Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Been Verrry Verrrry Verrry SICK =(

Just wanted to drop in for a few lines really fast. So sorry its been so long but we've had some major health issues here ate home. My husband had to go to the E.R. for severe stomach pain and turns out it was his appendix ready to burst so they had to admit him and do immediate surgery. He was in the hospital for about 5 days. Infection set in so he had to have the good I.V. antibiotics. Well then we had been passing this thing around at work for the last month. It really hit me hard. Today was the first day I have kept down the whole bowl of chicken noodle soup ! I am really weak. My tummy is killing me.I was congested really bad had to go to the DR myself on top of everything else. Got some good meds for nasuea and the coughing, congestion and stuff so hopping the antibiotics kick in fasssstttttt. And my Bday is this Sat the 7th =( not sure that anyone here is going to feel much like doing anything. Oh well we can just do a rain check ;) I hope you all are well and will try to visit your blogs in a day or so. Just typing this is making me feel shaky and a lil on the week side. Hoping to be better and back on track soon !!!! Missing all my blogging family !
Wishing you all the primtastic best !


Anonymous said...

Good Evening... so sorry to hear of your sickness & your dear hubby... you are in my thoughts and prayers. I sure know how that sickness takes a toll on you. Get Well Hopes!

Blessings 2 you & your husband... Hoping you a Wonderful, Restful Weekend, Pamela
Oh... Happy Birthday!

Shayla said...

Oh no!! Sorry you are all sick! I hope you still had a happy birthday! Get well soon!!