Monday, February 22, 2010

My Mystery B~Day Celebration Givaway ~ Sharin' some Pics & A few things I'm workin' on.......

Hi ya'll =0) Hope this post finds ya' in GREAT Spirits !
I'm sure doin' much better. I was down in my back for a few days. Work really kicked my patootie and for a couple days I could barely even get outta bed. Thank goodness for the heatin' pad, massage mat and the meds that finally made it bearable come Saturday mornin'. I was going stir crazy ! I'll NOT be liftin' like that at work ever again ! I have an appt. at 11:00 today with my pain specialist so hopin' we can discuss some options for my protruding disc problem. ( Ran outta' time to post this before I had to leave....The Dr is sendin' me for another M.R.I. and physical therapy..... I've done therapy a gazillion times and it didn't help soooooo hopefully this time it'll do somethin' ?!?!?! )
Anyway on to happier notes ;0)
Lindsey, MaKenzie and I got out to go thriftin' and junkin' for a bit on Saturday. We found some new places to hit over in Spencer. One of them is a drug store but wow it's stocked full of Primtastic stuff ! Lindsey with her trained eye spotted it ( I've taught her well lol ) I forgot my camera or I'd have snapped some pics ! Lindsey had hers but I can't remember if we took any pics there. Anyway they had all kinds of goodies. I was simply amazed. We'll be goin' back there again for sure ! I think we got a few shots of our excursions with Lindsey's cam but her batteries went dead so maybe she'll share a few when she gets batteries. We also went to an antique store that was just full of amazing stuff there too ! Ohhh my they had some primtastic cupboards and dry sinks, crocks and cabinets. I was nearly droolin' !!!! I spotted a crock I'm debatin' on goin' back to purchase. We had a pretty good day and it was nice to get outta' the house for a bit ! The weather was wonderful. So glad we didn't get the snow and freezing rain they had been talkin' about!
I even put up all my winter decor on Sunday and started breakin' out Spring stuff. Still have some major tweakin' to do but I didn't wanna overdo it and get my back a hurtin' again !
Here's a few random pics of my livin' room......

This is a shot from the hallway.... I love the entertainment center but..........ya' there's usually always a but huh ? lol.....It takes up toooo much wall space ! I'd love to get somethin' smaller maybe someday. The livin' room is not that big to begin with because of the stone wall and our woodstove. You have to watch how ya' place things and make sure they aren't to close to the woodstove. We took it out one season and wow our electric bill really went through the roof !!!!!! Our home was originally a 2 room house from the late 1800's early 1900's till the owners before the ones we bought from built on an addition over 60 yrs ago and then the owners we bought it from did another addition in the 90's. In Jess's room we tore out a wall and found part of the original chimney still standing. One of our  neighbors who is in his early 80's has pics of the original 2 room house that part of his family lived in. He is my one of my best friends Grandpa. It's neat to learn the history of your home. We are the 3rd family to live here. We've slowly been fixin' things but ( ya' that but word again lol) it's a work in progress. Someday I hope to have it all done !!!

As you can see in this pic it needs some major tweakin' ! I'd like to add more simpler pieces. More on the antique side or even reproduction.  After paintin' I was  happy to just get things back up on the wall ! If I can get some better whole pics I'd love some ideas on furniture placement if ya'll have any you'd like to suggest =0)  When I take vacation time this year I know what I'll be doin' ! Major declutterin' and organizin' and gettin' things how I want 'em. I  keep the furniture covered 'cause I'm afraid the dogs may scratch it with their nails. Would like to find somethin' a lil more on the prim side to cover it with though......... Speakin' of fur babies.......

