Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sharin' A Few Finds~ A Case Of The Wants~ And Ramblins of course ;0)

My goodness my late night or should I say early mornin' postin' is becomin' a regular thing huh.Well at least it's not 5 a.m. this time ;0) I do hope this post finds ya'll all snuggly warm in yer beds lol
I did get to bed at about 6 this morn. and was back up and outta the house by 11:00 a.m. It was a mad dash throwing on the makeup and fixin' my rats nest....ohhh I mean hair ! And off to the Prim Shop to drop off some goodies. The lady who runs it was soooo sweet and understanding about me not being there at 10 She had assumed it was because of the weather. I sure felt bad though cause I didn't want to make a BAD impression by being late =( ! I told her with workin' everday this week I just didn't have time to finish everything up and had to pull an all nighter. She said Oh Honey you didn't need to do that. You coulda' just called and brought 'em in next week. She was real pleased with them.
After that my Future Daughter In Law Ms. Lindsey decided to take me out on an antiquing excursion. My oldest son Josh and her know the last few weeks have been a rough and tryin' time for me and Hubbs and the rest of the family, so she thought it'd be good to get me out and away for a bit since I've done tried a box or two of calgon and all that did was give me puckered skin....It never did "take me away" hehehehe......... So off we headed to an indoor flea market and girlies (and yepp fellas too if your readin' ;0) I gotta tell ya' I saw THE MOST FANTASTIC DEAL !!!! Oh and if I woulda' had a place for it.....well I woulda' snagged it right up ! Oh how I wish I woulda had my camera to get a pic for ya'll !!! It was the most primtastic Early Hired Man Primitive Bed and it was only $35.00 !!!! I'm sooooo tempted to go and get it and store it at my Dads house till one of the kids fly the coop lol. I thought for sure I read the price wrong cause ya' don't usually see such primitve items like that for such an affordable price. I've got a case of the "Wants"
and Ohhhhhh I realllyyyyyyy want it lol. Lindsey did get me a few "pick me up" things that I just loveeee .....but ohhhh I want that bed hehehehehe............Hmmmm they are open tomorrow !!! {wink}
Anyway here's a few pics of the things Linds got me....
I've got a weakness for chairs. This one is in wonderful shape.

I love the old worn areas and rusty nail heads. I think it looks perfect so no paintin' this one. I'm leavin' it just like it is.....

The seat is even in GREAT condition. It's real sturdy too. And this lovely chair was only $7.00 woooot woooot =)

Then we found this.....

And only $2.00 what a steal ! I love old kitchen things.....

This is another one of my weaknesses lol and $4.00 !!! This place has GREAT prices ! Some of it's even cheaper than Goodwill !

This one was only $5.00 I "heart" prices like that !
One side has this on it so I'm gonna remove it....

They are cute......but the paints chippin' in spots and it really doesn't go with my decor. So that'll be a project I'll probably do sometime today.

I did get this done today......I think I got a lil heavy handed with the aging on it though....

Hubbs got it rewired. I need to get bulbs and it can be hung up.
I like how it turned out but the kids said Mom....that looks pretty grungy, crusty....Crusty ????? lol ooooooo.kkkkkkk.

"Notice object (recliner) appears closer than what it really is lol"
Oh and see that lil round bald spot ? That's Hubbs head hehehe... I gotta' show him that ! He claims he isn't going bald on top that he just has a receding hairline lmbo... I got PROOF hehehe....
Anyway back to the crusty comment lol.....I told the kids I was askin' the experts....that bein' ya'll in blog land. Do ya' think the finish looks "crusty" lol or old and antiquey ? Be honest it's o.k. I can take it ;0) We got a do the dishes aka load the dishwasher bet goin' Crusty I get to do it for a week....old n antiquey....they get ta' do 'em and I don't have to touch a dish for a week wooot woooot.
Ohhh my I better get ta' wrappin' this post up ! It's 4:30 all ready ! My how time flies when your visitin' old friends ;0)
I have one more thing to tell ya'll then I'm hittin' the haysack.
I started a sellin' blog. Yipppeeeee I had a few emails from people about handmade dolls so I decided to just go on ahead and make a sellin' blog. I'd been thinkin' about it for a long time anyways. I think clear back last year I mentioned somethin' about maybe doin' one so I'm gonna try my hand at it and see where it goes.
 Hop on over and say hello. I'd offer for ya to sit a spell and have a spot a tea but since it's still under construction I'm afraid ya' might get a bit bored lol. Just one post so far. I'll be workin' on it a lil more today....after I go buy that bed lol ;0) Well it's almost 5 ooopppsssssieee so I better get movin' Till next time Prim Friends
Huggggs n Blessins


