Monday, February 8, 2010

My 1st attempt at making........

A Bonnet !!! Wooot Wooot. Whewww I think it turned out pretty good for my 1st attempt. What do ya'll think ?
The pattern I used is from Carmens Olde Prairie Blessings.

Thanks Carmen for such an awesome pattern ! Love it.
Hoping to get this doll finished up today cause it's back to work tomorrow =( So noooo more really late/early mornin' stayin' up for me......booooo........ I have a few other things in the works to post on my selling blog soon. Got my fabric swatches all ready to post. If you haven't checked it out yet here is the link for my sellin' blog
Stop by and say Hi =0}

In my last post I mentioned a case of "The Wants"
I talked with Hubbs about gettin' that Early Hired Mans Bed and....
He says IF it's still there come Friday then I can get it =( I wanted to go yesterday and get it lol. But Hubbs says I gotta figure out where I'm gonna put it or store it first. So I been trying to talk Kenzie into lettin' me set it up in her room and so far it's a NO go =( She says she doesn't mind my Prim decoratin' BUT her room is off limits lol
Shucks ! I have a son Justin who is 21 still at home, my daughter MaKenzie who is 19 and Jess who just turned 17. Wonder which one is gonna fly the coop first ??? Then I'd have a free room {wink}
IF I get to buy the bed I will probably just store it for now. Ohhh just typin' about it makes me wanna rush right on out there and get it lol....Ya'll ever felt like that about somethin' ?
Well sorry to keep this such a short post but I better get my patootie busy since it's my last day off for a bit =(  Might post again later tonight if I get some things finished up to share with ya'll. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start ! Till next time my Prim Friends......
Huggs n Blessins


Anonymous said...

what a cute doll she will be - love the bonnet, you did a fantastic job!

Pam said...

Great job on the bonnet! I am gonna have to go & check out those patterns! Can't wait to see your doll! I hope you get your bed cuz I can't wait to see it!
I didn't know you have a selling blog & if you told me then I already! I'm going over to check it out now. Have a great day!

Carmen C. said...

LOL...I knew that bed was gonna haunt you:) Hope it's still there for you on friday, and WOW, that is an awesome bonnet!

Janet - underthewillow said...

The bonnet is lookin' good TJ! and yep I have had that same feelin' about somethin' and it just won't go away until that certain somethin' is in your possession! but I'll tell ya what happened here when I thought I finally had a spare bedroom....son moved out so I started decorating his room as a guest room.....I was so excited because I've never had a spare room so I bought a bed I'd been wanting forever and was just getting the room pretty when he came back!! LOL so I had to put everything back the way it was for him and store all my brand new pretty stuff! oh well I'd rather have my baby boy than a pretty room....I'm sure SOMEDAY I'll have a guest room! I hope you can find a place to store that bed!


Country Prims said...

Lovely bonnet-looks like shes gona be a beut-can't wait to see her finished:)
Hope all goes well with the bed!
Blessings, Shazy x

Christine said...

That bonnet is just gorgeous already! I'm really glad you posted it and where you got the pattern as I've been longing for a bonnet for ages lol! We're never satisfied are we?!!!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Wow, I love that bonnet!! Great job! I'm curious about the bed ~ not sure what one of those looks like so be sure to take pics and post it when you get it. Thanks and have a great day!

Dan said...

Hi! I am new to your blog. It is great, and I enjoyed visiting! Your bonnet is looking really good. I am sure it will turn out great! If you get a chance, come on over to my blog.


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Yes,yes,yes, I likey the bonnet! Love the fabric you chose. Great job on it TJ. Your sewing machine is really smoking! Can't wait to see the finished dolly. And, looking forward to seeing pics of the bed, I know you are gonna get it. I can hear those tires peel out of the driveway on Friday headed for the antique store.


Angie Berry said...

Girl, that bonnet is looking great! I can't believe that is your first time!

Congrats on getting the "okay" on the bed! Can't wait to see pics of it! Lol, my daughter says the same thing. I've tried and she says NO WAY!

Okay, gonna go check out your new selling blog. Yah! I'm excited about it! =]

Janean said...

sooooooooo cute!! the fabric, the cut....all good!

peggy said...

I love the bonnet, my mom used to make one that buttoned on to the brim. I wish I could find it to show you.

Today I wrote on my blog about your blog...I may not know all the rules, so if it's not okay to do that, please let me know.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

LOVE it!!! What a great creation you've made!!!

As far as the bed.....move the kids!!! they can visit.....I mean c''s a great find!!! tee hee hee!!