Saturday, May 1, 2010

Absense makes the heart grow fonder...A GREAT Giveaway & Ramblins

And it really does grow fonder ! Wow I can't believe it's been such a long absense from bloggin' again ! I have sure missed readin' y'alls blogs and keepin' up with how everyone is and whatcha' been up to ! I'm makin' a promise to myself to at least post once a week and catch up on how y'all are doin' ! I sure hope this post finds y'all in GREAT Spirits and that your enjoyin' your weekend ! We sure had some major storms come thru our area last night. Woke to lotsa' limbs and branches on the roof and thankfully no damage that we have seen so far. Here is pic of one of the numerous limbs Hubbs had to clean off the roof this mornin'.......

A few years ago we had some what we believe were straight line winds come thru and knock a tree down on our home ( I'll hafta see if I can find pics to share) and it did some major damage. Myself, the kids and my cousin Kevin were just sittin' in the dining room watchin' the lightnin' show and amazed by how the trees were bendin' with the wind, when all of a sudden there was this loud boom and the walls were shakin' and things were fallin' from the walls and breakin' all over the floor. My first instinct was for us to head to the bathroom as I wasn't sure if it was a tornado or what was happenin' ! Fred ( my Hubbs ) was just drivin' up the road and called and said uhhhh Honey you realize there is a huge tree on the house ? We had cracks runnin' down a few of the walls. It destroyed part of the roof and smashed our gas grill. We're really lucky it didn't break the patio doors or the bay window. It took several weeks of work to get everything fixed and back to normal. So now everytime we have severe weather rollin' in, I tend to get a lil nervous. I swear the ground is never gonna dry up a lil around here so that I can get out there and get some gardenin' done ! We haven't even tilled my veggie garden spot yet 'cause it's just too wet to do it. Will get some pics to share when we get it goin' =0)

My fav barn has a new sayin' up now. Of course I had to get a pic to share with y'all....Here it is......

I just love this !
How true that our wonderful Saviour paid it all ! Please say a lil
prayer that our family find a new place to attend church. We have been searchin' for a welcomin' place to worship but feel we just haven't found the right place yet. I know it's out there somewhere and I know God will lead us to it ! I really miss the fellowship.


Hubbs went mushroom huntin' and found a few. Wish it woulda' been a lil more but glad he found what he did.
This was the biggest one he found.

Anybody else had any luck findin' any ? I loveeee mushrooms. I remember as a kid goin' mushroom huntin' with my Daddy. Seems like I found more back then, than I do now. Hmmmm maybe it was cause I was shorter and closer to the ground to spot 'em ? lol Of course back then I wasn't sooo afraid a stumblin on those....... eeekkkkk well y'all know what I'm thinkin' right ?!?!? Mushrooms are sellin' for 35 bucks a pound here locally ! Everyone is sayin' they are havin' a hard time findin' 'em. I love 'em but can't fathom payin' that much for 'em ! So if we don't find anymore then I guess we'll just hafta' wait till next year =(

How 'bout some Prim Pals news !

We are havin' a fantastic giveaway over on the Prim Pals blog. You have the chance to win a $40.00 gift certificate to use at
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Prim Pals Blog Giveaway Time !

We are also havin' an Americana swap. Deb will be hostin' this one.
Sign ups are only open to Prim Pals forum members. So if your not a member yet come on over and join in on the fun !

We are also doing weekly chats and I gotta' tell ya' we have such a blast ! We talk about everything from what we're workin' on to how our weeks been, to well....the skies the limit lol. We'd love to have ya join in ! Again you must be a forum member to join in ;0)

These wonderful buttons were made by the wonderful crafty, kindred spirit .... Melissa of M's Prim N Country. Be sure and check out Melissa's blog...Here is the link to her fantastic blog...
M's Prim N Country Stop on over and say Hi !

There are lotsa' other fun things goin' on over at the PP forum. I hope ya' decide to come on over and hop right on in on the fun and meet some of the kindest Prim Pals out there ! We'd love to welcome y'all into our ever growin' PP Family =0)


Introducin' y'all to........

