Thursday, January 8, 2009

Newbie Blogger and Prim and Craftin' Lover

Well I have officially taken the blogger plunge =) Hopefully I will share some useful information with everyone. I hope to share crafting ideas and tips and share my everyday thoughts with you all =) I look forward to being a part of the blogger community ! I hope I don't ramble too much ( I have been known to LOL)
Have a wonderful evening,
Prim Blessings

Ohhhh i want to share my first creation with ya all =) I made this without a pattern. I just took some scissors and cut. If anyone is interested in how I made this i will gladly share just drop me a comment =)


Janene said...

Welcome to Blogland!
I can't believe that I am your first follower!
I love what you have made!
Post some more on your blog and I will mention you on my blog, and lets see if we can get you some followers...I'm looking forward to reading more!

Stacey said...

Hi, I am Stacey! I would also like to welcome you to blog land. My prim blog was just started this past week as well. I too am really excited about it and am looking forward to sharing ideas and prim creations.

Your Santa is prim perfect! If you would like, please share with us how you created him.

I will certainly look forward to following your blog and invite you to come over and take a look at mine at Farm Wife Primitives. :) I love new followers and to find new blogs to follow.

Happy crafting and blessings,

Willow Bend Prims said...

Wow Thanks soooo much for the comments ! I really need to dedicate some time huh !I will get a post up about how I made my Santa. Maybe I can make a new one and take pics as I go. Im off to check out your blogs as well.
Prim blessings

Janene said...

Hello Willow!
I'm checking back to see what else you have posted!
Uh...where is everything? I was hoping to see a whole months worth of posts? LOL
I am still watching you on my blog roll and thought that I would stop by an give you a hard time about not posting anything!
Have a great Monday!