They all wanted to say Hi !!! From the front is Lovie ~ Then Scooter ~ Tinker Belle layin' down ~ Then Ms. Cocoa Channel ~
and Ms. Daisy Mae.........Now one of these sweet innocent lookin' furballs has been gettin' into my things and chewin' 'em up like there's no tomorrow !!! Hubbs got home one afternoon last week and calls me at work to tell me they had gotten ahold of a few of my dolls or somethin' and there was stufin' EVERYWHERE !!!!! Well they just happened to be 2 rabbits and 2 dolls I had made over the weekend for an order !!! =0(  Soooooo I had to start allllllllllllllllll over on it.....
 I started puttin' things up higher so they can't get to it. I don't know why the lil turkeys decided to have some "rip shreddin" fun ! Hubbs says they gotta goooooo and I said they are part of the family ! We've had them all except Daisy since they were born and Daisy was 4 months old when we got her. Sooo I guess I'll be doin' some research on doggie trainin' and teach 'em NOT to tear things up. They usually don't do things like that so I don't know what made 'em decide to start. Any pointers on dog trainin' ? I even thought about obedience classes at Pet Smart but I don't think that'll teach which ever one it is NOT to be chewin' up my things. Ahhhhhh well..... I love 'em anyway.........although I DON'T like the chewin' !

This is one of the wood beams that is in the living room and there are also wood beams in the dining room and my lil craft nook area. I'd like to take down the old saw and hang up baskets and drieds. I found the buttocks basket on our excursion and wanted to see what it'd look like up there. I need to age it before it takes it's permanent place there.......

In this pic you can see part of the beams better and part of the stone wall that sits behind the woodstove..... I'd love to take the woodstove out and have a fireplace put in instead and the chandilier over the table.... I'd like to replace soon with an early somethin' from the Irvin's catalog. Gee I need to hone my picture skills a bit better lol ! And is that dust I see above one of the beams ?!?!?! OOOPPPSSS sorry I'll get that taken care of as soon as I finish this post lol ! Isn't it funny how things you don't see well really show up in pics !!!! hehehehehe.......

Looks like Ms. Lovie has some attitude goin' on in this shot !
Soooooo for an extra entry in my Mystery B~Day Giveaway....
Which if you haven't signed up for yet.....
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So for the extra entry..... come up with a caption for the pic above and email it to me.... please don't post it in the comments ( I want it to be fair when we vote ) and I'll give ya' an entry.....then I'll post everyones caption and we'll vote on the top 3 fav's and they'll earn etra entries 1st place will get 3 more ~ 2nd place 2 more and 3rd place 1 more.....So put on your thinkin' caps and get those captions in to me at ~~> and in the subject line lemme' know it's your caption submission =0) I really enjoy doin' the extra entry games ! Lookin' forward to seein' what ya'll come up with =) Andddddd I'll be postin' the words for the bingo game soon for chances at more entries sooooo be watchin' for that post soon.

This is somethin' a customer from work who ordered a doll and rabbits from me just made me !!! I just love it ! It's knitted using strips from bed sheets.....The colors she used made me think of Spring...

She said this will keep your feet warm on bare floors and I said I wouldn't dare put it on my floor with 3 fella's in this house lol ! So I'm usin' it as a runner on my coffe table. Here's a closer up pic of the colors.....
I just love the pale yellow and blues with a touch of white... This is somethin' I'll treasure for a long time to come ! I tried to pay her for it but she wouldn't take a dime from me. Thank you Joyce I really love it !!!!!!

Wow I always start my post thinkin' I'll keep it kinda short and look !!! My fingers have done typed a mini novel lol.... Sorry ya'll guess I just had a lot to ramble on about hehehehe..... I wanted to share a few projects I been workin' on.....

A few of these items will be on my selling blog.

 if you'd like to check it out.... It's a work in progress and I hope to get some more things added there soon !

Well hopefully I didn't bore ya'll to tears with this longgggg winded post !!! BUT I gotta' share one more thing with ya'll.... Several posts back I had asked for prayers for something that would have affected our whole family in a NOT good way..... Well we just recieved good news this afternoon via a phone call !!!!! Everything is going to be a o.k. !!!!!! Prayer and faith sure does work !!!!! Thank ya'll sooooo much for includin' us in your prayers and thank you Jesus for listenin' and answerin' them !
That is such a burden lifted from our shoulders !
I can feel the stress leavin' and I can breathe a sigh of relief !
Soooo thanks ya'll again from the bottom of my lil ol' heart !
I hope your week is of to a fantastic start !
Till next time my Prim Friends
Hugeeeee Hugggs n Many Blessins to ya'll !


soggibottom said...