I shared this over at PP but want to share it here with y'all too. I am just soooo darn tootin' excited to introduce y'all to my Hubbs and oldest son Josh's new toy they brought home. I have kindly named her....yes boys she is a she lol ! Anyway her name is Scarlett heehee
Now the fellas aren't to keen on the name ( sorry boys majority rules heeheehee) I can't wait to cruise 'er around this summer. It's gonna be sooooo much fun ! if any of y'all are ever in my neck a the woods ....swing on by and I'll take ya' for a ride ;0) Ohhh I guess I oughta show a pic huh ?!
Without further Ms Scarlett the speed buggy..... 

I cannot wait to feel the wind blowin' thru my hair and as Holli said on PP...I need to throw on some Marilyn Monroe sunglasses and take 'er for a spin lol.... I really can't wait ! Her hood needs a lil paint attention and we want to find her some perty black seats. And I'm sure we'll think of a few other things the ol' gal needs to have to spruce 'er up a lil lol.....This is a great family project for us to all do together. At first I was thinkin' there goes my prim step back cupboard I was gonna try and buy but now I'm pea pickin' happy with Scarlett as an addition to the family heeheehee......

  Speakin' of that primtastic cupboard.... I had found one I fell in love with at another antique/flea market in Columbus, Indiana. Girlies this one has over 900 booths ! It was soooooo huge that even I ....yes I felt a lil overwhelmed !!! And y'all that know me know I don't get like that when it comes to antique/flea market or prim stores. It is soooo big that they have rest lounges scattered out for you to be able to stop and take a break and even get a snack or a drink while restin' ! They also had phones that you could pick up and a worker would come and get your things and take them up front to the check out area so you didn't hafta' tote 'em around. We didn't make it thru the whole place. It woulda' took several hours just to see everything and we just didn't know it'd take that long when we decided to go over and check it out. Next time we go we'll figure on spendin' a few hours to gawk and shop lol... I forgot to get pics in there cause like I said I was dazed and in awe lolol.....I did find a few goodies there......Like this crock jug for 11 bucks....

And this crock for 8 bucks......

I've really gotten into collectin' crocks. Now I'd love to add some salt glazed to my collection ! Maybe someday I'll find one within my budget range or I'll hit the lottery lol...... Hubbs just shakes his head and says " Just whatcha' need another thing to collect " Well now it could be worse Honey it could be clothes that take up all his closet space ! Right girlies ? Heehee..... Well I 'spose I've rambled on long enough and I oughta' be gettin' some things done round here so I can spend a lil time either late tonight or tomorrow catchin' up on blog readin' *wink* and maybe even get in a lil craftin' time. I hope y'all are havin' a fantastic weekend ! Till next time my Prim Friends......Prim Huggs n Blessins


PrimWyoGirl said...

Wow, that was some wind storm you had! I can't imagine being inside when the last one fell on there! I love your new "Scarlett". She looks like family fun! And the crocks, who can ever pass up a good deal on a crock???? Just got a new jug in the mail from Ebay myself. We don't have many places to shop for antiques around here. Idaho Falls is 80 miles and it is the closest. I do love your posts! They are always very entertaining!
Hugs, Jayne

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Woo Hoo, love the buggy! I am a
crock collector, was even told
that I am a crockaholic! I
posted pictures of them, a long time back.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi TJ! was great to hear from you....congrats on the buggy!


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Glad to hear you are all ok. I hate the storms at night, because you can't see the possible damage or get out of the way. Have fun on the buggy. Bye for now, Jenny

Sandy said...

I am so glad we don't get those kind of wind storms around here. I will be paranoid all the time...glad though that this time around it didn't cause any damage around your house.

I LOVE your crocks! Garage Sales just started around my neck of the woods and let me tell ya, my eyes are opened for anything :)

Carmen C. said...

Love the crocks and Miss Scarlett looks like alot of fun! Glad your house didn't get any damage, storms are SOooooo scary:(

Angie Berry said...

Yes, I'll be praying for you all to find a church home. It's so nice to have a church family to surround yourself with, I just love ours!

That's the same mushroom story in my home state of MO. They were talking this weekend about how the mushrooms just weren't there like they usually are and prices are sky high.

I had fun chatting on the PP forums! I hope to do that every week.

Speed buggy looks like tons of fun! You all be careful on her!