Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gotta be the heat~2 posts so close together ! Sharin' some finds (Lotsa PICS!) n ramblins of course...

Hi Y'all ! I hope this post finds Y'all in GREAT spirits and in a cool place ! It has been sooooo hot here the last few days that my air almost feels like it's NOT workin' very well =( Today with the heat index it is 108 and it feels every bit of it too ! I leave for Gatlinburg tomorrow afternoon and I gotta' say I am gettin' sooooo excited ! We didn't know what to get my Dad for his 76th birthday so my oldest son and I decided to take him on a vacation to Gatlinburg. It's somethin' he has always wanted to do and it'll be a memorable gift for us all. Dad, myself, my oldest Josh and his fiance Lindsey are going. We plan to do the Dixie Stampede, the Titanic tour, take in the Ripleys aquarium and several other things while there....I'm hopin' the weather isn't too hot while we are there as I don't know how Dad will handle it ? Anyways 'nuff  'bout my trip ;0)
I spent almost a 3 full days in bed due to an unknown ailment that landed me in an ambulance and the ER from work...IF I try and do too much I get intense pain/pressure in my head that goes away IF I lay my head as flat as possible...1st they thought I might have been havin' a stroke or a brain aneurysm but thank God above it was neither. They did say that I had some constricted blood flow that could and most likely was the cause but they never really said much more. I was outta it after gettin' pain meds in my IV and my DH isn't much on askin' tons of questions ! Anyway I've been takin' meds they prescribed and if the pressure starts I just go lie down till it goes away. Knock on my noggin' the last 2 days haven't been very bad ! whewwww....Now I got off track a lil lol the story was leadin' up to my I gotta' get outta' the house excursion heehee....My oldest son Josh, Lindsey ( his fiance ) and my daughter MaKenzie took off and went to Trader Bakers in Martinsville....If you've read my blog before I'm sure you'll 'member me talkin' about it and even takin' Y'all on a shoppin' trip thru pictures with me *wink*
I gotta' say this place NEVER lets me down ! Lordy Girlies I hadda' put some stuff back I had my lil ol cart weighted down I tell ya' !
Heeeeheeee.....Josh said " Mom we are goin' on vacation dontcha' think ya' outta save a lil money towards it" ?  So like a kid caught in the snack jar I weedled down my pics and ended up with the goodies Imma' show Y'all below....

Isn't this a beauty ?! Looks like someone made it out of an old laddle ? It came with the fixins in it and the candle for 10 bucks...

Another View of it

Then I found this Ginormous Shoo Fly Cover and it was a steal at only 5 bucks !

Normally when I see olde' wooden bowls like this I just pass on by 'cause they are usually wayyyy outta' my price range....For some reason though I picked this one up and I thought it was a fantastic deal for $19.99 ! It's 16 inches across.....
Now DH and I have a lil bet goin'.....He says I should paint it I say leave it alone and let the patina show ! Whadda' Y'all think ? Paint or leave it alone ?

Bottom Side.....

Lovin' this olde' sifter !
Especially the color.....

And it was a bargain for only $2.50 !!!!!

I've really been on a wooden masher kick lately too lol Soooo I was excited to find this HUGE one for 9 bucks !

Look at it compared to a bottle of cleaner lol.....It's 19 inches tall !

You can never have enough olde' cheese boxes in my opinion lol They are soooo cute displayed and there are soooo many crafty ideas to use them for too....

This is only half of the mold but for 79 cents I had to snag it up ;0)

I loveeee findin' bolts of fabric at GREAT prices ! This one looks black in the pic but it's actually a dark green....

A steal at 5 bucks dontcha' think !

Any idea what this fake plant is called ? I picked it up for 2 bucks....
I all ready did a project I'll hafta' show Y'all later with it.....

Ohhhhhh Great Snowman in the sky !!!!! I almost pee'd myself I squealed soooo loud when I found this lol....
ANDDDDD It was ONLY 2.99 !!!!

I got lotsa' ideas for this chicken wire basket....and DH is gonna try and make me some !

It was a bargain at.....

Got lotsa ideas for this buck Tobacco lathe star find too =)
I loveeeee deals like this !

Love this caaauutttteeeee lil Apple Butter Crock ! and it was a steal at $2.99 .....

Then I found this cannin' crock with the original lid and I paid 12 bucks for it... I've really been on a stoneware/crock kick BAD lately lol

It has a patent date of 1892

I bought lotsa' more stuff BUT Imma' save it for another post ;0) Ohhhh I gotta' show ya one thing I made at 4 a.m. lol....My motto when ya can't sleep and you've read all the good books ya got on hand ? Might as well craft right ? lol....

