Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures to share, a tutorial and some ramblin of course....

Hi y'all I hope this post finds y'all in GREAT Spirits ! Can't believe how fast the days are going ! Seems like just last week I did a post and I look and it's been wayyyyy longer than that ! I thought I'd share a tutorial I did for Prim Pals forum on how to grunge items using paint, modge podge and cinnamon or whatever spices you'd like.... So here is the tut.....

 Save those glass jars n things ! Don't throw 'em out. Just follow this lil ol' tut and grunge 'em up cause I finally got time today to do a grunging tutorial with pictures ! Yippppeee.....So sit back grab a drink and read on hehehehe.....

First for this tuorial you will need the following.....

1.Modge Podge matte-mat

2.Paints...I use folk art acrylic paints in Coffee Bean, Burnt Umber and Lamp (ebony) Black. You can use what ever colors you'd like.

3.Spices such as apple pie spice, cinnamon, ground cloves, coffee grounds, tea bag grounds, any pie spice would work too. These are just a few ideas I'm sure there's lots more ya' could use.

4.Foam paint brushes and throw away gloves. You can usually catch the foam brushes on sale 20 for a buck.

5.Wax or Freezer paper or something to cover your work area and to also set your projects on while they are drying.

6.Paper plate to mix your grunging mixture on.

7.Tin cans, glass jars, candles or whatever you want to grunge up

Once you have all your supplies gathered, tear a piece of freezer/wax paper to protect your work table and a place to set your projects as they dry. Most people brush on the Modge Podge and then roll their project in cinnamon or some other spice, I mix mine all up straight into the Modge Podge. Anyway take your paper plate and pour some Modge Podge on it and add just a bit of water. I can't tell you an exact amount as I don't know how much Modge Podge your using. You don't want it too runny nor too thick. If it gets too thick you can just add more water as you go too. You'll then add a squirt of your paint(s) and shake your spices on top of your modge podge and paint mix.

I put everything on the side to show y'all but normally as I said above I put it all on top of the modge podge. Mix well with your foam brush and it should look like chocolate pudding. (see pic below)

I do add a lil smidge of black to darken my brown up a lil more. I also sometimes add a lil more spice(s) to mine too.

It's all up to your preference on how you want yours....

After your done mixing it up to your liking, take your brush and start brushing it on your can/candle or glass item your grunging. Also keep in mind it will dry darker than it looks.

Here I have a candle drying after brushing it on....

Now while that's drying I'm going to start on my can.

While it's wet you can sprinkle even more spices/coffee to your Modge Podge mixture if you want. After your first layer dries add another layer. Sometimes I add a few layers to mine. You don't have to but I like mine to have a thick coating. I also always let it dry or become a lil tacky before adding another layer to it....

Now you can add a prim label to it if you want or you could just leave it like it is. There are a few people who sell the labels on Ebay,Blogger (Blue Cupboard Primitives) and Etsy. I am working on making my own but for this project I am using one a blogger pal Natalie of Blue Cupboard Primitives sent me over the weekend. To adhere it just brush on some Modge Podge to the back and adhere it to your project. I also put a lil of the grunging mix around the edges of the label.

Here's the finished project.....

I decided to add some homespun tied with jute string to the top...

Notice how dark it dried.I hope this gets yer crafty mojo movin' lol........and if you have any ?'s feel free to ask away !

Here's another item I grungied up.

 This was a small reed diffuser bottle I bought at the dollar tree. It now has a feather and sits atop my slanted lap desk as an old looking ink bottle.

Hope you found this tut helpful =0)
Have fun tryin' this out ! I'd love to see your projects using this tutorial so I hope you'll share. I also forgot to mention above that I use the cans that have lids you pull off. They dont have rough edges like a can opener leaves. If you use ones that you open with can openers maybe sand them ? Just be careful of the rough edges !

There are lotsa' other helpful tutorials on the forum and more to be added so hop on over and check us out ! We have been havin' the most fun on Wed. night live chat ! I've not laughed as hard as I do there in forever ! We loose track of time and end up with tummy aches from all the gigglin'. And the monthly Prim Pal sign ups for June are still open if you'd like to join in !

I have a few new things to share with y'all too....

Hubbs got me this awesome Herb dryin' rack for one of my
Mother's Day gifts....I just love it !
Here's a close up pic of the wood.

He also got me this awesome old barn door....

