. Hope you had a really great day. I looks like you did.
x x x

Angie Berry said...

Ah, you brought tears to my eyes! How sweet of them to throw you a surprise party!!! Happy Birthday! They all did a wonderful job on getting you some neat birthday gifts!

I LOVE that Willow Inn sign! I love willow trees too! Lots and lots of fun new things for you to play with! Sounds like you've had a wonderful last few days girl!