Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello everyone =) Sorry sooooo long between posts but its been a heckuva week ! I hope ya'll had a fantabulous Valentines Day ! Everyone at work has been passing an icky bug back and forth (ooohhh I hope I don't get it !!) and I had all 3 coworkers out on Saturday so I had to work alone on an inventory weekend =( I got to work at 7 and left at about a quarter past 6 that night. So Sunday I didn't do mucha nuttin' ! We're closed on Mondays so I did get to sew a lil bit. I'm working on making my 1st full bodied doll. Yikkkesss lol Hopefully it don't scare ya'll away "wink" I also made a lil embellished frame of my Goddaughter Stephie. And ohhh I gotta share this lil tag book I made for my hubby for Valentines Day. I love the look of vintage so I tried to make it look old. He really liked it. Heres a few pics.

I am having some trouble getting pics to upload. It's taking forever !!!!! So I guess I will share a few more tonight (Thursday) if things are running a lil faster anyways. I hope everyones week is going primtastic !!!!

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