My word ..... I just don't Know what to say !


I don't understand maybe...well some..and I am English..but then you know what we are like..we talk about the weather.... !
and dogs....
look at those beautifull babies... x x x kiddin.. yes I understood every word.... love the dogs though ...thank you .... for such a lovely post x x x x

Anonymous said...

hahah cute doggies.

Janet - underthewillow said...

sorry to hear your back is hurtin' TJ but glad to hear that everything's gonna be ok!


michele said...

x x x x have tried to email you....came back to me.....
my email is on my blog
x x x

Willow said...

Hi Michelle my email addy is Will try to find your email and see if I can get something to go through to you as well =0)

Carmen C. said...

Hey Girl, I love those fur babies all lined up on the couch, LOL! I'll have to think on a caption for them:) Your home is so prim and lovely and love your spring projects too! I can soooo relate to the repeated therapy, been there, done that many times and I sure hope you get some relief soon!!! Even though I too have the bulging disc issues, I still think the fibro. figures in there too with the stiffness. I'll be keepin' ya in my prayers sweetie for ALL the pain to vanish, and NO lifting missy! Hugs, Carmen

Angie Berry said...

That's awesome news girl! Glad everything is going to be okay. Isn't it awesome how God is always in control and takes care of things for us? I'm glad that burden has been lifted!

I'm not sure exactly what a protruding disc problem is, but could a few trips to a massage therapist help out? Sometimes I know people will seek their help before going with the drs, meds, and surgeries. I'll be praying for you to feel better soon!

During our first winter in this house with our gas bill, we immediately switched out the gas logs to a wood burning fireplace. And let me tell you, you can tell a HUGE difference in the heating and the bill!!

I really love that first picture of the crock in the chair. Neat idea! I also love all your prim goodies, especially the patriotic ones! I'm a big fan of the red, white and blue.

Ah, I couldn't believe it when I saw that pic of all your sweeties!! That is so cute! How on earth did you get them all to sit there that long? That is adorable and they look like they could maybe be a little mischievous. =]

Country Prims said...

Glad you feeling easier-nothing worse than being laid up! I loved all your pics and your home is beautiful. Those bunnies you are making are sooo cute and as for those big babies-WOW!
Have a good week,
Shazy x

Christine said...

Willow, many a lesser girl would get under with all the pain and problems you have but I so admire your spirit!
Thanks for the pics of your cozy prim home - it's great!
Love the beams and baskets oh and the dust too - just an extra country accent!!lol!
Have a great week!

nancy huggins said...

I have 2 chewers also..they are 10 months old now and I figure they will out grow the chewing in 14 months..we have learned to keep things out up just like you do when you have toddlers and I just can't convince myself that anyone else would love my dogs and spoil them like I do. When you get a pet you have a responsibility to them to keep them forever and love them no matter what just like they love you.
Hard sometimes when they chew something important but guess they didn't know it was important :)
Check out my blog insidenanashead and see more about my pups.
I love anything prim and really need to get some more listed soon.
So many things to do with so little time I guess.
Love all your creations. Hope it warms up soon so I can go outside and take some pictures to list some vintage stuff :)

Tanya said...

Wow! What an interesting post! Your furbabies are so cute! We had a miniature pinscher when I was young and they remind me of him.

Your home looks so warm and inviting and your bunnies ~ how cute!

Glad you are feeling better! I have a lot of trouble w/hemorrhoids and they are a royal pain in the behind! LOL

Have a great week!
P.S. I signed up to follow you too!

Tanya ~

Sandy said...

I love the pics of your home, can't wait to see more. You know what would be nice if you don't have a copy, a copy of the pic of your house when it was only two rooms. Do the picture up to look really old and frame it in a old frame and have on display in your house. I love things that have a story and history and your house sounds like it has tons. You never know, the more walls you tear down, maybe more surprises you will find. Oh the treasures that must be brain is on the go and can't stopl...LOL.

Now for a caption...I will have to think about this one and send out a email...