This is based on a Tennessee Ridge Primitives Pattern BUT I didn't sculpt it with jute string and I also took some rusty wire and twirled it around a pencil to look like part of the punkin stem...

I still wanna add a crow to it too....That'll be another 4 a.m. crafty job lol.....
I will be listin' this and several other items on my sellin' blog within the next week or so....Well it's chat night on Prim Pals forum and I'm runnin' a lil late for it...We have such a BLAST ! You must be a forum member to come and join us BUT lemme' tell Y'all what a GREAT way to get to know your fellow Prim Sistas and Brothers ! Come join us sometime =)
Till next time my Prim Friends....
Many Huggs n Lotsa' Blessins !


Carmen C. said...

LOVE the pumpkin! You found some great things, I think the chicken wire basket is my fav;) So glad you are gettin' to feeling better and the trip sounds like fun!!! In about 3 1/2 weeks this gal will be at Ft. Benning seeing her baby boy graduate, can ya believe it?!!!!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

So many fabulous finds!!
Im so jealous!! ;)
You got so many fabulous goodies and you are going to my favorite place!!
Oh, can I come too!!! :)
You will love the Dixie Stamped and the aquarium is Amazing!!
I didnt get to go to the Titanic on my last visit, ran out of time and money.
So be sure to post and tell us all about it.
I wanna see it so bad!!
Maybe this Nov. when Hubby and I head back for our aniversary.

Have a fabulous time!!
And enjoy all your wonderful new goodies!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

have a wonderful time in gatlniburg...and love all the stuff you found...that fake plant is eucalyptus..;)love your little pumpkin too..;) glad you are feeling better.:)

Christine said...

Wishing you and especially your dad a fantastic trip!
Hope the headaches resolve real soon, too.
You can really do it! Shop I mean!!!
Those are the most amazing goodies and I luv them all!
Best wishes

Debbie said...

Have a wonderful time on vacation with your Dad but take it easy too! I worry about you my Sista! *hugs* I love the goodies you found on your shopping trip too!

The pumpkin turned out great! I need to find some motivation here and stay out of the book store! lol I have a few ideas just need to get my butt in gear!

Have fun!

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Have fun and Im loving all your great finds!! Cant wait to see what you find on your trip!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Sounds like a great trip! Another blog friend went on a similar trip. I had deja vu reading your post! LOL!
Great finds too!
So glad you are alright. What a scary experience! God is good!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

WOW what great stuff you got!

I say leave the bowl as is. I have been doing that recently instead of painting them.

Cutey little punkin you made too.


Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a most awesome birthday present! That is a great idea, we never know what to get our parents... they all have everything they need. I'll have to keep this idea in mind. Thanks! =]

Goodness girl! You need to take it easy! I'm sorry to hear about your physical problems. I'll be praying for you! I hope the meds are helping!

You have some awesome goodies there girl! I have a bowl similar to that that belonged to my step-FIL's mother. I left mine alone. First, I didn't want to alter it since it belonged to her and second, we use it for fruit. It stays out on the counter year round and that's where all the fresh fruit goes. I love it because it's a constant reminder of her. I think you should leave it.

I'm loving the color of that old sifter too. I can't believe you got it so cheap! A bolt of fabric for 5 bucks?? Where are you shopping?? I want to go there! Awesome, awesome prices!!

Your pumpkin is very cute! Glad to see you still have time for crafting even though I haven't seen you around much. =]

Josh Healy said...

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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well I'm so glad you are better and they didn't find anything major wrong - what a scare!

What a fun vacation - we've been to Gatlinburg and loved it...kind of Commercial and busy BUT FUN!!!

Wonderful treasures and the candle holder was my favorite!


the primitive country bug said...

So glad to hear that you're okay. I hope the headaches go away.

You got lots of nice goodies and such good prices too! I need to come shopping with you!
Your trip sounds wonderful!
Stay well and keep craftin' when ya can't sleep!
Blessings~ Birgit

Anonymous said...

I am happy to know that you are doing well and I hope that you have a wonderful trip with your family! I absolutely adore all of your fantastic prim finds, especially the old sifter! The color is so rustic and charming! Oh my goodness, your creations are just as wonderful! I can't wait to read about your vacation and the other prim items that you found!

Harvest Blessings,