My hopes were to use it as our bathroom door. The measurements
are a little off so we're hopin' to figure out a way to make it work..
I want to make the bathroom look like an outhouse lol.... I found this old bowl at the flea market in Martinsville for 5 bucks ! It has a small hairline crack but other than that it's in great shape. Couldn't believe it was that cheap !

I've tweaked my hutch and moved the begining of my crock collection in there.....

Darn ! I've ran outta time lol....Gotta' head to work bummer !
Hopefully I will get another post up to share some more stuff sooner than the last time ! Hope y'all have a wonderful day !
Till next time my Prim Friends....
Prim Huggs n Blessins


Karen/My Colonial Home said...




At Home With Amy said...

Wonderful way to grunge something. I may just have to get some labels like you used on your can and do several to look like old canned goods. Wouldn't that look sweet displayed in an open cupboard?
Your hubby is great. My husband would have no clue what a herb drying rack was! I want that door. We had a friend make us doors like that for our familyroom but yours is so old and perfect looking. I want to see pics when you get it hung. Good luck with it!
Enjoy your day,

Debbie said...

I loved this tutorial when you put it on the forum. Thank you so much for sharing it Ethel! *hugs*

love ya,

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Thanks for the tut!!!! Easy enough.

OH LOVE the door... Id love to have one for my headboard.


Beckyjean said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful tut. I just love the finished product. That prim label is wonderful.

You have a wonderful hubby. Great Mother's Day gifts!! Have a great day!!


Christine said...

A fab tut, TJ! I'll have to try your method as I did try grungin' before and it didn't turn out half as good as yours.
I LOVE the peg rail and hutch full of crocks.
As always, a fun post!

Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing your grunging process! I love that barn door, that is really neat!

Robyn said...

Oh I love the reed diffuser idea! I have been wanting an ink well and that is perfect!! You're so smart!

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Great to see you back :) Thanks for a great post!!!! I have always wondered how you do this. Happy crafting, Jenny

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

You rock girlfriend! Love the ink well and the label on that can is awesome!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

thanks for the tutorials.I love them...:) you need to blog more cause I miss you.:)

the primitive country bug said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. It really does dry much darker than one would think. Loved the bottle and the can with the label.
What a sweetie is to pick up those awesome prims for you too. He's a keeper. :)
Blessings~ Birgit

Angie Berry said...

Yeah.. uh huh... it's been wayyyy longer than a week... haha! I know girl... I can't seem to keep up either. I think we all have hit the outdoors as much as possible. It seems we all had lots of yard work.

First, a girl after my own heart. I LOVE Folk Art paint too... hehe! Thanks so much for this tut!! I have never heard of anyone using Mod Podge for grunging! I have a box of candles I need to grungy up but I've been trying to find a double boiler at a garage sale to melt some wax. Wow!! This way has to be lots easier and less messy! I'm definitely going to be using it and I'll let you know what I do, plus I'll link back to you. I'm going on vacation so I'll have to wait till I get back... dangit! Also, thanks for the tips on it getting darker as it dries. I know how impatient I am... I would be like... "darn that TJ, why isn't mine like hers?" Lol! I was just in Dollar Tree last week and they had a box of what they call Emergency candles. There are 6 in a box and they are 5" long. They are the perfect size!! I didn't grab any and the shelf was full, so I'm hoping there's some still there when I get back.

What awesome Mother's Day gifts you received!! I love that barn door! What a cool idea to use that as a door and make an outhouse bathroom. Your crock collection is looking mighty fine... I'm loving it all!!

sanjeet said...

Thanks for sharing your grunging process! I love that barn door, that is really neat!
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Crows Roost Prims said...

Wonderful blog TJ!
I grunged up some cans and jars a few years ago using the spices and glue.
That diffuser looks GREAT!
I LOVE the door your hubby bought! I want my whole home old looking! It's OLD but not the NEAT OLD! LOL!
I'm so glad I joined Prim Pals! See you there!!
Hugz, Renee

Debbie said...

Thanks for the tut. All your grunged item look great! Can't wait to do some myself.

Anonymous said...

Great tut! I have modge podged before but not with much confidence. I like the way you mix it all together instead of rolling...I've never done that. I'm a new follower and belong to prim pals but haven't made time to get there recently.....I must visit soon. Thanks, Cathy


Love the grungy can and jar..thanks for sharing the cool prim ideas..