Monday, February 9, 2009

Well I'm not off to a great start on my blog ! Wow I haven't posted for awhile yikkkesss.
Life has been pretty busy around here. Work has been keeping me pretty tired and my Dad has been having some health issues. He has CHF (congestive heart failure) Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and emphysema. He had a major heart attack back in Oct. and had to have stints put in. He has 30% heart usage left.So last night we had to go to the ER because he couldn't breathe very well (fluid in his lungs) and his feet were swelling. they gave him some high powered lasics (sp?) and he seems to be doing a lil better but prayers would be greatly appreciated.
I have managed to make a couple of new things (see pics above ;) I really need to motivate !!! I wanted to set up at some shows this year and with money kinda tight right now I really need to make the majority of my stuff handmade.I prefer handmade anyhoo lol. But with time constraints not sure if I'm going to be able to be ready for the 1st show. It's at the end of March and booth reservations are this month.I haven't done a show sooooo this will be a first. Now i've shopped 'em lol but never set up at one. i'm a lil nervous about it. So if anyone has any pointers they would like to share I'd be forever grateful =)

Ohhhhh and I am so excited to have my 1st followers ! Be sure to check out their blogs ! Welcome ladies I am honored to have you ! I promise to try to be a lil more diligent in trying to post. Ok I better get going and get dinner started
Till next time Prim Hugs N Blessings

ohhhh the cute pattern for the pillow top stitchery came from Twigs N Sprigs freebie pattern.

You can find it and many more here


Janene said...

I am so glad that you posted today!
It sounds like you have your hands full with your Dad's health issues! I will keep him in my prayers!
I love the stitchery and the make-do! It looks nice on the rusty spring!
Hope you have a good week!

Stacey said...

I absolutely adore your blog and wanted to follow it the moment that I started reading. You are one great prim gal! Your projects are just perfect, I love them both.

We will certainly keep your dad in our prayers. I admire your strength during this time, it is definitely inspiring. :)

I am loving following your blog and grateful to be one of the first of many followers for you! :)

Perfect prims and blessings,

Willow Bend Prims said...

Thanks Gals ! That sure means ALOT to me and my Dad as well. Glad you like my blog and I'm hoping to post on a better schedule lol. I don't think I coulda hand picked my 1st followers any better than you 2 ! As a matter of fact I know i could'nt Thanks for the prayers.
Prim Hugs N Blessings