Debbie said...

What some nice things from the flea market. I love the chair. After reading your post I was wondering if you will take off and pick up the bed. :)

Congratulations on the selling blog. I want to do one of those eventually but guess I need to figure out if I have anything made someone will want first.

Take Care,


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Oh my TJ, my head is spinning from all your activities! Love all your wonderful finds and if it's meant to be that bed will be there when you go back.

When you run a tub of water and add Calgon to the water, you are suppose to RLAX. Fold up a towel (or use a bath pillow), put it behind you neck, lay your head back, CLOSE your eyes, think about the beach and ocean waves, or think about a cabin in the woods with a babbling brook running by it and THEN, Calgon will take you away. I have a feeling you closed your eyes, thought of something you need to do, your eyes flew open, you jumped out of the warm bath water, hurridly dried off (leaving a few wet spots), put on your ol trusty jeans and sweat shirt, ran out the door while still pulling down your shirt and took care of what you were thinking about. LOL, we crafters are all cut from the same fabric.

Have a Blessed Sunday (and try to relax).


Carmen C. said...

Woot-Woot....congrats on your selling blog! I already signed up to follow so's I don't miss anything, LOL! You got some great things there, and I have a funny feeling your going back for that bed......?

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOVE the chair. I have too many as it is that I'm storin one of them.

You did an awesome job on the light. Don't know what tot ell you it looks like but just I LOVE it. LOL


Janet - underthewillow said...

I love old chairs too TJ and it looks like you got a nice one there, congrats! Congrats also on starting a selling blog! With regards to the finish on the chandy, I'd say it looks antiquey! Now get some sleep!! LOL


PrimWyoGirl said...

I like your lamp! I think it is just right, and you know when it is hanging it is going to look different too. You can't see them near as well when they are suspended in the air! I think you had better go back for the bed! Heck you never know you might decide to switch one of the others out but don't kick yourself for ever for passin it up! It's not much money. The rest of your treasures are great. I wish we had flea markets around here! Hope you Get some rest, after you go get that bed! LOL!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

What wonderful finds.
I have a weakness for old chairs too!!

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

I love old chairs and crocks. As for the project...I say leave it *crusty*!!!

peggy said...

I certainly hope you went back and got the bed and we will see a picture of it. I have permanent scars from kicking myself for not buying stuff I like. Don't have a place for it I say, I don't even have a place for me anymore, but now I'm thinking is that table still there at J&M Antiques....

Best wishes, sell lots on your new blog.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Woo Hoo! You got some good stuff!
I can't wait until I come up there again....
I can just see us fighting over stuff! I saw it first, no I saw it first!....LOL...I will probably fly and I won't be able to get anything big on the plane,
anyway!.....Oh, but what fun! Your lamp looks great...Did you
get the bed?

Bear Hugs~Karen

Angie Berry said...

What a great deal on that chair! I love the worn areas and rusty nail heads too. I wish I could find some crocks like that. When I do, they are outrageously priced!

I really like the aging on your light. It looks more old than just a light sanding would have done. You tell them kids it is most definitely old n antiquey!

Yah on the selling blog!!! As soon as I get caught up on all your posts, I'll be heading over there to follow it too! I'm excited for you girl! Way to go!!